Telecom Plus MLM Review: Can you make money selling Telecommunications?

Telecom Plus MLM Review

MLM companies are known for dealing in supplements, beauty products, kitchenware, health products, etc. This was the situation a few years ago before Telecom Plus made an entrance into the MLM market with a new concept. The company is into the business of mobile services, landline telephony, gas, broadband, and electricity. It has some competitors like ACN, Ambit Energy, etc. that are in the same line of business. So, what makes it different? You will find all about its MLM business model, products, compensation, and more in this Telecom Plus MLM review.

Telecom Plus was founded in the year 1996 with its headquarters situated in London, England. Telecom Plus is a quoted company listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Continue reading to know if it is legit or a scam and whether the company is worth joining.

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Telecom Plus MLM Review: What is Telecom Plus?

Telecom Plus is a multi-level marketing company that is in the business of customer acquisition and management.

The customer acquisition part entails the sales of wireless internet routers and mobile phones while the customer management segment relates to mobile telephony, gas, electricity, and rendering of internet services to small businesses and residential customers.

Since there is a wide range of services rendered by Telecom Plus, it means there are a lot of opportunities for people who want to join the platform to make some good money.

How does Telecom Plus MLM work?

Telecom Plus works exactly the way other MLM companies work. The two main components are direct selling and recruitment of new distributors.

The direct selling part means the distributors would have to sell directly to the consumers.

The recruitment part of it means new distributors would have to be recruited. This means you will have to recruit people to become your downline so that you can earn some commissions from their efforts.

How can I join the Telecom Plus MLM?

To join the platform, you will have to cough out 100 pounds. This is about $140.

You can visit the website of Utility Warehouse at Telecom Plus trades as Utility Warehouse.

If you can convince three qualifying customers to join the platform within 90 days, you will get a 100 pounds starter bonus.

How to make money with Telecom Plus with their compensation plan

As explained earlier, there are two ways of making money in an MLM model – selling products and growing your downline. Distributors of Telecom Plus are rewarded through both methods.

Customer Gathering Bonus – At this level, you can earn up to 40% commission per sale if the person can sign up for any of the services rendered by Telecom Plus through you. Averagely, you can make up to 20 pounds per customer that sign up through you.

Qualified Executive – You will become a Qualified Executive if you can have six customers. At this stage, you will earn up to 5.3% commission for every customer that you get.

Senior Executive – To become a Senior Executive, you need to hit 10 customers or more with 50 group customers in your downline. This increases your commission alongside some bonuses in cash. You will also qualify for a car program.

Executive Director – Once you reach 15 customers with 250 group customers in your downline within one year, your commission gets expanded.

Group Director Level – This is where you get paid for each of the tiers in your downline with some cash bonuses. It is called infinity payments.

Can I make money with Telecom Plus MLM? 

You can expect to make money by selling the products and services offered by Telecom Plus and earn some commissions in return. The commission can be as high as 40%.

But to earn money you need to invest 100 pounds, get regular customers to sign up, and keep recruiting downlines to start making profits.

Telecom Plus is not transparent about its distributor’s income. There is no income disclosure statement to arrive at a monthly or annual income figure.

Is Telecom Plus a pyramid scheme? 

Telecom Plus is not a pyramid scheme, neither is it a scam. Pyramid schemes thrive on empty promises without selling any products.

Is Telecom Plus a scam? 

Scammers are thriving using the MLM model. This is why you must be extremely careful when you are thinking of joining an MLM platform.

Telecom Plus is tested and trusted. They have been in operation since 1996. This attests to their credibility and trustworthiness.

Telecom Plus is legit because it has been in operation since 1996.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is there any minimum requirement for joining Telecom Plus?

Answer: There is no minimum requirement. A commission is paid for each person you introduce.

2. How many hours do I need to put in per week?

Answer: Many of the distributors start part-time. You can decide on how many hours to put in. What matters is your consistency.

3. Can I advertise Telecom Plus services?

Answer: Yes, but it is subject to their marketing guidelines.

4. Is Telecom Plus a part of Utility Warehouse (UW)?

Answer: Yes, it is. Telecom Plus carries out trading activities as Utility Warehouse.

5. Is 100 pounds a one-off fee?

Answer: Yes, 100 pounds is a one-off cost. There is no other cost to pay within one year aside from the usual costs of running business-like travel costs, stationery and charges for mobile phone.


  • High commission rate – The commission of Telecom Plus is attractive. It is one of the best in the MLM industry. The rate is as high as 40%.
  • Credible company – Telecom Plus is a credible company with an amazing track record. It is not an easy task for an MLM company to be in operation for 25 years and still waxing stronger.
  • No lawsuits suffered so far – Many MLM brands have suffered numerous lawsuits in the past partly due to making bogus claims that they cannot fulfill or making some deceptive advertising just to hoodwink members of the public. This has not been the case with Telecom Plus.
  • Wide range of products – Telecom Plus has a wide range of products and services to help their distributors make money in different ways.
  • Listed on the Stock Exchange – It is listed on the London Stock Exchange. This shows it is a company that many investors believe in. It also shows it is transparent and accountable to the people.
  • Training tools and support – As a distributor, you will get a personal website with free training sessions. There will also be regular emails, information, and motivation.


  • High cost of joining Telecom Plus – To join Telecom Plus, you will have to pay 100 pounds. This is a lot of money for a starter.
  • Limited to the United Kingdom – As attractive as the opportunities are, you can only join Telecom Plus if you are residing in the UK.
  • No detail on their website – Telecom Plus is not a completely transparent company. This is because there is no detailed information about their MLM program on their website. Even their compensation plan is not available on the website.

Conclusion: Is Telecom Plus recommended?

Telecom Plus is an interesting company in the MLM business. I love the fact that there is no minimum requirement. Your commission is guaranteed for every customer that you bring in. Up to 40% commission is very encouraging.

The telecom sector in the UK contributes about 5% of GDP. This makes it a key sector. Telephone calls are like food that you eat every day. People call every other day. This makes it a thriving business opportunity.

However, joining the platform with 100 pounds is way too high. Another issue is the human and financial cost of recruiting people into your team. But if you stay steadfast, the opportunities in the business outweigh the cost of becoming a distributor.

I sorely missed the details on their distributor’s income which could have been a deciding factor for joining.

Telecom Plus MLM Recommendation is one tricky decision. Just don’t rely on videos and tutorials about Telecom Plus reviews as they could be biased. I suggest you do thorough due diligence on the company’s intent towards treating their distributors and making their payments before joining.

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