What is Act On Email Marketing? Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

What is Act-On Email Marketing?

Growing businesses need to make choices that would further sustain their growth. One of such choices to be made is choosing the right email marketing tool that can make the most of their customers’ data. Act-On email marketing tool is one program that can put any business on a trajectory of growth due to its amazing features. So, what is Act on email marketing?

In this article, I am going to make a comprehensive review of Act-On by exploring its features alongside its capabilities. I will also touch on its pros and cons, how it works, how you can make money from it, provide answers to some of the nagging FAQs, and offer my recommendation in the end.

So, read on to get all the information you need to make an informed decision.

New to Email Marketing?

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What is Act on Email Marketing?

Act-On is an email marketing program designed for small and medium entities to take their businesses to the next level. It is a subscription-based product with in-built marketing automation.

Act-On provides your business with tools that can be used for email marketing, lead management, landing pages, and managing webinars.

The software was launched back in 2008 and has got more than 5,000 users worldwide. It is a platform that fits different industries such as healthcare, technology, education, financial and insurance services, manufacturing, etc.

How does Act-On email marketing work?

The software offers incredible tools that assist in the automation of different organizations’ business processes. As such, the program can be used in running different marketing campaigns to increase sales.

Act-On is built with a lot of tools such as A/B testing, landing page builders, and a host of other automation tools. With Act-On, you can create personalized email messages that bring in clients and ensure an increase in sales.

To book for a demo and sign up, you can visit the website at https://act-on.com/.

Features of Act-On Email Marketing

Some features make Act-On the real deal for many digital marketers. Below are some of them:

A/B testing – No digital marketer worth his onion can do without A/B testing. The function helps you to create engaging campaigns. It allows you to test two versions of a campaign to know which one engages your audience better. This helps to increase leads and enhance sales. The use of A/B testing helps you to achieve the following:

  • Increase the rate of click-through
  • Know the right time to push your campaigns to your audience
  • Experiment with different subject lines to know which one appeals more to your audience

Automation – With the Act-On automation, you can maximize the potentials of all your campaigns including email, SMS, and social media. For instance, it increases leads and customer engagements, and prospects can be converted to loyal customers.

Real-time analytics – Marketing analytics show the level at which your audience is interacting with your content. It is what you use to determine if your marketing strategy is giving you the needed results or not. It also shows the buying behavior of your customers. In short, it is your performance report.

CRM integration – CRM integration is a key part of email marketing. As such, Act-On integrates perfectly with CRM tools like Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce as an add-on if you purchase the Professional plan but comes free with the Enterprise plan.

Social media integration – Like every other email marketing and automation tool, Act-On automates your social media platforms with the utmost ease. While it is not as good as the social media tools that come with HootSuite, Act-On modestly helps you in monitoring your social media handles across different platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Social posts can also be created, queued, and posted sequentially.

Lead management – Act-On takes lead management seriously. It offers lead segmentation and leads scoring to show that you are getting leads that convert due to high engagement with your audience.

Act on email marketing pricing

Act-On is an expensive tool. The Professional plan starts from $900/month for 2,500 active contacts; while the Enterprise plan starts from $2,000/month.

Act-On pricing is based on active contacts that are based on your engagement with your contacts in a month. You can visit https://act-on.com/contact-us-about-custom-pricing/ to get more details on its pricing.

Can I make money with Act-On Email Marketing?

Yes, you can make money with Act on by using its email marketing features and by sharing its features with others. Act on helps you build and increase your list of subscribers through different marketing options.

You can make use of its landing pages, lead management features, and CRM integrations to engage and capture leads regularly. This way you can capitalize your marketing efforts by sharing product links and increasing sales and revenue.

Act on also has both reseller and referral partner programs to make money as an affiliate. Click here for more information on how you can join any of the programs.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Act-On provide API support?

Answer: Yes, there is API support.

2. Does Act-On offer yearly plans?

Answer: Yes, you can opt for a yearly plan.

3. What kind of support does Act-On offer?

Answer: It offers phone and email supports.

4. Does Act-On have a free trial?

Answer: No free trial; no free version.

5. What tools does Act-On integrate with?

Answer: It integrates with third-party apps such as Salesforce, ClickFunnels, Shopify, SurveyMonkey, Twilio, Zoom, Eventbrite, WooCommerce, Magento, Typeform, Zapier, etc.

6. What are the alternative tools to Act-On?

Answer: Some of the alternative tools include Pardot, Keap, and HubSpot.

7. What languages do Act-On support?

Answer: Act-On supports different languages such as English, French, Arabic, Hindu, Swedish, Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Russian, Finnish, and Norwegian.


  • Responsive customer service – Act-On has a responsive customer service that provides solutions for every query. The team is available 24/7 through chat, phone, and email.
  • Lead generation – With Act-On, you can generate high-quality leads that can increase your conversion rate and in turn increase sales in the long run.
  • Landing pages – You can create landing pages with existing templates. This can help to bring in many potential customers. The landing pages are extremely easy to customize for any activity or purpose.
  • Automation builder – Act-On comes with an automation builder that is super easy to use. The automation builder allows you to map out every customer journey.
  • List management – The exceptional segmentation tools help you to manage your list effectively. When connected with Salesforce, Act-On becomes even better.
  • Webinar management – It is extremely easy to manage webinars with Act-On. It manages webinar registrations and invitations creditably.
  • Text messaging – Apart from deploying email marketing for your campaigns, you can schedule text messaging right from the Act-On app. Social media posts can also be part of your campaign strategy. This makes Act-On a multi-channel campaign tool.


  • Expensive – Act-On is one of the priciest tools for digital marketing. The starting price is from $900/month for 2,500 active contacts. The cost increases with more active contacts. This will be way out of the reach of many new businesses that want to start their email campaigns.
  • Difficulty with the page builder – The page builder poses some difficulties when using it to customize both the email and landing page templates. You will need some coding knowledge to sort yourself out.

Conclusion: Is Act on email marketing recommended?

Act-On is a marketing automation application that can take your campaign to the next level. It has got the limitless capacity to not only automate your email campaigns but also automate text messaging and your social media platforms.

This makes it a multi-channel marketing automation tool that funnels plenty of leads from different areas of your campaign.

Its lead management function is astonishing. It helps your campaigns with lead scores, enhances conversion rate, and increases sales. Though it lacks built-in CRM tools, the integration with external CRM tools like Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics 365 covers up this deficiency adequately.

Taking away its high cost, Act-On is, without doubt, an application that can meet and surpass the email marketing and marketing automation needs of any digital marketer. If you can afford it then go for it.

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