What is Canva Affiliate Program? Make Money Designing

What is Canva Affiliate Program?

Design logos, create banners, make videos, presentations, and choose thousands of templates and images to make your blogs, website, e-stores, etc. visually appealing. You can do all this on Canva along with sharing your creativity with others to earn commissions through its affiliate program. Interested in knowing more? Let me tell you everything about what is Canva affiliate program, how does it work, the commissions it offers, and whether it is recommended or not.

You will also learn about the pros, and cons so that you can make an informed decision on joining the Canva affiliate program.

What is Canva?

Canva is an online designing and publishing tool. With Canva, you can create different designs related to posters, banners, templates, videos, business cards, resumes, presentations, logos, and much more. It is an all-in-one tool used for creativity and learning by millions of users worldwide.

The company was launched in 2013 and has an official presence in Australia, the Philippines, and China.

What is Canva affiliate program?

The affiliate program from Canva is an earning opportunity for its users. The company offers 25%-80% commissions for each new Pro user who joins the Canva platform using your affiliate link. Subscribing to the Canva pro plan is the condition to receive commissions. The commissions are calculated on the types of plan opted by your referrals.

The affiliate program includes comprehensive supporting tools such as a how-to guide, Ad templates, community tips, and round-the-clock support. The cookie period lasts for 30-days.

The Canva affiliate program is a perfect fit for bloggers, designers, and creators who like to share their creativity and earn extra income.

How does the Canva affiliate program work?

The affiliate program works by becoming a user of Canva. If you are an existing user it becomes easier to share your knowledge and features of Canva with your audience for better results.

You can visit the affiliate program section on the Canva website https://www.canva.com/affiliates/
and click on ‘Join Now’. Canva’s affiliate program is associated with the Impact affiliate network.

If you are already a member of Impact then you can search for the Canva affiliate program and apply for it. In case you are a new user, visit https://impact.com/ and create your account. The joining criteria is free and the program is open for all types of affiliates.

Canva features & services

Canva is an online user’s delight. What sets it apart is its simplicity to use, navigation, and of course the outstanding features it offers to its users. Let’s have a look at some of them that you can share with your audience to make some commissions:

Creating designs: You can design almost anything on Canva. Whether it’s a blog banner, posters/images for your social media content, presentations, logos, or videos the options are unlimited.

Canva has pre-built templates to fit your designing needs, different types of customization features, with download and publishing options. You can design the material from the scratch or choose a variety of template options of Canva.

Thousands of Templates: Canva offers thousands of templates across various categories for your designing needs. The templates are pre-built and available as part of free and pro versions. The templates can be modified to suit your business need or can be used in their original version.

Designing categories: Canva’s designing category covers almost everything. You have the option to build resumes, cards, invitations for your personal use. You can also create Facebook posts, Instagram stories, LinkedIn banners, and Pinterest Pins.

There are also categories to create different types of business presentations, logos, newsletters, etc.

Millions of images: The design is incomplete without appropriate images. Unlike other imaging platforms where you have to search and pay for individual images, Canva offers millions of images in every category. There are no worries of copyright issues and you can build your design using Canva’s customization features around these images.

The best thing about creating designs on Canva is its publishing options. It offers different types of downloading formats such as PNG, JPG, MPEG, etc. along with direct integrations to social media channels.

What are the ways to promote the Canva features?

You can use the following methods to promote Canva:

Blogging: Use Canva designs on your blog and explain its features with your affiliate links.

Email marketing: Design a newsletter on Canva and share it with your subscribers. You can also improve your conversions by creating a landing page with beautiful and attractive templates or images of Canva. Make sure to add your affiliate links.

Videos: This is another option available on Canva itself. Create a YouTube video using Canva features and explain its details to your audience. Add your affiliate link in the description. The visibility in the form of video using Canva features will be enough to convince your audience.

Social media: Use your existing social media content such as Facebook posts, Instagram Stories, and Pinterest Pins with Canva images, and templates. Share it with your audience and direct them to Canva through your affiliate links.

Ads and Banners: Make use of pre-built banners, and ads provided by Canva. Keep your website’s sidebar and social media channels occupied with Canva’s promotional resources. This may attract your existing followers and new users to click the link and land on Canva.

