What is Adobe Affiliate Program? Make Money with Cloud!

What is Adobe Affiliate Program?

If you are an internet marketer and you don’t know about Adobe, then, it means you don’t use any creative tools like Photoshop, Illustrator, or Premiere Pro. When it comes to creative software, Adobe is unarguably the best in the industry. Apart from creative tools, Adobe also owns Acrobat Reader which is a portable document format for reading digital content. This is why Adobe is well-known amongst content creators. It is a great company. But have you ever wondered if you can sell Adobe products and earn a commission? Yes, you can! This is because Adobe has an affiliate program that can reward you handsomely. What is Adobe Affiliate Program? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Adobe Affiliate program.

If you are a blogger or an affiliate marketer, this is your chance to make good money by selling Adobe products.

What is Adobe affiliate program?

The Adobe affiliate is a program where you can make sustainable income by earning a commission for every Adobe product sold using your affiliate link.

How does the Adobe Affiliate Program work?

The Adobe affiliate program works like every other affiliate program where content creators or affiliates can use their platforms to promote the Adobe products.

Adobe shares a percentage of the total profit with you in the form of commissions and you can earn as much as $85 for each product that you sell.

The interesting thing is that Adobe products are extremely useful and the brand is well known. This will boost your sales and promotion in no small ways.

How can I join the Adobe affiliate program?

After checking out the commission rates, you may be considering becoming an Adobe affiliate partner.

Now, you are wondering how to get started.

Here are the steps to follow:

STEP 1 – Go to https://www.adobe.com/affiliates.html and click on “Apply now”

STEP 2 – Fill out the registration form

STEP 3 – Click “Create Account”

Activate your Adobe affiliate account

The next thing is to activate your Adobe affiliate account. You will receive an email message at the email address you provided while you were registering.

Just click on the link in the message and follow the prompt. However, you would need to get this done within 15 minutes. If not, the account won’t get activated.

Verifying your website

After your account has been activated, the verification of your website is next.

You need a website to start an affiliate program. If you have your website, you will have to supply the website address.

So, log in to TradeDoubler, click on “Verify Site” and add some new information and click “Save”. That’s all!

What products can I promote as an Adobe affiliate?

There are three products you can promote as an affiliate. These products are Adobe Creative Cloud, Adobe Document Cloud, and Adobe Stock Images.

1. Adobe Creative Cloud – These tools are extremely useful. In most cases, some people depend on Photoshop, Lightroom, Dreamweaver, and others for their business.

These tools are mostly needed by website designers, photographers, video editors, etc.

Some affiliates prefer to focus on only Photoshop affiliate marketing but there is nothing wrong if you promote more than one product.

2. Adobe Cloud Document – You can also make money by promoting the Adobe Cloud Document. The tool helps to turn paper-based processes into digital.

It is mostly used by businesses that want to run paperless. Students are also part of your target audience.

3. Adobe Stock Images – Stock Images are high-quality photos that people can buy and use exclusively without infringing on the owner’s intellectual property.

The market for digital photos is growing and this means there will always be a need for them. So, you can promote Adobe Stock subscription to people who want to exclusively use photos to explain their thoughts or ideas.

Adobe affiliate commission rates

The Adobe affiliate program commission structure varies since there are many products. But all the rates are extremely attractive.

Adobe Creative and Document Cloud Commission Rate

  • Monthly subscription – 85% commission of the first month
  • Yearly subscriptions (Payment is done monthly) – 85% commission of the first month
  • Yearly subscriptions (one-time payment) – 8.33% commission of the first year

Adobe Stock Images Commission Rate

  • Monthly subscriptions – $72
  • Yearly subscription (Payment is done monthly) – $72
  • Single purchase (one-time payment) – 8.33%
  • 3 standard assets a month (monthly payment) – the 85% of the first month

How affiliates can promote Adobe products

There are different ways affiliates can promote Adobe products.

Here are some of them:

  • Put up promotional banners in strategic locations on your blog or website to attract potential customers
  • Write a comprehensive blog post or review article about Adobe products
  • Promote Adobe through social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.
  • Create newsletters about the usefulness of Adobe products and send the letters to your subscribers’ list
  • Make YouTube videos on Adobe products and include your affiliate link in the description section.

Adobe Payment information

Payment is done every month. The payment options include Payoneer, wire transfer, and cheque. The options depend on your country of residence.

Adobe affiliate cookie duration 

The affiliate program has a 30-day cookie period. It means if the potential buyer clicks your affiliate link today without a sale and comes back to purchase the product within 30 days, you will earn a commission.

However, if the product is purchased on the 31st day or beyond, you won’t earn a commission.

Can I make money with the Adobe Affiliate Program? 

Yes, you can make good money as an affiliate of Adobe. The commission is mouth-watery and very enticing.

Beware of affiliate program scams

There are a lot of affiliate scams all over the place. If you don’t want to be a victim, you need to choose an affiliate program that pays.

The Adobe affiliate program is not a scam. It is very legit. You will get paid for every purchase made through your affiliate link.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. How can I join the Adobe affiliate program?

Answer: To join the Adobe affiliate program, you will have to visit the website at https://www.adobe.com/affiliates.html and click “Apply now”.

2. What is the cookie period for the Adobe affiliate program?

Answer: It has a 30-day cookie period

3. Can an affiliate receive payment through PayPal?

Answer: No, payment is through Payoneer, wire transfer, and cheque.

4. How can I contact Adobe affiliate?

Answer: You can contact Adobe affiliate through email at adobeaffiliates@arvato.com

5. Does Adobe affiliate have a good tracking system?

Answer: Yes, the tracking system is real-time.


  • 30-day cookie
  • Competitive commission rates
  • Easy payment system through Payoneer, cheque, and wire transfer
  • Real-time tracking
  • Dedicated customer support team


  • No payment through PayPal
  • The 30-day cookie period is too short

Conclusion: Is joining Adobe Affiliate Program worth it?

Joining the Adobe affiliate program is one sure-fire way to make some cool cash. The program can boost your income significantly.

The interesting thing is that Adobe is already well-known and that makes promoting the products a lot easier. The fact that Adobe has a lot of products that enhance your chances of making more money.

Its attractive commission rate is very appealing. The 30-day cookie is great for conversions. The banner promotion is a perfect way to increase leads and make sales.

This is a fantastic opportunity for bloggers, web designers, affiliate marketers, and content creators.

There is no doubt that the Adobe affiliate program will be an excellent alternative source of income.

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