What is an online transcription job? Scribie Transcription Review


One of the many options that appear in your search results for online jobs is transcription. Transcription jobs are something that can be done from the comfort of your home, on a computer/laptop, as a part-time or full-time, no investment, and with or without experience.

Many transcription sites offer freelancer positions to perform the transcription that provides consistent monthly income. As a beginner, the earnings will be limited as you gain valuable knowledge and experience to sharpen your skills. As an experienced transcriptionist, the earning opportunities may be enough to make a living.

In this article let’s learn what is an online transcription job, the resources for best transcription jobs online, and do the Scribie transcription review, one of the most reputed and trustworthy transcription platforms online.

What is an online transcription job?

In simple words, transcription means a written version of something that is audible or viewable. Some of the examples are job interviews, group discussions, interviews related to specific topics, news reporting interviews, seminars, conferences, court hearings, etc. These are available in recorded versions that is audible or viewable as videos and need a written or text conversion.

The recording company uploads the audio/video files to online transcription websites. These transcription websites convert the files into a text version at the agreed price to earn revenue from their customers. The conversion (transcription) demands the requirement of specific people who are willing to work online to earn money.

This is where ‘you’ become the source for these transcription websites to join as a freelancer and earn a consistent income.

Best transcription jobs online:

There are many websites available online that offer freelancing transcriptionist positions and pay you basis the audio hours transcribed. The basic criteria to join all these transcription websites are good command over the English language, proper grammar, and punctuation skills, decent typing speed, and a computer with an internet connection.

Take a look at 3 best transcription websites below:

Scribie.com: One of the best platforms to join as a freelancer transcriptionist especially for beginners. The pay rate ranges between $5-$25 an audio hour and one can earn up to $1500 a month or more depending on your knowledge and experience.

GoTranscript.com: This is the second-most thriving transcription platform for all types of transcriptionists. It offers up to $35 an audio hour and the earning potential varies between $1000-$1500 a month.

Rev.com: Rev.com is in the transcription industry for quite a long time. It offers decent payment to their transcribers who can earn up to $1500 a month.

As a certified transcriber myself, I have found Scribie.com as the one that is suitable for all levels of transcribers and want to share an honest review with you.

Scribie Earning Proof

First I want to share screenshots of my own earning.


The above screenshots are just an example to prove that Scribie.com is legitimate and a source to earn consistent income online.

Scribie Transcription Review



Scribie.com was incepted in 2008 by its founder Rajiv Poddar. The purpose of inventing Scribie.com was to provide end-to-end transcription solutions. Back in 2008, the transcription required lots of manual efforts and time that was not enough to provide 100% accuracy and efficiency leading to mismanagement of TATs.

Scribie.com successfully managed to build an automated version of transcription with minimum manual intervention to achieve 99% accuracy, efficiency, and delivery time and is considered as one of the most trusted transcription service providers online for more than 12 years.

Joining criteria:

Following are the basic requirements to join Scribie.com,

1) A verified Paypal account. A Paypal account is very easy to set-up. Just follow the steps on the Paypal website or watch the video and you should be able to create an account within a few minutes. A Paypal account is required to transfer your transcription earnings from Scribie.com for onward transfer to your personal account.

2) Good command over English language, decent typing speed, ability to interpret the conversations, and ability to apply basic grammar and punctuations.

3) A laptop/computer with earphones/headset and internet connection.

Transcription test:

Every applicant has to go through a transcription test that requires you to answer some grammatical questions, punctuate the sentences, and a transcription test for a live customer file that is thoroughly reviewed and proofread to evaluate your transcription abilities.

Before attempting the live transcription test you have the option of doing practice files to hone your skills and obtain some knowledge about automated transcription script. Overall, you get 10 attempts to clear the transcription test which is more than enough.

Don’t worry, if you are able to meet the joining criteria then clearing this test becomes much easier compared to other transcription websites.

Transcription Work:

Once you have cleared the transcription test, you are notified through email and approved to work as a certified transcriber at Scribie.com.

There is no shortage of work and you will remain occupied throughout the day depending on the number of hours you want to work.

