What is Cakemail? Make your email marketing a cakewalk

What is Cakemail?

Email marketing isn’t a cakewalk. It involves quite a few bulky tasks such as integrations, creation of newsletters or landing pages, deliverability, analytics, and many more. You cannot afford to be casual while performing an email marketing campaign. Cakemail is one email marketing tool that is simple and makes things easier for straightforward email marketing features as well as transactional email marketing features. If you are considering starting your email campaign or looking to switch to another one then I suggest you read this review post. Here, you will find what is Cakemail? How does it work, it’s pricing, etc.

I will also tell you about the pros and cons of using Cakemail as your email marketing tool and if it’s worth recommended from my personal opinion.

New to Email Marketing?

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What is Cakemail?

Cakemail Email Marketing

Cakemail is an email marketing tool to create and send emails to your subscribers. It has important email marketing features such as advanced segmentation, follow-up automation, detailed reporting, and analytics to name a few.

Cakemail is a perfect platform to remain connected with your customers and keep them engaged using its features.

Cakemail was founded in 2007 based out of Canada and has gathered top ratings from its users across the globe.

How does Cakemail work?

To use Cakemail features one has to create an account by choosing a pricing plan. Cakemail offers a free plan to use basic features of email marketing for up to 2000 subscribers without any credit card details. This is great from a testing point of view and gets hands-on using its features from an upgrading perspective.

The platform offers support to cater to email marketing requirements and send transactional emails.

Once you have joined the platform, you can start using its features to create an effective email marketing campaign to grow your business.

Features of Cakemail

Some of the features that Cakemail offers are below:

Signup forms – Forms are a great way to collect information about your visitors. Cakemail offers signup forms that are easy to create from the scratch, and customizable according to your customer’s preferences. Attractive-looking signup forms are helpful in growing the list of subscribers.

Additionally, Cakemail has an import feature to allow its users to add contacts individually or all at once. The importing can be further modified in terms of data and columns to meet your personal preferences.

Segmentation – Once you have the list of subscribers, it is important to track their behavior and pattern. It provides guidance on how to align your customer’s data so that you can send emails, or newsletters uninterrupted.

Cakemail’s advanced segmentation option automatically segregates your customer’s data following their behaviors, location, interests, etc. to improve the click-through rates. Segmentation will help you send specific messages to relevant audiences that increase conversions significantly.

Email deliverability – With the bulk of messages hitting your customer’s inboxes every day it is difficult to analyze the deliverability of your emails. Manual confirmation and follow-up are tedious and time-consuming.

Cakemail monitors the deliverability of your email’s basis of their partnership and tracking on ISP’s (Internet Service Providers) blocking mechanism. In case the emails are bounced or sent to spam folders they are automatically unsubscribed or suppressed by Cakemail.

There is a dedicated process followed by Cakemail to ensure your emails are either delivered or removed from the list in case of failures.

Email automation – There is no need to worry about following up with your new subscribers. Cakemail has an automation feature that triggers a series of emails including welcome messages, and other onboarding details.

In case you forget the count and want to track the progress of your email list, Cakemail automatically provides instant insights on email triggers, and the number of emails sent. This is really helpful from an interaction perspective and keeping your new subscribers engaged.

Compatibility – Remaining connected with your subscribers is very important when you are looking to grow your list faster. And so, it makes sense to provide your audiences with deals and offers that they can have a look at on the go.

Cakemail’s content display and visualization are effective and responsive. It makes readability, and appearance compatible with every device that is helpful in increasing the click-through rates even when your subscribers are moving.

API integration and reporting – APIs are vital from a connection perspective. So, Cakemail offers a variety of API options to keep your email marketing services undisturbed. You can send personalized emails with high volumes, keep a track of your email marketing campaigns, and work with segmentation based on synchronizing the contacts.

As a sender, your connection is equally important to sustain an engaging campaign. To remain connected, Cakemail provides end-to-end data on your customer behavior and your email campaign performance. Both factors will help you align the email process and improve engagement for future campaigns.

