The Invincible Marketer Review (2022): Is it really Invincible?

The Invincible Marketer Review

The Invincible Marketer review is about getting your facts right on using the course to do affiliate marketing.

You must have come across many such courses that offer a great deal of information, material, and resources to help you set up and build an affiliate marketing business. Invincible Marketer is one of them. But…is it really worth spending money on?

Can you really become an affiliate marketer who is invincible? What exactly is the Invincible Marketer course all about? These are some of the questions you will find answers to in this post.

You will also learn the course details, how much it costs, and the pros and cons of joining the Invincible Marketer membership.

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The Invincible Marketer Review: What is Invincible Marketer?

Invincible Marketer is an online training course on affiliate marketing. For the sake of understanding, affiliate marketing is one legit and successful business model to make money online.

Invincible Marketer teaches the basics of affiliate marketing with step-by-step training lessons. The training course is well-complimented with valuable bonuses and offers access to community support through a private Facebook group.

The course is targeted at people who want to learn the process of doing affiliate marketing with proven methods, resources, and support.

Who owns Invincible Marketer?

Invincible Marketer is a brainchild of an established internet marketer called Aaron Chen. The guy is very popular on his YouTube channel with more than 25k subscribers and counting.

Invincible Marketer creator Aaron Chen

He had his share of struggles and financial problems in finding the right way to break into the online world.

He claims to have lost $100k on scams and fake courses, methods, and learning materials before finding his mentor Viz Strizheus in 2016.

Viz’s mentoring was instrumental in changing the mindset for Aaron and he learned the method of indirect selling under his guidance.

The same method raked in thousands of dollars which he now utilizes to educate others.

Indirect selling is nothing but promoting your own or other people’s products and making money. The only difference is bridging the gap by educating your leads about the product before sending them to the actual product page to generate a sale. This is how affiliate marketing works.

Invincible Marketer is the result of Aaron’s learning between 2016 to 2019. Three years is not a milestone but fair enough to share the success and experience with the world. So, from a learning perspective, you are in safe hands.

How does Invincible Marketer work?

Invincible Marketer is actually a membership website. If you are looking forward to accessing the course then you have to become a member. There is a monthly fee as well as a one-time lifetime payment to register with the platform.

Once you have made the payment, you get full access to the core training lessons, Facebook community, resources, coaching calls, and support.

You will also get some bonuses that will help you gain more knowledge and use the pre-made templates, and methods to scale your business.

In terms of learning, there are 17 sessions/webinars on affiliate marketing, readymade templates on email series and bonus pages, as well as some advanced marketing strategies.

Overall, once you have completed the training step-by-step it will help you set up and build a profitable affiliate marketing business in the long run.

Invincible Marketer cost

Invincible Marketer was priced at $49 per month when it started. The price changed to $67 per month and very recently the pricing upgraded to $97 per month. This is a recurring payment to be made every month to remain an active member.

You may ask why recurring payments if it’s only a training course. The justification by Aaron is to avail the benefits of ongoing training. I assume he is talking about bi-weekly coaching calls, Q&A sessions, regular updates, and permanent access to his private Facebook group.

There is also a one-time lifetime payment option of $430 (this might have changed too with the recent monthly price increase). This will give you access to all the features of Invincible Marketer mentioned above if you are looking to use it forever.

Plus, there is a separate tab for lifetime members which offers access to additional resources, templates, coaching calls, advanced strategies, and more.

Since there is no clarity on the number of monthly payments one has to make to keep using this course a one-time payment is more beneficial.

Are there any upsells or any other costs?

Oh yes! While there are no straightforward upsells as such you will end up seeing another course by Aaron called Video Authority Mastery. This one doesn’t have a direct connection with Invincible Marketer but may benefit you as a YouTuber.

This course costs $497 for one time but remains optional.

In terms of the additional cost, Invincible Marketer does not include any website building and hosting services.

You can’t do any keyword research inside the platform which means you will have to take help from third-party resources such as GoDaddy/Wix and Moz/SemRush to build a website and research SEO elements.

Aaron also talks about building an email funnel in the training so to implement this you will need an email service provider such as Aweber/GetResponse, etc.

Taking all this into consideration, your overall cost will increase by another $150 every month. So, be ready to spend more than $200 per month working with Invincible Marketer.

