What is a returning visitor for a website? Tips to increase returning visitors

What is a returning visitor?

Website visitors are the backbone of any website. A majority of online business owners aim to increase their visitors count through relevant keywords, and valuable content. Indeed, the increase in new visitor counts every day helps to grow your website authority among search engines. But do you think only increasing new visitors is important? Are visitors leaving immediately from your website help you achieve your goals? The answer is no. Visitors remaining engaged and returning to your website, again and again, is equally important. So, what is a returning visitor?

I will tell you in this post all about returning visitors, increasing engagement to make your visitors return to your website, and much more.

What is a returning visitor?

A returning visitor is an individual who visited once and come back again on your website. A returning visitor scenario is possible if someone has bookmarked your website URL, a page, or a post to check it again.

Returning visitors are tracked through cookies that get installed on their web browser when they visit your website once and accept the cookie terms. Alternatively, some websites use marketing campaigns to attract visitors for repeated visits.

Why is tracking a returning visitor important?

Returning visitors is one of the SEO metrics used by search engines to track the engagement level of your website. The term returning visitors is specifically displayed by Google in their analytics tool.

Google assigns a certain level of traffic and rankings to websites that have a higher number of returning visitors with more engagement time.

A returning visitor is also an indication that your website has some material or ingredient that they want to relook at. If they just visit and leave your website in no time that means the engagement and trust components are missing and you need to work on it.

The statistics around returning visitors are important to improve your website rankings and traffic as well as keep them engaged for a longer period of time that will prompt them to take some action.

How do you track returning visitor (s)?

The best way to track returning visitors is Google Analytics. Simply follow the below steps to have a look and track your website returning visitors.

Go to Google Analytics (GA) > Audience > Overview. You will find all the data related to users, sessions, session duration, page views, etc. with a chart on the right-hand side that will show the percentage of new and returning visitors.

The normal range of returning visitors is around 4-5% out of 100%. The aim should be to target the remaining 95% to return to your website more than once.

Types of returning visitors

Returning visitors could be organic or attracted by doing some campaigns and marketing to bring them to your website. So, basically, there are two types of returning visitors:

Free: Under the free category, you will have visitors who visit your website organically by bookmarking, push notifications, social media, or videos.

For example,

Sending a notification through SMS to visit your website,

If someone visits your website and clicks on your social media icons, then based on that inviting them again to visit your website,

Or, targeted YouTube campaign where you ask viewers to subscribe to your channel which will take them to your website.

Paid: These are purely paid campaigns that you run through email marketing, paid ads on social media, or on your website.

For example,

Sending newsletters to your existing email subscribers,

Or, displaying ads on your social media to visit your website, etc.

How to get returning visitors to your website? 

Asking a visitor to return to your website should be gentle and passive. You cannot be aggressive and force your audience to come back to your website again.

Some of the examples of asking your visitors to return are:

Call-to-action: Add a call-to-action button or a sentence to click on certain links. For example, at the end of the post insert a YouTube or your social media link. Ask them to visit the social media post which will, in turn, prompt them to visit your website again.

Social media buttons: Just insert a few social media buttons with a title of following or connecting. End your post by requesting your visitors to follow you on social media channels which could become the reason to revisit the website.

Email marketing: This is the best way to bring back your existing audience to your website. Provide them a reason or an offer to visit the post and increase the number of returning visitors by sending them email newsletters regularly.

Whatever way you opt for make sure to remain passive in asking, have good content on your website, and give certain options or a reason to make your visitors come back.

How do you engage returning visitors: Building a strategy for returning visitors 

So, what should be an ideal way or plan to work on returning visitors? Build a strategy. There is nothing new you can do unless you do the following things strategically and appropriately:

Content creation – Building content for your website is very important. And doing it consistently is the ask. Forget about returning, you cannot expect a person to remain on your website that has thin or minimum content that is too outdated.

Keep adding valuable and meaningful content that keeps your visitors engaged and helps them with their requirements.

Engage on social media – If you have enough content say 10-20 posts on your website then start creating a social media campaign. Get connected with others that have relevant niches or interests and start following them.

Expect them to follow back and begin sharing your website post links to build trust. Once your followers get to read good quality content, they will tend to visit your website more often.

List building – Make use of email marketing channels to build your list of subscribers. This won’t be easy in the beginning but with quality content and a good amount of following on social media, you will be able to make a few.

As mentioned earlier, give them a good deal or an offer to subscribe to your email list. Email marketing is the most effective and easiest way to bring returning visitors to your website. Look for an email marketing tool that provides a free plan for the first 100-200 subscribers.

Create videos – Every content that you create on your website can be shared through videos on YouTube. Visuals are the most preferred way that people look at to save time. Ask your visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

It also helps you to share the video links on other sources such as social media and email marketing. Ensure to end your videos by providing your website link so that people don’t miss out on visiting it.

Push notifications – One of the other ways to bring your visitors back to your website is by using push notifications. These are pop-ups that are displayed when somebody visits your website asking for permission to send notifications on future content. If someone clicks on the allow button then it saves the response and sends a notification that appears through the web browsing bar whenever you add a new post to your website.

Implementing the above strategies will not only increase returning visitors but is also a proven method to increase the overall traffic for your website free of cost.

Once you have a considerable amount of turnaround in terms of new and returning audiences then you can think of applying paid methods such as paid ads that we discussed above.

Final Conclusion

New users will increase once you constantly build content on your website. But it is of utmost importance that you keep your visitors engaged as long as you can.

To do this, you must consider applying the above strategies to increase engagement. It will make your visitors return to your website for more.

The more visitors you have, the more authority is granted to your website by search engines. Google loves to send more traffic to websites where visitors spend more time. It is an indication that your website has interesting and valuable content that converts.

I am sure reading this article and implementing the methods will improve the returning visitor’s percentage for your website.

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