TripAdvisor Affiliate Program Review: Make Money with and without Hotel Bookings

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program Review

Have you heard of TripAdvisor? TripAdvisor is a platform full of traveling and hotel booking options. If you are an outgoing enthusiast who loves traveling the world then TripAdvisor should be your go-to platform for your traveling and accommodation resources. Because not only you can get deals and discounts on your bookings but you can also make decent money with its affiliate program referring your friends and others. This TripAdvisor affiliate program review will help you with all the details about how to join the affiliate program, commissions you can earn, and its pros, and cons.

Read on to find out more about the TripAdvisor affiliate program.

TripAdvisor Affiliate Program Review: What is TripAdvisor?

TripAdvisor is every traveler’s choice to search different traveling destinations and make bookings on traveling resources, and accommodations.

The company provides guidance on finding discounted deals and offers on hotels, flights, cruises, and vacation packages to save you time and money.

On TripAdvisor’s website, you can book hotels, flights, and accommodation with ease. The company also acts as a directory to help you find the most searched and visited destinations across the globe.

What is the TripAdvisor affiliate program?

TripAdvisor has an affiliate program that pays a minimum of 50% commissions to its affiliates/users. The commissions are paid when someone clicks your affiliate link and lands on the TripAdvisor website to book a hotel.

The best part of the TripAdvisor affiliate program is booking confirmation is not required to earn the commissions. That means even if your visitors just click your affiliate link to check the hotels on the TripAdvisor website without actually booking it you get paid.

The downside is commissions are paid only on hotel bookings. Other than 50% commissions, the affiliate program offers a 14-days cookie duration, with deep linking, banners, logos, etc.

How does the TripAdvisor affiliate program work?

To work with TripAdvisor, you will have to join through their affiliate partner network. TripAdvisor has two affiliate partners AWIN and Commission Junction (CJ).

Once you have registered with one of the affiliate networks you will be notified about your application status. If your application is approved, you will get access to your affiliate dashboard with all the resources and links to start your promotion campaign.

You will have to abide by the terms and policies of TripAdvisor affiliate networks related to promotional and payment methods.

How to join the TripAdvisor affiliate program?

Joining is simple and easy. Just visit
for AWIN or,
for CJ and register your details.

Once you’ve signed up with one of the networks, search and apply for the TripAdvisor affiliate program.

TripAdvisor affiliate program is free to join and open for all types of affiliates and online marketers.

TripAdvisor services

As mentioned above, TripAdvisor delves into different types of traveling resources such as hotels, flights, cruises, and vacation packages. But the affiliate commissions lie purely with hotel bookings.

TripAdvisor’s hotel coverage is very extensive. It offers hotel accommodation with discounted deals and the lowest prices across various countries. The company’s wide reach and global presence make it a first choice among its users to book deals.

People can take advantage of more than 1 million hotel accommodations around the world that are highly reviewed and rated by its users. Your affiliate success largely depends on TripAdvisor’s established reputation and the resources it provides to help you make more commissions.

How to promote TripAdvisor to make money? 

Following are some of the methods you can apply to promote TripAdvisor:

Blogging: Blog post is one of the best methods to promote TripAdvisor. An interesting blog post about TripAdvisor’s network of hotels, the deals it offers, and its presence around the world can engage your audience.

Add your affiliate links in the post so that your audience can visit the TripAdvisor website for more details. This will ensure that you get eligible for commissions even if your audiences just click and check out without purchasing the deal.

Display Ads: You can make use of Google Ads and other display ads to attract traffic. Additionally, you can also use the banners, logos, and widgets provided by your affiliate network on various channels. Ads have a visual attraction that may help in more conversions.

Social media: If you are active on social media then it can be another way of bringing more audience to TripAdvisor. Your social media followers can influence their followers by sharing your posts and ads. Social sharing channels have a high chance of conversions owing to their wide reach and multi-networking.

Videos: In the fast-paced online world videos have their own authority. A short YouTube video on TripAdvisor’s features and benefits can lure the audience to click your affiliate links in the description.

