Total Life Changes MLM Review: Is it worth changing lives?

Total Life Changes MLM Review

Selling products online gives you the flexibility to work from home and the freedom to live. It is one of the most sought-after ways that people seek hoping to earn some quick bucks that can fulfill their needs for the rest of their life. This is where opportunities like Multilevel Marketing come in. There are many MLMs that promise life-long income just by selling their products. Total Life Changes is one of them. If you are looking for a comprehensive Total Life Changes MLM review, this is the right post.

I will tell you all you need to know about this so-called MLM earning opportunity, how it works, its products, its compensation plan, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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Total Life Changes MLM Review: What is Total Life Changes?

Total Life Changes or TLC is a health and wellness company founded in 1999 by Jack Fallon. The company has products in weight loss, body nutrition, fitness, skincare, etc.

TLC is one of the oldest firms in the MLM segment with operations in more than 150 countries and its products are sold by thousands of distributors worldwide.

What is Total Life Changes MLM?

Total Life Changes MLM is a business model where its products are sold by independent distributors. The MLM program offers a 50% retail bonus on each product sale and distributors can also earn residual income by referring others to the company.

Apart from the compensation and products, TLC MLM provides a retail website, a mobile app, and comprehensive support to its distributors to scale their business.

How does Total Life Changes MLM work?

TLC MLM works with you becoming its independent distributor called Life Changer. 

The next step is to choose a starter kit. TLC starter kits are available in digital and physical types. Its standard starter kit costs $59.95.

Total Life Changes starter kits

There are 3 more options to choose from. The kits range from $54.95 to $609.95. These kits will give you access to some of the best-selling TLC products, and business tools.

You can complete your enrolment process by providing your personal info and other details related to shipping, billing, etc.

Once completed you can start sharing the products online or through face-to-face selling to qualify for commissions. A minimum of $40 worth of product orders is the requirement to keep your membership active.

Total Life Changes products

TLC products are helpful in improving the overall health and well-being of an individual. The product categories are divided into skin care, weight loss, fitness, and more.

Some of its flagship products include:

Laso Tea – This is an herbal tea made from the natural extracts of Nutriose, Carica Papaya, Chamomile, and Senna powder. The ingredients help you control weight, provide constipation relief, lower cholesterol, and prevent metabolic disorders.

Total Life Changes products

NutraBurst – NutraBurst is a multivitamin dietary supplement. The supplement consists of Vitamin A, Vitamin D, and Chromium powder that helps improve skin properties and produces a high level of energy.

NRG – NRG is again a dietary supplement made of herbal ingredients and bitter orange extracts. This liquid solution contains Vitamin B12 which helps increase energy levels, burn fat, and keeps the metabolism in check.

Apart from the above nutritional and fitness supplements, you can also find many TLC products that cater to skincare, haircare, body cleansing, etc.

All the TLC products are backed by a 30-days return and refund policy. This policy is also applicable for TLC consultants who can look to use this feature to make consistent sales.

On the flip side, the product offering from TLC is outdated. There are many such MLMs that sell similar products with different names and labeling. So, the question is…

Are the Total Life Changes products worth their pricing?

There are many good reviews on TLC products. The Laso tea is available on Amazon and it garnered more than 4-star ratings. Similarly, its NutraBurst supplement is also highly rated and many customers are happy with the results and performance of NutraBurst.

Total Life Changes product reviews

The pricing of NutraBurst which is a citrus multivitamin supplement is $54.95 on the TLC website. Some of the similar alternatives on Amazon cost lesser than TLC products. Below are some examples:

MLMs usually keep the pricing higher for their products. This is to ensure that they do not lose out on any profits and share some percentage in the form of commissions with their distributors. TLC is no different. Their products are comparatively more expensive than their competitors which could make sales difficult in the long run.

How to make money with Total Life Changes MLM?

To make money with Total Life Changes, you have to:

  • Sell the products to retail customers to make retail commissions and,
  • Recruit more and more people into your team to make bonuses on their purchases and sales.