What do you get inside Invincible Marketer? The Features 

So, what you do get with Invincible Marketer after paying its membership fee? Here is the list of tutorials and resources that you can access as an Invincible Marketer member:

Core Training – The core training is divided into 17 sessions. Each session has multiple lessons (60+ to be precise) that are task-based.

Session 1 & 2 is all about the introduction and brainstorming with the members on how to make money online. You get a sight of how to create a 6-figure conversion model and the tools to help you get started.

In Sessions 3 & 4, Aaron will teach you how to find good and profitable products. Taking action on this session will not only help you find products to promote but also the niche or a topic that you can build a website on.

There is a motivational video and recommended list of products shared by Aaron in case you are not too sure about what to promote.

Session 5 is where you get to learn about having the right mindset to be successful in affiliate marketing. I personally believe that mindset plays a very important part in any field.

Whether you are doing a job or involved in a business having the right mindset will help you overcome the hurdles and challenges with patience, planning, and resources.

Aaron does well here to show you all this with an inspiring video of his student who did exactly the same as what was taught to him by Aaron.

It’s from Session 6 where you actually start taking action. You will find lessons on domains and how they work, why they are important, and how to use them.

Session 7 will take you through building landing pages. You will learn how to create them and leverage their importance with an email series that adds financial value to your business.

Session 8 is a combination of some mind talks and setting up link tracking with Clickmagick. Again, setting up and using Clickmagick is not completely free.

Session 9 is about building your business and the steps involved to do it appropriately.

Session 10 is where Aaron talks about creating goals every day and how to implement them. You will also learn about using and customizing your sales funnel. There is another testimonial video from one of his successful students.

Session 11 is all about email marketing. Here, you will learn about setting up an email campaign, how to create emails, use autoresponders, etc. to help you get connected with your customers.

This is where you will be prompted to use third-party email services spending some extra money that I talked about earlier.

In Session 12, Aaron focuses on using the funnels appropriately that will help you grow your business. You will learn how to review them, do a split test, and how these funnels help you generate more traffic.

Session 13 will teach you how to drive and master the art of getting traffic.

Session 14 is filled with information on how to build a website. This will also show you how to create content, make use of the funnel list, and how build trust and authority among your audience.

As mentioned earlier, you will have to find your own resource to build a website and this is another aspect where additional cost is involved.

Session 15 is about creating a sales strategy by building a bonus page. The bonuses are instrumental in luring your customers to buy the actual product. This is similar to Aaron’s strategy where he is offering additional bonuses with Invincible Marketer membership.

Session 16 will help you learn about managing customers. Once you start getting results through your funnels it is time to set up a customer list so that you keep them loyal to your products.

In the same session, Aaron will take you through his private Facebook group where you engage and mingle with other students to find help and support.

Session 17 is the last part of the core training. In this session, you will be taught how to network with others in your field and enhance your reach. This will help you stay focused and connected so that initial failures and a few drawbacks don’t de-motivate you.

The good thing about these sessions is they are task-based which means there is an action assigned to each lesson so that you keep implementing it step-by-step to see the results faster.

As against the older videos where Aaron was seen doing a majority of sessions on the whiteboard, you now get to see him doing a lot of stuff on his computer screen. That’s a sigh of relief because this will help you understand the process more clearly.

The sessions do cover all the fundamentals of starting an affiliate marketing business. Aaron is a great communicator and his knowledge as an internet marketer reflects in how he presents the course in every detail.

While going through the training if you find yourself confused or need any kind of help then Aaron has a –

Private Student Community (Facebook Group)The group is occupied with more than 500 members and counting. Here, you can do live chat and ask for help from anyone regarding your business.

You can also get in touch with Aaron to discuss anything about affiliate marketing and Invincible Marketer. He does offer personal assistance to his students which is great.

This is also the platform where you can share the progress of your business, and the work you have done to be reviewed by the mentor.

Community support and constant help is the cornerstone for every affiliate marketer who wants to run his business uninterrupted and Invincible Marketer does this perfectly with its Facebook group.

This is the base training, resources, and tools offered under standard membership. Aaron prompts you to take the joining decision faster by offering bonuses such as –

Unlimited Traffic Masterclass – Even though driving traffic is already covered in one of the Invincible Marketer’s sessions, you get an additional mini-course on traffic as a bonus.