TripAdvisor affiliate program commissions 

The commissions are straightforward. TripAdvisor offers up to 50% commissions as revenue sharing generated from hotel bookings. The earnings are calculated basis the clicks-outs made on the TripAdvisor website sent through your affiliate links.

TripAdvisor claims to have 30%+ average conversions rates. That means 30 out of 100 visitors will turn into TripAdvisor customers so you definitely stand a chance to earn confirmed commissions.

As stated earlier, commissions are paid on visitors sent to the TripAdvisor website through your affiliate links. The booking of hotels is not mandatory. This is a win-win situation for affiliates.

Dos and don’ts of TripAdvisor affiliate program 

Abiding by affiliate program rules is important. It ensures you don’t miss out on your commissions and your affiliate membership remains active. The following points should be kept in mind while promoting TripAdvisor:

  • Promotions through API solution is allowed but does not qualify for commissions
  • You will have to disclose your relationship between your brand and TripAdvisor to make use of your affiliate links on social media posts
  • Referrals generated through self-clicking or deliberately asking others to click the affiliate links is prohibited

Can I make money with the TripAdvisor affiliate program? 

Yes. You can make decent money with the TripAdvisor affiliate program. The traveling niche has a global presence. It may have been impacted for a few months thanks to the global pandemic. But the restrictions have turned the world restless. More and more people are looking to visit places after remaining home-sick for a long time.

This will increase your chances as an affiliate to promote a platform like TripAdvisor. The commission rates are enticing and the revenue sharing method will always boost your affiliate income. On average, TripAdvisor affiliates make $0.15-$0.75 per click.

The fact that simple click-outs on your affiliate links can generate commissions is outrageous. If you have an authoritative online presence you can expect to make more than $1000 + every month.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What types of affiliate resources are provided by TripAdvisor?

Answer: The resources include banners, logos, widgets, buttons, badges, and text links.

2. Do I need to have a traveling niche website to promote TripAdvisor?

Answer: No, it is not mandatory to have a traveling niche website. However, having a traveling niche website will fasten your affiliate approval and makes your website more relevant to TripAdvisor as well as your audience.

3. How do TripAdvisor pay their affiliates?

Answer: The affiliates are paid through TripAdvisor’s affiliate networks. You will have to abide by the payment conditions and methods of AWIN and Commission Junction.


  • Decent commissions: 50% commissions are mouth-watering. TripAdvisor has a good conversion rate which increases your chances of making regular earnings. Earning commissions on just click-outs is an added advantage.
  • Reputed affiliate networks: AWIN and CJ are reputed affiliate network platforms. It is for sure that you will get dedicated resources, tools, and support to track and improve your affiliate campaign.
  • Helpful affiliate resources: TripAdvisor provides valuable promotion resources in the form of deep linking and text links. It also offers banners, widgets, logos, and more so that it always remains visible in front of your visitors.
  • Promotion through paid ads: You can promote TripAdvisor through paid ads. This is against the trend of many affiliate programs in the same niche. The paid ads have priority page visibility and high conversions rates. It ensures you get maximum exposure amongst your audience.


  • Restricted commissions: The commissions are paid only on hotel bookings. This means you lose commissions if your visitors opt for other resources on the TripAdvisor website using your affiliate links.
  • Competitive niche: Travelling niche is very competitive. There are many alternatives in the same niche such as Momondo, Cheapflights that offer similar deals, and affiliate programs. Your chances of making regular commissions will be hampered due to high competition.

Conclusion: Is the TripAdvisor affiliate program recommended?

TripAdvisor affiliate program has many things going in its favor. The first thing is the way they pay commissions to their affiliates. The click-out commissions are sure-shot winners for any affiliate. Even if there is no actual purchase you can still make commissions. This is one of the main reasons you should look to be part of TripAdvisor’s affiliate program.

Tying up with reputed affiliate networks is commendable. It ensures that the affiliates are properly taken care of with their requirements and other supportive resources. The commission rates are very encouraging.

One drawback is the commissions that are offered only on hotels. But it should not discourage you since hotel accommodation is part of every traveling trip and highly preferred under every package.

TripAdvisor affiliate program is well-recommended for every affiliate irrespective of their marketing niche. It is a sure way of taking your existing affiliate revenue to the next level.

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