Tastefully Simple MLM Review: Make Money Tasting Food?

Tastefully Simple MLM

People love to party and food is one of the main attractions for party lovers. The delicacies and taste are instrumental to remembering the host. It can be icing on the cake to start making money with the meals you offer at parties. Sounds interesting? Well, this is what Tastefully Simple claims to offer its customers/consultants. The company promotes its meal kits, and recipes to earn profits and share commissions with party hosts. Want to know more? I will give more details on how the earning opportunity works in this Tastefully Simple MLM review post.

If it is an MLM, one needs to understand the requirements, commissions, pros, cons, and most importantly if the opportunity is legit or a scam.

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Tastefully Simple MLM Review: What is Tastefully Simple?

Tastefully Simple is a multilevel marketing company that sells meal kits, and other food products that are already prepared. In addition, it also offers food recipes, and kitchenware to accompany its consumable products.

Tastefully Simple was founded by Jill Blashack Strahan in 1995 in the US. The company has a great reputation and has been crowned with many rewards from well-known business institutions. It is also accredited by BBB with an A+ rating.

What is the Tastefully Simple MLM? 

Tastefully Simple achieved success mainly from the networking marketing business model they adopted since its inception. The company recruits consultants to promote their products and offer various commissions and rewards in return.

With Tastefully Simple’s commission plan, consultants can earn through hosting parties and convincing their guests to join their team for further promotions.

How does the Tastefully Simple MLM work?

If the opportunity sounds interesting, then you can become a consultant through one of the existing Tastefully Simple consultant referrals.

Once you have found a consultant, the next step is to choose the venue and host your party. Hosting parties can be physical or online where you can promote different types of meal catalogs and kits.

There are different rewards in the form of free products on party sales a consultant can earn. The joining criteria start with business kits that cost $49 and $99. The maximum commission a consultant can earn is 40%.

The MLM program offers comprehensive training, and coaching plus a personal website with dedicated support from the sponsor and the company. The personal website is free for the first two months and costs $13.94 per month to continue using it.

Tastefully Simple products

Tastefully Simple products are one of the main reasons to consider its business opportunity. And that is because the products are related to eating. People cannot survive without food and so the consultants have ample opportunity to make something out of it.

The line of Tastefully Simple products include:

Meal kits – There are many kits involved in this category. The kits mainly consist of soups, sauces, seasonings, dressings, and come in a different set of meal kits such as 5 meal kits, 10 meal kits, etc. The kits cost between $49.95 to $99.95.

Individual products – Individual items include various beverages, mixes, desserts, dips, etc. The pricing varies for each product and starts as low as $1.99. Tastefully Simple also offers kosher and gluten-free products.

Tastefully Simple complements its products with some recipes and kitchenware utensils to complete its product package.

Being a member of the Direct Selling Association, Tastefully Simple obliges with a 90-days buy-back policy on all its products.

Are the Tastefully Simple products worth their price? 

Since the products are food items the reviews and feedbacks are expected to vary. There could be a few good things and a few bad things on offer depending on individual tastes and preferences.

As such there are no hard feelings about Tastefully Simple products and most of the reviews are positive. The pricing seems fair for individual items and some of the meal kits may look overpriced.

But overall, the products are worth using and manufactured keeping different occasions in mind.

How to make money with the Tastefully Simple MLM program? 

The earning opportunity with Tastefully Simple lies in your networking and cravings for food. One way to make money is by hosting parties and promoting the meals to earn commissions.

The other way is to convince your customers/friends/relatives to join your team and earn incentives, and bonuses on their sales. This will help you increase your earnings.

Tastefully Simple compensation plan 

Tastefully Simple compensation plan offers the following types of commissions and bonuses to its consultants:

Direct sales – 15% to 40% commissions on selling Tastefully Simple meal kits and other food products by hosting parties, through social media, or personal website.

A consultant can make $15 on $100 monthly sales and $1200+ on $3000 + monthly sales. There is a 10% credit given to every consultant if they are not able to achieve $100 monthly sales.

Leadership bonuses – There are six-level bonuses offered to consultants who can sponsor and build a team of consultants. The commission bonuses start from 3% and go up to 7% on personal sales and team sales amount.