There is much more on offer and Cakemail score high in creating an effective and result-oriented email marketing campaign with its valuable features.

Cakemail Pricing plans

There are three plans on offer by Cakemail:

Free – This is a free plan that costs $0 for sending up to 12000 emails to 2000 contacts

Growth – The growth plan costs $7 per month for sending emails to up to 500 contacts. This plan increases the sending limit by 12x of your contact limit.

Premium – Premium plan costs $199 per month and is suitable for high volume and large contact-based users. It offers to send emails up to 100K contacts with sending limit of 15x of your contact limit. Premium plan users also get priority phone support from Cakemail.

To know complete pricing details, here are the Cakemail plans.

Can I make money with the Cakemail email marketing platform? 

Yes, you can make direct money with the Cakemail email marketing platform through its affiliate program. The program offers 30% commissions on a recurring basis. It has a 120-days cookie period to track affiliate links and conversions.

Visit https://www.cakemail.com/partners/affiliates to know more and join the Cakemail affiliate opportunity.

Reselling is another option to increase your earnings with Cakemail. Here, you can resell the platform features to your existing clients or generate new sales to earn additional revenue. Check the Cakemail reseller program here.

In addition, don’t forget to use the simple and effective Cakemail email marketing features to make more money. Yes, Cakemail features are instrumental in automating your day-to-day email tasks and improving overall engagement that is helpful in bringing more customers and higher revenue.

Is Cakemail email marketing worth its price? 

Cakemail as a tool has gathered lots of positive reviews on reputed platforms by its users. The tool is simple and helpful in creating an engaging email marketing campaign. The pricing plans are affordable and the free version is a beginner’s delight.

Overall, Cakemail is worth using mainly for its easy-to-use features and pricing.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Cakemail free to use?

Answer: Yes, Cakemail offers a free version with basic email marketing features for sending emails to up to 2000 contacts.

2. Who is Cakemail suited for?

Answer: Cakemail is an ideal email marketing platform for small and medium businesses. It can be used by e-commerce users, affiliate marketers, and web developers and designers.

3. What are the alternatives to Cakemail?

Answer: The alternatives to Cakemail are Mailchimp, Aweber, Getresponse, Sendinblue, Klaviyo, etc.


  • Easy-to-use – You don’t have to be a coder or a designer to work with Cakemail. The installation, navigation, and customization are all easy-to-use and effortless.
  • Simple automation – Cakemail provides automated solutions where it is needed most. You get automated segmentation, reporting, list management, and many more. These features are really helpful to save time and effort that can be used to focus on growing your business.
  • Very affordable – No doubt Cakemail has one of the most affordable pricing plans. The free version works really well and paid pricing starts with as low as $7 per month. The platform is within the reach of beginners and experts alike.
  • Good support – The support options are great. As a premium user, you get priority support via phone, chat, and email. There are knowledge-based guidelines on how to use the platform and its features for members on the free version as well.


  • The free version lacks support – The free version of Cakemail does not offer any kind of contact-based support. There is no phone, email, or chat available. The only option is to rely on how-to guidelines and faqs.
  • No personalization features – Text messaging through SMS, and push notifications are some of the common features missing from Cakemail’s email marketing campaign. Lack of these features reduces the personalized engagement factor that may impact your overall marketing campaign.

Conclusion: Is Cakemail email marketing tool recommended?

Cakemail’s simplicity and essential automation features keep it in contention of recommended email marketing tools. The platform offers beautiful and responsive email templates, focuses hard on deliverability which is very important, and makes tracking and customization relatively easier.

The icing on the cake is its pricing that can grab eyeballs, especially the free version. You cannot ask for more with such meager pricing plans but adding a few features related to personalization engagement and standard support on all the pricing plans can make it a perfect platform for everyone.

Still, Cakemail is well-recommended and should be part of every online user big or small looking to grow their list of subscribers and business revenue.

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