Wealthy Affiliate Review for 2020: Make Money Online by Learning


Make money online’. The term I came across a lot on the internet and I am sure even you must have. I used to think that making money online is some kind of scam or fraud or something to do with playing online games, doing miscellaneous tasks to earn part-time income.

In 2019 during my research on the internet, I got to know about affiliate marketing as a source of earning passive income online. I went deep into the details on this topic and came to know that lots of people are making a living through affiliate marketing earnings.

Some of the renowned names are:

Pat Flynn (www.smartpassiveincome.com)

Jeremy Schoemaker (www.shoemoney.com)

Neil Patel (www.quicksprout.com)

In order to believe me, I recommend you to look at their websites. These people have built their online income source from scratch to more than $100k a month and 80% of their income is generated through affiliate marketing.

What I also came to know by reading about them is how much hard work, dedication, and commitment they have put in to achieve this kind of success. It is not an overnight success. You have to learn, follow certain procedures, invest in tools, keep patience, and then see the favorable results. Affiliate marketing is not a ‘get rich quick’ formula.

By now you must be thinking so what is this affiliate marketing?

In layman words, affiliate marketing is promoting other’s products through your website without owning them and earn commissions.

To know more about affiliate marketing click here.

There are 1000’s of companies out there who run affiliate programs that pay you to promote their products.

Some of the popular names are:

  1. Amazon Associates
  2. Clickbank
  3. ShareASale
  4. Commission Junction

Let’s take an example of Amazon Associate since it is the most popular and trusted affiliate program.

How do you start affiliate marketing with Amazon?

  1. You build a website around the products of your choice on Amazon.
  2. Promote them by writing meaningful and valuable reviews on your website.
  3. Attract visitors to read your reviews and buy the products through the Amazon affiliate links.
  4. Earn commissions from Amazon.

Amazon Associate is easy to join and has thousands of products to promote. It is one of the most used and profitable affiliate programs around the globe.

So that’s how you can sell the products that you don’t have to own or store with you but still make money through it.

What are the basic tools needed to do affiliate marketing?

  1. A website on your choice of niche (topic or products)
  2. A keyword research tool
  3. Content writing platform
  4. Affiliate programs

If you’re still here and reading this then you must be thinking “A website? I know nothing about building websites and other tools. How can I do It?”

I was in the same mindset as you are when I got all the information about affiliate marketing. I was curious to know how to start all this? Where to find the best tools? Who can help and guide me step-by-step in doing affiliate marketing and building an online business? Is affiliate marketing really sustainable? Can you earn consistent money through affiliate marketing?

I continued my research for almost 3-4 months, joined some online platforms to learn more about it but had to withdraw in a few days because of the program inconsistencies, insufficient learning, too expensive, focussing more on promoting their own website, etc.

My failures taught me to focus on a few points while searching for affiliate marketing:

  1. An online program who can teach me the basics of doing affiliate marketing
  2. Who has a catalog of successful tools required to do affiliate marketing
  3. Should have all the technical support and guidance from industry experts round the clock
  4. And above all should be affordable

That’s when I came across Wealthy Affiliate. I started collecting more information, reading online reviews about Wealthy Affiliate, and found that it is a legitimate training platform existing since 2005.

I still wanted to be sure about my decision of joining their program and therefore took a chance by subscribing to their free starter membership. Within a few days of joining, I learned that Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most lucrative, advanced, educative, and ever-supportive training platform that helps you build your online business through affiliate marketing.

Being a premium member now I thought of sharing my personal experience by reviewing Wealthy Affiliate to guide you on how to create a successful source of passive income online.

The Inception of Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was founded in 2005 by the two individuals called Kyle and Carson with the purpose of creating a unique and effective training platform for Affiliate Marketers basis their own knowledge and experience in Affiliate Marketing.

Today with more than 15 years of experience and more than 2 million users as part of this program, Wealthy Affiliate is considered one of the most trusted, legitimate, and dependable website for affiliate marketers with proven success stories and statistics.

Before we go into further details, I know what most of us are interested in knowing about Wealthy Affiliate first.

  1. How do people earn money by joining Wealthy Affiliate?
  2. And how much you can earn by joining Wealthy Affiliate?

The answer to the above questions lies below.

Success Stories at Wealthy Affiliate


Meet Chuck. He has been with Wealthy Affiliate since 2018 and has more than 10 years of experience in affiliate marketing. Chuck had an amazing 2019 and want to take his online business to a new level. His plan is to earn $500k in the year 2020.


