The LegalShield MLM (Review): Make Money Legally?

The LegalShield MLM (Review)

Many of us get dragged into unnecessary controversies or incidents in our daily lives. Some of the issues die down on their own and some may lead to serious consequences to the extent of you getting involved legally. Irrespective of the nature of the incident you have no choice but to deal with it looking for appropriate legal solutions to help you resolve the matter. Such legal solutions are offered by LegalShield. And you can become the source to help such people by selling legal solutions through the LegalShield MLM.

Sounds interesting? Let’s deep dive into finding more about the products, commissions, pros, and cons through this LegalShield MLM review.

The LegalShield MLM (Review): What is LegalShield?

LegalShield is a company that offers legal solutions to help common people resolve their legal issues that are sold through the Multilevel Marketing business model. The solutions are pre-paid in nature that means someone who opts for LegalShield solutions will abide by it for a long time.

The solutions cover a wide range of legal matters that include will & testament, real estate, accidents, business issues, etc.

LegalShield was incorporated in the year 1972 as Sportsman’s Motor Club by its founder Harland Stonecipher. It is headquartered in Ada, Oklahoma, and has more than 4 million members in the US and Canada.

How does LegalShield MLM work?

LegalShield hires independent sales consultants which they call ‘Associates’ to sell their products. Their MLM business model is straightforward where you can directly sell the products to remain a solo associate or build your team by referring other members.

Your earnings will be a combination of your own sales and the commissions generated through your member’s sales.

Yes, you get the flexibility of running your business as per your convenience and schedule and there is no obligation or targets to achieve. But in reality, success in any MLM business model solely depends on making regular sales and adding more members to your team.

How to become a LegalShield MLM associate?

If you are interested in joining LegalShield MLM then you will have to search for an associate relevant to your location. The other way is to call or email the LegalShield team to get help on becoming their associate.

You can visit
and follow the above steps to become an associate.

The membership is not free and you have to bear a sign-up cost of $99 plus a state licensing fee. The refund is only applicable if applied within 5 days.

LegalShield Products

LegalShield provides pre-paid legal services to individuals who can choose the lawyers based on their area of concern. Some of the LegalShield product plans are listed below that you can sell under their MLM program:

  1. Personal & Family plan at $24.95 per month
  2. Small Business plan at $49 per month
  3. Start a Business plan at $145 + state filing fees

All the plans cover below issues that LegalShield claim to provide guidance on:

  • Real Estate
  • Will & Testaments
  • Auto Accidents
  • Home Business
  • Bankruptcy
  • Landlord-Tenant Disputes
  • Adoption, etc.

The company also provides an identity theft monitoring system called IDShield that can be promoted through direct selling.

The products are in line with providing legal counseling and advice to individuals and small businesses. The good thing is there is no involvement or purchasing of any physical products inventory.

What are the methods to make money with LegalShield MLM?

The methods are similar to any other MLM program.

  • Direct selling- Earn commissions on your personal sales
  • Recruiting downlines- Earn commissions on your members/associate sales

In addition, as an associate, you are eligible to earn recurring commissions based on membership renewals and bonuses depending on periodic target-based sales.

LegalShield MLM Commission plans 

As stated above, you can become an associate with a $99 sign-up fee. Here is what you can expect to earn with LegalShield MLM as an associate.

All the commissions are based on personal sales and membership sales. You are paid in advance for a one-year membership. If the membership stands cancel within a year, the same is adjusted with your future earnings.

For example, if you sell a $24.95 personal & family annual plan, you will be paid $30 in advance which is 10% commissions ($2.5) divided for 12 months.

The overall compensation plan is divided into the 7-level structures:

  1. Associate,
  2. Sr. Associate,
  3. Manager,
  4. Sr. Manager,
  5. Director,
  6. Sr. Director,
  7. Executive Director

With each level of advancement, you can expect an increase in your personal sales commissions as well as commissions from your recruited member’s sales. The advancements also invite various bonuses and perks in the form of an ‘override bonus’.

Please note like every other MLM program, you have to maintain a certain level of stability with your personal sales and recruitment throughout the year to keep your associate position active.