The transcription files are split into four categories that include transcription, reviews, proofreading, and finally quality check. Your earning capacity increases with every level of promotion from transcriptionist to quality checker.

Promotion and grading:


A grading criterion is applied at every level of transcription job that fluctuates with the accuracy you have achieved in every file.

You have to maintain the agreed criteria to get yourself promoted and enhance your position and earnings.


Your earnings are accumulated with every transcription file you submit which is reviewed successfully and accepted by the customer.

You can opt to withdraw the payments anytime that is transferred within 8-10 hours to your verified Paypal account.

There is no complaint or issue ever raised by any of their transcribers related to payments.


One of the best parts of Scribie is their support. You get 24/7 live chat and phone support during the weekdays, and through emails on weekends. You can also get in touch with Scribie support through social media and by post.

The team is quick to reply to your queries or issues related to transcription, payments, or any other technical difficulties.

The benefits of Scribie transcription job:

  1. Anybody from a college student to an experienced professional can join Scribie.com easily and earn an extra or full-time income.
  2. No certification, degree, or joining fees required.work_from_home
  3. You are able to work from the comfort of your home, at your time, with your own choice.
  4. You can do the transcription work along with your existing job.
  5. Beginners and inexperienced individuals can improve their learning skills that include language fluency, interpretation, accents, and typing speed.
  6. A certified transcriber can expand their options of joining multiple transcription platforms and make it their permanent full-time job and income.
  7. You can also offer proofreading services to many free-lancing websites other than transcription platforms and earn additional income.
  8. Scribie.com offers an independent contractor position for proofreaders and quality checkers at a fixed rate earning without the grading criteria. This enhances your opportunity to work full-time and earn a fixed income every month.
  9. Additional monthly and daily bonuses are offered at each level of transcription job basis the number of hours and the level you work at.
  10. Scribie.com also offers the earning options through referrals and affiliates that are added to your accumulated earnings every month.

The disadvantages of Scribie transcription job:

  1. The transcription files are available in different accents of the world. Some accents are very difficult to understand and transcribe which reduces your earning opportunity. However, a good chunk of files is available in American, UK, and Asian accents.
  2. Transcription requires a specific skill set of interpreting the conversation of multiple speakers. Some people may find it difficult to understand and convert it into text.
  3. The transcription earnings are a bit on the lower side compared to other online income opportunities, especially for beginners.
  4. The grading criteria act as a hurdle in your promotion to higher levels and need your caution while selecting the files for transcription. Unable to maintain the agreed grading criteria, in the long run, may lead to termination of your transcription job.

Some useful tips while performing a transcription job at Scribie:

  • Always select the files that you are confident about transcribing and achieving the required grades.
  • As a beginner, avoid haste in doing more files. You need to learn and understand the skills to perform the transcription with perfection.
  • Once you have transcribed a particular file, always go through the audio and converted text again to be double sure of its accuracy and efficiency. In case if you are not satisfied, do not submit and cancel the file. Canceling the file does not impact your grade. Transcription_headsets
  • If you can afford it, it is recommended to buy a professional transcribing headset that is built to understand the conversation better through its volume and bass adjustment, outside noise cancellation, comfortable fitting, etc.
  • You need to be patient to reach higher levels of transcription as it requires adequate knowledge and experience. Presuming more work for more money is not considered as a sign of professional transcriber.

Conclusion: Does the transcription job has any future?

Transcription work has been in the business for more than two decades and will remain in the near future as well. The companies may improve the technology with automated versions of transcription that will still require some effort in the form of human intervention.

Transcription jobs may not be a permanent solution to your growing nature of earning and spending more money but it remains a stable and full-fledged earning opportunity if planned and performed appropriately. In the long run, it is not a bad option to have an additional source of income that hardly demands anything from you.

I hope the above information and review is helpful in letting you decide to choose a transcription job at Scribie.com. If you have any further doubts or queries please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.














  • Easy to join
  • Work at home comfort
  • Timely payments
  • New skills to learn
  • Independent Contractor Postion


  • Tough grading criterion
  • Slow promotion and growth
  • Comparatively limited income

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