Grace (Littlemama)

Grace joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2016. She learned and worked really hard on her website (s) and blogs and within the span of 2 years, she has become an inspiration and role-model to be followed. Her online income ($1400 in a day) highlights her status and success in the affiliate marketing business.



Mike joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2018 courtesy to his wife with zero knowledge about blogging. With time, he is successfully making a consistent monthly income to what he considers as passive but enough to make it a full-time job. Mike is happy to share his monthly income report through blogging to inspire and motivate others.



Zarina joined Wealthy Affiliate in 2015 and had to face lots of struggle physically and mentally. She continued spending time and effort in her online business. Slowly and steadily she has now reached the peak of her monthly income in the range of $4k… And she is not stopping. She has further plans to scale her business higher and higher.


…And there are thousands of successful people inside Wealthy Affiliate who are consistently making money online through their hard work and continuous efforts.

Who Is Wealthy Affiliate For?

  1. College or University students who want to earn while learning.
  2. People looking for jobs post-education.
  3. People who want to earn additional income along with their existing jobs.
  4. People who have retired from their jobs and want to earn from home.
  5. People who love traveling around the world without worrying about income.
  6. People who are part of Web designing, Web hosting, and other Web-related technical backgrounds.
  7. Housewives and women who want to work from home and earn money.
  8. People who want to work from home and earn money.
  9. People who want to become an online entrepreneur.

And all those who are seeking an alternative way of learning and earning money from home for life-time.

Who Should Avoid Joining Wealthy Affiliate

  1. If you want to earn easy and quick money
  2. If you desire to become rich overnight
  3. If you are not able to spend at least an hour in a day to spend on building your online business
  4. If you don’t want to learn new skills, technicalities and do not want to do hard work
  5. If you don’t want to spend a minimum amount to build an online business that will turn out to give you long time returns consistently.

What do you do at Wealthy Affiliate and how do you earn by learning

Training: You get to learn to make money online by building websites with valuable content through Online Entrepreneurship Certification (50 lessons) and Affiliate BootCamp training (70 lessons) courses. You also get access to weekly webinars from an industry expert that keeps you one step ahead in building your online business.

How do you earn with training?

Meet Jerry

Jerry is part of Wealthy Affiliate from 2016 and crowned as one of the youngest millionaires at the age of 21. Apart from building money making websites, he has adopted innovative ways of earning at Wealthy Affiliate inspiring others. He is brilliant in learning and creating his own training’s that brings thousands of dollars in income.


Build Website(s): You will learn to build the website(s). With the training, you get at Wealthy Affiliate building a website becomes much easier. You get to learn all the basics at Wealthy Affiliate and with time and tips from other members, you indulge in giving your website a professional look by adopting advanced features. This website becomes your primary focus and your main source of income.

How do you earn with your website?

Meet Dylan

Dylan is part of Wealthy Affiliate from 2015. He has seen lots of ups and downs in these years and has now reached a point where he builds successful money-making websites and even sells them. He has already sold a couple of websites for $40k and $30k and ready with the new ones.


Keyword Research: A super-efficient and advanced keyword research tool ‘Jaaxy’ is available at your disposal inside Wealthy Affiliate. You perform an end number of keywords research with advanced options and filters in the Jaaxy Research tool to write your website content for better SEO and conversion. In addition, Jaaxy has its own affiliate program to earn referral commissions.

How do you earn with Jaaxy keyword research tool?

Meet Kaju

Kaju is a premium member of Wealthy Affiliate from 2017. He is very successful in his affiliate marketing business stint and consistently making money through a variety of methods. He has made Jaaxy as one of his earning source attracting 100’s of referrals.

Kaju Jaaxy

Write Content and Personal Blogs: You get access to the site content for creating valuable content for your website and you can also do personal blogging inside Wealthy Affiliate. Personal blogging is helpful in improving your writing skills and these blogs are indexed by Google.

How do you earn with blogging?

Meet Stephanie (Sporkypie)

Stephanie has been with wealthy affiliate since 2017. She was able to sell her blog (s) for a website that was just 13 months old for $28k. Her learning and hard work at Wealthy Affiliate paid off rich dividends and she continues to scale her online business higher.


Provide Site Feedback and Comments: You learn to provide feedback and comments on the Wealthy Affiliate member’s website and content. Your feedback and comments are rewarded with cash and credit points and keeps getting accrued until you want to utilize it. The cash credit can also be utilized to pay for Wealthy Affiliate membership

What else can you do with the site comment reward?