In this class, you will know the different sources of traffic and how to drive them to your business to start making money.  

Product Profit Secrets – This training is about finding the right products and leveraging their value in the market with your business.

Not every product sells like hot cake and that’s the reason Aaron helps you pick the right products that add value to your customers and in the process lead to more sales and revenue.

Tribe Building Secrets – This training is about building a brand for yourself. Helping people build trust remains the core of every business.

Once you have a brand that is trusted by people, they will keep coming back for more in a group/tribe and help you achieve more sales.

Is Invincible Marketer worth its price? 

Invincible Marketer is a training course that provides value in terms of learning and starting an affiliate marketing online business.

You get standard training that is frequently updated with the latest trend, community support as well as personal coaching and guidance from the owner itself.

The pricing got changed recently and people who want to join now will have to pay $97 per month.

Looking at the training, resources, and support the pricing now seems to be on the higher side. Even with a price tag of $67 per month earlier I felt Invincible Marketer is a bit expensive compared to its alternatives.

Aaron feels that Invincible Marketer is worth more than $67 or $97 and its price may further change in the future according to his preference.

The main reason for the change in pricing is because of the increase in the number of people joining his course, and the Facebook community. Watch the video below where he is announcing the new pricing and the reason behind it.

I feel the justification for asking $97 is not fair. He is not adding any other external resources or tools for which he has to bear the cost himself. Simply because the platform is getting popular is not the reason to increase the price.

I am saying this because there are many platforms in the affiliate marketing segment offering more than what Invincible Marketer has in store. Some charge one-time payments like The Super Affiliate System ($997) and The Authority Site System ($997).

The owners of these courses are much more experienced than Aaron Chen and the learning and resources are superior to Invincible Marketer. On the flip side, you won’t get any website building and hosting services much like Invincible Marketer.

The one that I see as a perfect alternative to Invincible Marketer is Wealthy Affiliate. The platform charges monthly payments and offers standard and ongoing training on affiliate marketing.

In addition, it also provides services and resources like website building, hosting, keyword research, community support, private support, and much more for just $49 per month. It has been around since 2005 and currently has more than 2 million members using it.

Overall, I feel Invincible Marketer is over-priced and its initial price tag of $49 per month was enough for the learning it offers.

I am still not convinced about paying monthly recurring payments for a course like Invincible Marketer and would prefer the lifetime payment option.

Can you make money with Invincible Marketer?

Affiliate marketing is a billion-dollar industry. The business model is very profitable if done properly. This is why one needs to learn the process and implement it with appropriate tools, resources, and support.

Invincible Marketer covers all these aspects. If you follow the training 100% with a positive mindset there is no doubt you can make money with Invincible Marketer.

But let me give you the real picture of doing affiliate marketing. Being one among thousands of affiliate marketers I know it isn’t easy making money especially if you are a beginner.

As against the earning proofs you see on the Invincible Marketer’s website, making that first dollar will take time, effort, and money. Invincible Marketer is just a training course. It is not a guarantee to make money.

Remember, Aaron Chen himself talks about having an essential mindset. There is a whole session where he talks about overcoming failures, hurdles, etc. This means there is every possibility of failing in your business stint and this is where most affiliate marketers quit.

That’s why you need to be patient, build your business step-by-step, create a brand and authority, and finally when you build trust among your audience that is the stage you will start seeing financial results.

Affiliate marketing is not a get-rich-quick scheme and neither is Invincible Marketer. Stay away from the course if you are looking to become a millionaire in no time.

Is Invincible Marketer a scam?

Invincible Marketer is a 100% legit platform and not a scam. The course is very popular among people who want to make money online with affiliate marketing.

Its creator Aaron Chen is a real guy with inspiring background and commendable success in internet marketing.

Invincible Marketer has helped many people achieve success online by applying the learning and methods taught by Aaron Chen and so many testimonials and members associated with its Facebook group prove its legitimacy.

Does Invincible Marketer offer refunds and cancellations?

Yes, there is a 100% refund on offer if you are not satisfied with Invincible Marketer within the first 30-days. This is very encouraging to get enrolled with Invincible Marketer however, you cannot claim any refund unless you provide evidence of your work.