Leaders are also offered additional cash bonuses ranging between $50 to $4000 depending on the level they climb.

Consultants are required to sell $200 worth of products every quarter to keep their position active.

The compensation plan is quite detailed which you can access here to know more.

Can I make money with the Tastefully Simple MLM program? 

Tastefully Simple’s product category is interesting and has a unique selling point. Food items are always in demand. People have the cravings to consume more if the food is readymade and also delicious. You can expect to attract an audience within your group of friends and relatives to make some money.

However, the question is whether you can continue to do so. How many parties can you afford to host? How many people can you convince to join your team?

This is where sustainability comes into the picture. You cannot expect to make consistent money with MLM’s. Eating food is different from promoting because what you like may not be liked by others.

Secondly, MLM’s demand investment. The start-up cost for Tastefully Simple is comparatively low but when you add up the website maintenance cost, purchasing of products to maintain your consultant position active cost, and any other expenses related to promotions or traveling the profit margin will be very low.

This is evident from the Tastefully Simple consultant’s income. The average earnings of an active consultant were $1290. That is just above $100 a month. This is excluding the expenses. More than 70% of Tastefully Simple consultants cannot achieve a monthly income of $100.

So, my take is you can make money with the Tastefully Simple MLM program but not enough to maintain your active consultant position.

Is the Tastefully Simple MLM a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Tastefully Simple products are well-known and appreciated by their customers. The company has been operating since 1995 without any major controversies and financial impact. It earns its profits through multilevel marketing business methods as well as selling its products through online channels.

Their main source of income is through the selling of products and do not solely rely on the networking of people. So, Tastefully Simple is not a scam nor a pyramid scheme.


  • Compelling history – The history of Tastefully Simple is noteworthy. The company has survived for more than 2 decades despite financial recessions and working with a multilevel marketing business model. Most of the MLM’s fail to live long.
  • Good products – The quality of Tastefully Simple products is un-compromised. The meal kit tastes good and consists of healthy ingredients to maintain health. The food items are perfect for parties and events alike.
  • Clean reputation – Tastefully Simple remained untouched from any major controversies. Being in the food industry, this is no mean feat. The company enjoys excellent ratings and rewards from BBB and other feedback forums for its products and business methods.
  • Higher commission rates – The commissions ranging up to 40% are outstanding. This is against the trend of most of the MLM’s offering commissions between 25%-30%. There are incentives, and bonuses on leadership levels. People who love being part of MLM’s can enjoy making money with the Tastefully Simple MLM program.


  • It’s food industry – Food and meal have their own benefits and drawbacks. The current trend is against eating more food and concentrates on dieting. People want to eat but are choosy in selecting their meals. This may limit the number of audiences from enjoying Tastefully Simple parties.
  • MLM’s are hard to work with – MLM’s are not easy. There is learning, there is hard work, there is practice, and many other efforts in the form of traveling, promoting, dedication, patience, etc. The worst part is little to minimum income in return.
  • You cannot make money – The income disclosure statement of Tastefully Simple consultant’s earnings is very disappointing. It shows that only 5% of people who remain in such business for years achieve financial freedom and success. This could be really tough for beginners to make any money in the first few years.
  • Regular investments – Can you spend money regularly on various aspects to keep your position active? That too without making any money? If the answer is yes, then all the best otherwise prepare yourself to keep spending money on starter kits, product purchase, website maintenance, etc. without any expectations.

Conclusion: Is the Tastefully Simple MLM recommended?

The MLM units are not sustainable for a long time and it has been proven time and again. Still, there are some positives to take from the Tastefully Simple platform. One is the product. Food items have the potential to attract people. Second, are the resources offered by the company.

You can learn and convert it into a business opportunity. But this is commonly seen in every other MLM company.

The fact that you join any platform is to learn and earn money. And this is where a majority of MLMs disappoint. Tastefully Simple is no exception.

There is money but if you are ready to invest, remain dedicated, keep patience, and persist with it for a long time maybe years then Tastefully Simple MLM is recommended.

Otherwise, the online industry has evolved tremendously and offers many earning opportunities at the same cost or lesser. The ask is to research and find one. If you are still unsure about researching then check my recommendation below.

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