Meet Edwin

Edwin is a certified commenter in Wealthy Affiliate and provides valuable comments and feedback to other Wealthy Affiliate member’s websites and content.  He utilizes his cash credits earned through site comments to grow his online business.


The learning also includes:

Buy Domains: In Wealthy Affiliate, you can search and purchase relevant domains easily. A domain is an essential part of your website and you can also opt to purchase additional domains that grow in value with time and becomes an asset. If you have a yearly premium membership, you can possess (.com) domains for free. Websites with (.com) domain names have huge potential and can be easily sold at a higher price in domain auctions.

Join Affiliate Programs: Wealthy Affiliate helps you in finding the relevant affiliate programs inside the platform that offers a maximum share of commissions. You are able to join these programs basis your choice of niche and earn a high percentage of revenue consistently.

Community Expertise: To grow the online business you need continuous guidance and support from experts. The WA members are available 24/7 to answer all your queries and issues instantly offering their personal experience and knowledge on the success and failures of the business that becomes an integral part of your journey at Wealthy Affiliate.

The above points are the core benefits that you get as part of Wealthy Affiliate. Apart from the primary purpose of building an online business, you can convert your learning into an end number of earning opportunities by thinking out of the box like the above individuals.

To summarize, almost all the aspects that you get to learn inside Wealthy Affiliate is an earning opportunity.

What Are The Benefits Of Joining Wealthy Affiliate

  1. Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate way of earning money online.
  2. You get to learn and develop new skills for building an online business.
  3. You can generate consistent income that may be enough to replace your full-time job.
  4. Apart from affiliate marketing, you can earn additional income through personal blogging and creating your own pieces of training.
  5. You can socialize inside Wealthy Affiliate platform with the community that comprises people from all around the world.
  6. You learn to explore and implement different ways of earning money online outside of Wealthy Affiliate as well.
  7. You get to learn the tips and guidance on outsourcing your business once you start achieving your financial goals and want to expand it through multiple websites.

And what else?

Super Incentive for Super Affiliates

You get a chance to travel to Las Vegas with Wealthy Affiliate.


By generating targeted referrals for Wealthy Affiliate in a year.

What is the proof?

Las Vegas
Las Vegas_1

You can be part of the Las Vegas Annual Conference trip organized by Wealthy Affiliate. This trip is fully paid by Wealthy Affiliate to honor the Super Affiliates who achieved the targeted referrals in a year with their hard work and dedication.

The Pros and Cons of Wealthy Affiliate


WA Training

Advanced and up-to-date training and information:Training is the most sought-after feature of Wealthy Affiliate. From the basics of setting up your website to adopting the most advanced features in making your website stand out for better rankings and conversion, the training at Wealthy Affiliate turns you into a complete affiliate marketer.

Easy search and purchase of domains: With the in-built feature of searching and purchasing, you don’t have to worry about finding a perfect combination of domains for your website outside Wealthy Affiliate.

Jaaxy image_1

WordPress website building and hosting with all the site features: Website building and hosting have never been easier. With all the site features and support, websites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate is considered one of the fastest and quickest across the industry.

Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool: One of my favorite features of Wealthy Affiliate. Jaaxy provides thousands of successful keyword options with accurate statistics and insights on google ranking pages to help you write content that ranks quickly.

Site content writing platform: It is not my personal favorite but I still use it for two things. The one-click content publishing button and content uniqueness validity that stands out for efficiency and effortlessness.

WA Affiliate programs

Easy access to reputed and trusted affiliate programs: The affiliate programs inside Wealthy Affiliate saves the searching and joining efforts. The affiliate programs include some of the reputed names such as Clickbank, Rakuten, etc. that offer commission rates up to 60%.

Personal blogging: Most used feature on Wealthy Affiliate. It is best known for improving your writing skills, sharing your personal experience within Wealthy Affiliate, sharing your success and failures of affiliate marketing business. Personal blogging is also helpful in generating Wealthy Affiliate referral commissions as your blogs are indexed and ranked by Google.

Availability of support round the clock with the subject matter and community expertise: This is the feature I personally recommend you to join Wealthy Affiliate for. All your website, training, keywords, SEO, online business issues, can be replied to or resolved instantly through ongoing live-chat, public and private messaging, website comments, feedback, and site support by the industry experts and community inside the Wealthy Affiliate.

Lowest pricing compared to other online competitors: With easy and convenient payment options available, Wealthy Affiliate has the most competitive pricing offered in the affiliate marketing business category.