As part of its refund policy, a member has to ensure completion of all the sessions, get involved in the community, and build a capture page and value series before asking for a refund which I think is fair enough. I mean why would anyone ask for a refund without using the platform?

Secondly, if you are looking to cancel the membership anytime you can do so by sending an email to

Who can use Invincible Marketer?

Invincible Marketer is targeted toward anyone seeking to make money online. This includes affiliate marketers, digital agencies, content creators, freelancers, SEO specialists, YouTubers, and email marketers.


Aaron Chen – The man behind Invincible Marketer is the driving force. Just watch the homepage video where he is talking about everything including affiliate marketing, mindset, failures, and his own journey that led to the creation of Invincible Marketer.

The guy knows many aspects of affiliate marketing and making money online and has left no stone unturned to put all his knowledge into Invincible Marketer to help others.

Valuable affiliate marketing training – There is no doubt you get valuable information with great detailing and insights on every aspect of affiliate marketing.

You get to learn about choosing the right product, creating templates for the sales page, creating bonuses, building an email list, building a website, writing content, driving traffic, and finally making money with your efforts.

The sessions are engaging, and Aaron ensures its viewers get the message across without too much fuss and fume.

Practical bonuses – The bonuses offered are not just a source of attraction but actually work in your favor.

All three training resources are important from traffic, product selection, and building trust perspectives.

Support – The private community support through Facebook is very useful. The technicalities and methods involved to implement affiliate marketing are dependent on constant support.

With hundreds of experienced members, Invincible Marketer ensures its users are not left alone.

If you are a lifetime member, Aaron also offers coaching calls and live Q&A sessions to show your work and make changes accordingly.

30-day refund – A 30-day refund policy is a great example of how confident Aaron is about Invincible Marketer’s capabilities. This also gives confidence to new members who will be prompted to spend money upfront assured by a 30-day refund.

In rare scenarios, members can get a full refund if they are not satisfied with the progress and results of Invincible Marketer.


Invincible Marketer is expensive – Paying $97 per month is just too much for a platform like Invincible Marketer. The recurring cost will add up quickly with other investments related to website hosting, email service provider, etc. which also needs to be paid every month.

If you are just a beginner with a low budget, Invincible Marketer is not a good choice in terms of investment.

No instant results – On the contrary to the financial results displayed on Invincible Marketer’s website, you won’t get instant financial results by joining the platform.

For someone (Aaron Chen) who has done this for a long time, such screenshots and assurances beat the overall purpose of working with Invincible Marketer.

Affiliate marketing is a long-term business. Aaron should understand this and must be transparent in his approach.

Training lacks focus – Invincible Marketer lacks some of the important aspects of affiliate marketing. There is more emphasis on the mental aspects rather than focusing on driving traffic and creating content for a website.

Yes, mindset is important but not to the extent of bombarding people with overwhelming information. This can distract a lot of members from the main purpose of building their business.

Conclusion: Is the Invincible Marketer recommended?

Yes and No.

Yes, because Invincible Marketer is a legitimate training course. You won’t find such courses too often that are not scams and valuable.

Invincible Marketer is also recommended for Aaron Chen who is an expert internet marketer and because of the experience and knowledge, he brings with him.

Invincible Marketer is worth using for its training lessons, marketing materials, and support. You can’t go wrong with its teaching and when you implement it correctly there is no doubt you can make money.

No, because Invincible Marketer is too costly. Some people may debate its pricing but the platform has seen an upward trend from $49 to $67 and now to $97 without any deserving change in its core training and resources. There is no surety if the current pricing will last too long with such a trend.

The platform is without access to some important resources such as a website builder, hosting services, and keyword research options. This will add another significant amount of investment every month to its already inflated pricing structure.

The only saving grace is its lifetime membership which comes with full access and additional resources for a one-time payment.

If you are someone who wants to learn the core methods of doing affiliate marketing and can afford an upfront investment of close to $500 without seeing financial results too early then give Invincible Marketer a try.

If you want to learn the core and advanced methods of doing affiliate marketing with ongoing training and support then go for Wealthy Affiliate.

Here, you will have affordable monthly payments of $49 and get all the tools and resources under one roof that are missing with Invincible Marketer.

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