Deep linking: Create a deep link to send your visitors directly to the Canva Pro landing page. This method is useful to create new referrals or convert the existing free users into Canva Pro members. Deep linking can be done by visiting the affiliate network page of Canva.

Canva Affiliate program commissions 

The commissions are paid when your referrals subscribe/upgrade to the Canva Pro plan. Your earnings will be calculated on the following criteria:

80% commissions every month for the first two months of your referral’s membership,

25% one-time commissions on your referral’s annual memberships

To elaborate further check the below table that includes Canva Pro pricing and your expected commissions:

Pricing Plan


Commissions (%)

Commissions ($)

Canva Pro (Monthly)



$10.40*2 = $20.80 (first two months)

Canva Pro (Yearly)



$30 one-time

Note – Canva offers reduced pricing under their trial commission rates for new subscribers that may change the above commission numbers.

Can I make money with the Canva affiliate program? 

Considering the features and services it offers in the online world the potential to make money with Canva is very high. The visual appearance and marketing material is the backbone of every online individual and entity out there and the demand for such services will keep growing.

The commission structure may look a bit on the lower side but if you can bring in at least 10 customers every month you can expect to make between $100-$200 per month. The income figures may grow substantially depending on your marketing efforts and online authority.

Canva claims to have a conversion rate of more than 20% for free trial users and more than 50% for paid trial users. With higher-paid conversions, you can expect to grow your referrals list and affiliate commissions exponentially.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When does Canva pay their affiliates?

Answer: The affiliates are paid every month through PayPal or e-transfers.

2. What is the cookie duration for Canva affiliate links?

Answer: The cookie duration is for 30-days.

3. What is the support offered by Canva to its affiliates?

Answer: You can do live-chat or send an email at affiliate@canva.com

4. What are the affiliate tools and resources provided by Canva?

Answer: Affiliates are offered ad templates, videos, text links, banners, and an affiliate dashboard to monitor the progress.


  • Canva’s reputation: Canva is widely popular among online users across many countries. The numbers are growing consistently with more and more people recognizing the value provided by Canva. Promoting a reputed brand is easier as it reduces your overall marketing efforts.
  • Ever-demanding niche: The online marketing material is ever-demanding. With the growing shift of the online bandwagon, the need to find appropriate resources such as images, graphics, templates, and videos will also grow. This growing trend of online research is helpful in capitalizing Canva features into an earning opportunity.
  • Affiliate resources & support: There is no shortage of affiliate tools and support from Canva. It provides a dedicated section to its affiliates covering all the aspects related to promoting its features. You get customized ad templates, videos, how-to guides, community tips, monitoring campaigns, text links, and banners. Add to that the dedicated support through email and live chat will keep your affiliate progress uninterrupted.
  • Good commission rates: 80% of commissions are on the higher side. No matter it is provided for the first two months but with a higher conversion rate the commissions can add up quickly. Not to forget the one-time 25% commissions offered on yearly plans. Canva’s affordable pricing plans are instrumental in retaining its customer’s for a longer period of time.


  • Non-recurring commissions: While the commission structure is good it is offered only for a limited period. This means that you as an affiliate are on the verge of losing big commission amounts even after your referrals remain loyal to Canva.
  • Generous free plan: The free plan offered by Canva is very generous. The features under their free plan are found to be sufficient to a greater extent. This reduces your chances of converting your referrals into paid customers.
  • Only 30-days cookie period: This is another drawback. 30-days is a very conservative period compared to other affiliate programs. With the growing tendency of researching for more alternatives, you may lose a number of referrals owing to limited cookie duration.

Conclusion: Is the Canva affiliate program recommended?

Even with a few flaws Canva affiliate program is highly recommended. This is because of the nature of services and outstanding features it offers.

The relevancy of Canva in today’s online world cannot be ignored. The platform has a tremendous potential of establishing itself as a pioneer in providing great marketing resources.

Its affiliate program is a sure winner with calculated ingredients of promotional tools and attractive commissions. Their intent is backed by superior affiliate resources which reflects their understanding of the importance of affiliate marketing.

By associating yourself with Canva, you have a double advantage of utilizing its resources to grow your business and parallelly increase your affiliate earnings.

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