No refund and Bi-Yearly payment option: There is no Bi-Yearly payment option and you don’t get any refund of your payment in case you wish to unsubscribe from the membership.

Internal Rankings by Wealthy Affiliate: Wealthy Affiliate has its own metrics of providing internal rankings to the Wealthy Affiliate members. The rankings are measured basis the amount of contribution you make inside Wealthy Affiliate through personal blogs, trainings, helping others, etc. Although I really like the idea of sharing the success tips and information through trainings and blogs, the internal ranking is a distraction to your personal motivation for building your online business.

WA Site Content

The site content writing platform inside Wealthy Affiliate: I am personally not a big fan of the site content writing platform of Wealthy Affiliate. I find it very simple, basic, and lack certain must-have features to create a dynamic version of your content. As an alternative, I fulfill the shortcomings of site content by using the WordPress editor or Page builder plug-ins.

Note: The good news is that Wealthy Affiliate is soon getting revamped and the site content writing platform will be getting upgraded with some advanced features.

WA Revamp

Wealthy Affiliate Pricing

Starter Membership (Free)

For all the newbies, beginners, and for those who want to try and get the feeling of how Wealthy Affiliate works, there is a 7-day trial in which you get the features valuing almost $30 a month for absolutely free :

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (10 lessons)
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp Training (10 lessons)
  3. Classroom Trainings (2 lessons)
  4. Training Modules (50)
  5. Keyword Research tool (30 searches)
  6. One free website building and hosting (limited site features)
  7. Live 24/7 help
  8. Network with experts
  9. Personal Affiliate Blog
  10. Affiliate Program Search

Premium Membership 

Wealthy Affiliate

The premium membership is a complete package for all your online business needs. It is offered in 2 payment options:

$49 a month & $495 yearly

Premium membership includes below must-have features to make you affiliate marketing ‘Guru’:

  1. Online Entrepreneur Certification (50 lessons)
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp Training (70 lessons)
  3. Classroom Trainings, Evolving Daily (12 lessons)
  4. Training Modules (1000+)
  5. Private Access to Kyle & Carson (Wealthy Affiliate founders)
  6. Keyword Research tool (Unlimited searches)
  7. 10 websites building and hosting (with all the site features)
  8. Live 24/7 help
  9. Network with experts
  10. Earn cash credits through your own training’s, and site comments
  11. Personal Affiliate Blog
  12. Affiliate Program Search (2x commissions)

A yearly membership will give you additional benefits along with all the above features:

  1. You pay 20% less compared to your monthly payments (i.e. $1.36 per day).
  2. You get access to some of the additional training’s from the Top-200 Wealthy Affiliate members that are practically proven methods of achieving financial success in affiliate marketing.
  3. You can buy (.com) domains for free.

Wealthy Affiliate Alternatives with Price Comparison

Before joining, I was curious to know what the other competitors charge and offer similar services for. Below is the comparison list I have done for your guidance.



  1. Website building & hosting
  2. E-learning
  3. Webinars
  4. App building
  5. Customizable templates
  6. Design tools
  7. Membership site
  8. E-commerce
  9. Email marketing
  10. Support

Pricing: $69.90 per month premium plan



  1. Templates
  2. Pre-defined funnel sets
  3. Webpage editor
  4. E-commerce
  5. Backup Affiliate program
  6. Membership site
  7. Webinars
  8. Email marketing
  9. Analytics
  10. Support

Pricing: $297 per month platinum plan

In comparison to the competitor’s, I have found that Wealthy Affiliate has the most competitive and affordable pricing. You get an all-inclusive package at $49 a month.

Shortcut to success and bonuses

The above links and buttons are affiliate links which means I will earn referral commissions if you click the links and join Wealthy Affiliate.

You can also join WealthyAffiliate.com by directly visiting the website. However, this is what you will miss:

  • Personal mentorship and guidance:
  1. If you join through the affiliate links, I will personally welcome you to Wealthy Affiliate.
  2. You will have my close attention and support to guide you with the right resources and tools.
  3. I will ensure that you get access to the experienced, top industry leaders and subject matter experts within Wealthy Affiliate.
  • Training:

Apart from the membership training, I will share the link to the following trainings from Super Affiliates as your bonus:

  1. Creating A Profitable Online Business in 2020
  2. How To Create a 6 Figure Website

You have to be smart to achieve quick success. Simply joining and waiting for things to happen may delay your approach towards achieving your financial goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is Wealthy Affiliate legitimate or scam?