Total Life Changes compensation plan

Total Life Changes compensation plan works on a binary commissions structure. It includes the following rewards:

Retail commissions – As a Life Changer consultant, you can earn 50% commissions on personal sales. That means selling a QV (Qualifying Volume) of $100, you can make $50 as retail commissions.

Residual bonuses – Following types of bonuses are offered for sponsoring and building a team of members. The bonuses can be earned on your member’s order placements as well as sales made by them.

Sponsor bonus: Earn 50% commissions when your sponsor places their first order.

Binary commissions: Earn 10-25% commissions on GCV (Group Commissionable Volume). A 40QV is the minimum requirement to qualify for binary commissions.

Total Life Changes compensation plan

Matching bonus: Earn a 10-50% matching bonus on the binary payment earned by your 1st and 2nd level sponsors.

Life Changer bonus: $1500 monthly bonuses can be earned if you reach a national director level.

Every bonus has a requirement of QV, CV, and GCV associated with it. There are 13-levels to climb and with each level, your sales volume and recruitment numbers go up constantly to earn residual income.

In short, consistent selling and recruitment is required to increase your chances of making a decent income with the TLC compensation plan.

Check the TLC compensation plan here for more details.

Can you make money with Total Life Changes MLM?

If you go by the income figures disclosed by TLC for its Life Changer consultants, the average annual earnings stood at $1124.05 which is less than $100 per month. These income figures do not include any expenses incurred on starter kits, product purchases, or any other events, traveling related to marketing or promotions.

Total Life Changes income disclosure statement

TLC standard starter kit costs $59.95 which is a must to begin your selling campaign. If you add other miscellaneous or personal expenses then your earnings would definitely end up in deficit. That means you have more expenses than income in TLC MLM.

I am sure this is not something that you or anyone would expect to earn especially if you are on a tight budget or looking to earn quick money. MLMs are prone to risks, and the success ratio is less than 1% for people who persist with it for a long time.

To conclude, it is not easy to make money with TLC MLM.

Is Total Life Changes a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No. Total Life Changes is not a scam. It is a legit company selling good-quality health and wellness products since 1999. It is a trusted and tested platform and can be relied upon from a joining perspective.

TLC is not a pyramid scheme either. This is because it has physical products on offer. Pyramid schemes are companies that make profits only by adding more and more people without any products or services.


  • Well-established firm – Total Life Changes is a well-established and reputed firm in the MLM segment. The company is reliable and trustworthy making millions in profits. This is one of the factors to consider while looking to work with an MLM.
  • High-quality products – You should believe in what you are selling. That means the products or services should be convincing and highly performing. Both the aspects are met by TLC. It offers high-quality products that are backed by positive testimonials from its customers. This will help you achieve consistent sales.
  • MLM support and resources – TLC has done well to offer support and resources that match the latest requirements and trends. You get training, a website, a mobile app, and necessary business tools to perform and scale your business.


  • Competitive niche – TLC products and services are associated with the over-competitive health and wellness segment. There are 100s of MLMs selling similar products. What’s more, the emergence of online selling platforms will make it more difficult to sell TLC products regularly.
  • Expensive products – TLC products are more expensive than its competitors. The alternatives are easily available and many of them are sold at cheaper value with convenient shipping and returns.
  • MLM challenges – Continuous selling and recruitment are the two main challenges every MLM has in store. Without these two, there is no income or financial success in the long run. TLC is no different. You have to constantly recruit people to make money that could suffice your MLM business needs.

Conclusion: Is Total Life Changes MLM recommended?

Total Life Changes MLM is a tough nut to crack. Except for its reputation and product quality (which is quite common for every other MLM out there), it has nothing new to offer.

The compensation plan has typical demands, and the competition and pricing could pose bigger challenges while performing sales.

MLMs like Total Life Changes are better avoided or replaced with other money-making opportunities. You can find many of them online that offer a greater return on investment in lesser time. I suggest you find one and if you feel it’s confusing then check my recommendation below.

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