In this case, LegalShield requires you to maintain ‘Persistency Level’ in order to earn membership renewal income.

Can I make money with LegalShield MLM? 

Practically, it is tough to make money with LegalShield MLM. Why?…

As per the Income Disclosure Statement of LegalShield MLM, the average annual earnings of an associate-level membership with 0-2 years experience in 2019 was $798. That is less than $75 per month.

LegalShield claims that more than 70% of their associates could make less than $1000 in a year in 2019.

I think that sums it all. If you are dreaming of earning your financial freedom with LegalShield MLM that is far from reality.

Yes, you can make money with LegalShield MLM or for that matter with any other MLM program provided you have a gist of energy and enthusiasm for continuous sales and recruitment.

Is LegalShield MLM a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

LegalShield has digital products in the form of legal solutions that are offered and sold to different types of customers and enterprises. So, it is not a pyramid scheme.

LegalShield has been providing prepaid legal services since its inception in 1972 which is more than 4 decades. Contrary to the judicial inquiries and lawsuits against its business methods it is still going strong. For sure, it is not a scam.

LegalShield’s legal issues 

Yes, LegalShield itself had to face several legal issues and lawsuits against its business conducting methods. Imagine a law consulting firm facing legal issues. Let’s have a look at them:

2001 – Violation of Wyoming Law for misrepresenting income through their MLM program. LegalShield paid $7000 to settle the case.

2004 – 30 lawsuits were filed against LegalShield for deceptive advertising and fraud. After investigation, it resulted in a penalty of $9.9 million for LegalShield.

2007 – Accused of developing a system to increase its group sales. The case was investigated by FTC for three years who found the accusations as misleading.

Such accusations and lawsuits remain stigma for any organization. But legal issues and allegations are common for many organizations dealing in the MLM business model.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. How much does LegalShield membership cost?

Answer: LegalShield membership costs $99 plus the state licensing fee.

2. Is licensing required to sell LegalShield?

Answer: Yes, special licensing is required to make sales in some states.

3. Are LegalShield solutions useful?

Answer: Yes, LegalShield solutions are good in case you require any legal assistance or guidance in resolving small-scale matters at an affordable cost.

4. Is LegalShield accredited by BBB?

Answer: Yes, LegalShield is rated A+ by BBB.

5. Do LegalShield provide support to their associates?

Answer: Yes, as an associate you can call the LegalShield team on 580-436-7424 or send an email at


  • LegalShield joining membership is comparatively affordable. $99 plus state licensing fee is what you have to pay for becoming a LegalShield associate
  • The products or solutions are not physical. You don’t have to bear any inventory or stock to maintain the LegalShield products
  • Selling legal solutions as a product is unique in nature. Low competition products lead to better conversion
  • LegalShield’s long existence and reputation build trust among its users. This helps in growing your business eventually
  • The cost of LegalShield products is low. This makes it affordable for the majority of the audience especially common people, and small-scale enterprises


  • LegalShield MLM is not for everyone. Legal solutions are complex in nature and may require special skills to explain and make customers
  • As with many MLMs, the LegalShield compensation structure is quite confusing. It requires immense understanding, patience, and persistence to achieve your dream income
  • LegalShield has been accused of many lawsuits and allegations that may have a lasting impact on its business solutions thereby affecting you as a member
  • Legal counseling or advice may not be needed every time. Oftentimes, such memberships become redundant for non-utilization and do not attract renewals. This will reduce your earnings in the long run
  • Making money with LegalShield MLM is too tough and challenging. The Income Disclosure Statement does not provide any encouragement of making a living with their MLM program

Conclusion: Is LegalShield worth joining and recommended?

LegalShield nature of products is what sets them apart from other MLM programs. However, it does have its share of ups and downs.

While the products do have the factors that are associated with the day-to-day lives of common people, they are not sustainable. I am sure not many of us want to keep spending money on something that is not used frequently.

The membership fees, state licensing fees, persistency level maintenance, personal sales, and continuous recruitment will take their toll on your mental and physical health. What you achieve in return is neither motivating nor desired.

LegalShield MLM is a no-no. It is better to stay away from such MLM programs and rather seek other earning alternatives online for a better living.

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