Answer: Definitely not a scam. Wealthy Affiliate is a legitimate way of learning and earning money by building an online business.

  1. Do people earn money only by promoting Wealthy Affiliate?

 Answer: Wealthy Affiliate members do promote Wealthy Affiliate and earn a good chunk of money but earning is not restricted to promoting only Wealthy Affiliate. A large part of Wealthy Affiliate members have established themselves as affiliate marketers and earning through digital marketing and other sources like YouTube, Pay per click, Blogging, etc.

  1. Can you really make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

 Answer: Yes, you will be able to make money through your websites that are taught at Wealthy Affiliate. You need to put lots of effort and hard work to see the financial results.

  1. How much time does it take to start earning money through Affiliate Marketing?

 Answer: There are no instant results. Affiliate Marketing is like any other business that needs your time and patience to pay off. All in all, it may take a minimum of 6 months to see the monetization of your hard work.

  1. How much money you can make through Affiliate Marketing?

 Answer: There is no limit to what you can earn through Affiliate Marketing. Depending on the time and effort you put, you can earn from $100 to $10000 a month.

  1. Is affiliate marketing business sustainable?

Answer: Yes. The reason behind sustainability is the growing trend and shift towards online research and purchasing by the people across the globe. The only reason for its unsustainability is your fear of failure and inconsistency.

Conclusion: Is Wealthy Affiliate worth joining?

The internet is full of websites that offer and promise instant money-making, becoming rich overnight programs and schemes that in the end turn out to be scams spoiling your hard-earned money.

Affiliate Marketing is a proven method of earning thousands of dollars and living your desired lifestyle in the long run if it is correctly learned, appropriately implemented, and successfully established. It may sound easier but require lots of hard work, dedication, and patience to reap rich rewards.

In comparison to other website hosting platforms that charge for every single feature separately in 100’s of dollars without any guidance or training, Wealthy Affiliate, on the other hand, provides maximum education, at a much higher success rate in providing a platform full of experts to build your online business.

Wealthy Affiliate

$49.00 monthly










  • Best-in-class training
  • Round the clock support
  • Lowest and affordable pricing
  • Industry expert leadership
  • Reputed and trustworthy


  • Some site features need an upgrade
  • No instant financial success

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  1. Hello there! Thank you very much for dropping this review. I’m a big fan of affiliate marketing and the main reason is because of wealthy affiliate platform. That platform has changed my life, It doesn’t only earn me money, it teaches and exposes me to a lot of things. Wealthy affiliate is no scam, it’s a very legit platform and I’d say say kudos to the creators and I’ll definitely recommend this to everyone. 

    • Hey Sophie,

      I totally agree with the points you made about the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Thanks for sharing your wonderful comments and opinion.

  2. I agree with what you had to post here on your article. Wealthy Affiliate is a great platform where they make available tools and training materials to enable you successful in the marketing world, and there is an wonderful community of friends within the WA which renders assistance to your question as a newbie in the affiliate world. So i would have to say Wealthy Affiliate has a great affiliate program for all levels, from beginners to veteran.

  3. It’s good to have this review about wealthy affiliate, it’s a good thing to be able to earn while you learn so many things about online businesses and it’s interesting that is what Wealthy affiliate does. I’ve read a lot of reviews about it and I’ve experienced the platform myself, very reliable and friendly with its

  4. Wealthy affiliate is far the best affiliate marketing platform I have come across , it’s one of the best ways to earn money online just by learning and I love the facts that are very good in class training, I relay love to attend the classes and they also have the lowest and the most affordable pricing, it was really thoughtful of you to share this amazing article review, it was really helpful. 

    • Hey Jack,

      You have rightly highlighted the training as one of the best features of Wealthy Affiliate. Appreciate your comments on my Wealthy Affiliate review.

  5. Wealthy Affiliate has really helped literally thousands of people online to make a part time and full time living. Some that I know of have already quit their physical jobs. Honestly, it’s worth every time and effort. But it’s not as easy as we may think. 

    Each and every of those profiles above put in the hard work and were very patience enough until they began seeing profit. Most of them decided to give up their full time job to get committed. It’s not a get-rich-quick scheme, and regrettably, that’s what most people think. I’m also on my way to be able to quit my job soon.

    • Hi Kelvin

      Thanks for sharing your wonderful opinion. Good to know that you are getting to a position of quitting your job soon courtesy of Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the beauty of how an online affiliate marketing business changes your world.


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