Surfdome Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Selling Surfboards

Surfdome Affiliate Program Review

If you love recreational activities like snowboarding, skating, or skiing, then it is high time you started making money from what you love doing. One of the companies that offer these products is Surfdome. Are you wondering if Surfdome has a referral or affiliate program? Well, the answer is yes. This Surfdome affiliate program review post is meant to give you a piece of comprehensive information about its products, commissions, and much more.

Surfdome affiliate program is an opportunity for affiliate marketers to earn some money promoting their products. You can earn as much as a 5% commission when you refer people to the Surfdome website through your affiliate link.

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Surfdome Affiliate Program Review: What is Surfdome?

Surfdome is Europe’s first and foremost action sports and lifestyle retailer.

The company was launched in 2006 and it is based in London. Surfdome provides its customers with a large variety of the world’s surf, snow, skate, and lifestyle brands.

They sell surfing equipment, wetsuits, and essentials like surf accessories, surf wax, sun cream, towels, and robes. Others include snowboarding clothing, equipment, and essentials.

You will also find skating and ski equipment, clothing, and hardware. They have different brands like Adidas, Hurley, Billabong, Oakley, Animal, Roxy, Quicksilver, Fat Face, and many more.

Campers can find all the equipment they need for their outdoor activities from the Surfdome website at Surfdome ships to more than 60 countries worldwide.

What is the Surfdome affiliate program?

It is an affiliate program where you can earn up to a 5% commission for referring new customers to the website of Surfdome. As an affiliate of Surfdome, you will enjoy a cookie period of 30 days.

How does Surfdome Affiliate Program work?

The Surfdome affiliate program works by joining any of the affiliate networks mentioned below. Register with one of them, get your referral link, and start promoting Surfdome to earn a commission.

What are the affiliate networks that handle the Surfdome affiliate program?

Some of the affiliate networks include:

  • Affiliate.One
  • Awin
  • Rakuten
  • Skimlinks
  • Viglink
  • Impact Radius
  • Shareasale
  • Commission Junction

What products can I promote as a Surfdome affiliate? 

You can promote different products in different categories like:

1. Surfing category

Under equipment, there are products like Surfboard Bags, Roof Racks, Surfboard Leashes, Boards, Surfboard Fins, Surfboard Grip Pads, Skimboards, Bodyboards, and Balance Boards.

Under wetsuits, you will find products like hoods, gloves, boots, rash vests, and wetsuits.

2. Snow category

In snowboard clothing, there are products such as snowboard boots, boots guide, gloves, jackets, pants, and sacks.

When it comes to snowboard equipment, you will get products like snowboard bags, goggles, bindings, helmets, snow accessories, snow tools, protection, and wrist guards.

In snowboard essentials, there are fleeces, snow backpacks, thermals, snow face masks, beanies, and balaclavas.

3. Skate category

In equipment, there are products such as skateboards, cruisers, kids’ skateboards, longboards, inline, and roller skates.

In hardware, you will find skateboard bearings, bolts, decks, grip tape, trucks, and wheels.

Under accessories, there are protection, skate clothing, helmets, shoes, and backpacks.

Apart from the skating, snowboarding, surfing, and skiing categories, Surfdome also sells men, women, and kid’s clothing, footwear, and accessories.

How can I join the Surfdome affiliate program through Impact Radius? 

You can join the Surfdome affiliate program through Impact Radius at

Follow these steps:

  • Highlight your cursor on “For Publishers”, and then click on “affiliates”.
  • Scroll down to click on “Get started today”
  • Fill out the registration form
  • Go into your email and click the link
  • A comprehensive form comes up where you will provide your country of operations, state, address, website address, method of payment, currency, zip code, and so on.
  • Go back to your email to click the link.
  • After all of these, the next thing is to wait for approval within three days.

How can I promote my Surfdome affiliate link? 

There are several ways you can promote your affiliate link. Here are some of them:

Insert your affiliate link in tutorials and product reviews

Reviews and tutorials are two content types you can use to promote your affiliate link. Reviews help you to do comparisons that could convince your prospects.

Tutorials with guides can help you to build traffic in your chosen niche. Try to cover everything you think a potential customer needs to know with screenshots and examples.

Then, ensure that you place your affiliate link in one or two places in the reviews and tutorials.

Place your banners on your blog or website

Banners look visually appealing. The banner could be placed at strategic places such as the footer, header, sidebar of your website page, and within your website content.

Your affiliate link is already embedded in the HTML code that displays the banner on your website. Don’t forget to use the contextual links too as they complement the banners.

Insert affiliate links in your newsletters

A good affiliate marketer is also a good email marketer. So, ensure that you insert your affiliate link inside the email messages that would be sent out to your subscribers.

Add your affiliate link to your video content

Videos help to complement your blog content. You can explain how to use the Surfdome website in the video and embed your affiliate link inside it.

Insert your affiliate links in different social media platforms and forums

In your social media posts, you can include your affiliate link in your article. Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, and Pinterest are excellent platforms to do this. Also, use forums like Reddit and Quora.

Can I make money with Surfdome Affiliate Program? 

Yes, you can make money from the Surfdome affiliate program. You can earn up to a 5% commission for every product sold through your affiliate link. Volume sales can give you an edge.

The average cost of surfboards is between $200-$700, snowboards cost between $300-$400, and that of skateboards are between $60-$80.

If you are able to make 10 customers in each category every month you should be able to earn between $100-$300. The earning figures are based on assumptions and the amount could fluctuate depending on the affiliate clicks and conversions.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Surfdome’s average payment time?

Answer: The average payment time is 104 days.

2. What is the cookie length?

Answer: The cookie duration is 30 days.

3. In what countries can I promote the Surfdome affiliate program?

Answer: Depending on the affiliate network you register with, you can promote the Surfdome affiliate program in countries like Japan, Taiwan, the United States of America, and the Philippines.

4. What are the means of payment?

Answer: The means of payment is PayPal.


  • It is free to join the affiliate program
  • Ease of purchasing products on the website. Water sport/recreational products are unique in nature and Surfdome offers these through branded companies under attractive discounts and ease of payment.
  • The cookie is for 30 days. The duration is comparatively high as against other e-commerce stores.
  • You can join the affiliate program with different affiliate networks like Commission Junction, Impact Radius, Awin, etc. This makes the affiliate program accessible in most countries.
  • There are hundreds of products to promote as an affiliate. Different variety of products keeps the customers engaged and enhances conversion rate.
  • Surfdome is a reputable online retailing platform. The online presence since 2006 makes it a trustworthy and reliable player in the retail market.


  • Low affiliate commission. A high level of churn rate could hamper the conversions making 5% commissions look ridiculous.
  • Long wait before the affiliate is paid. This is very unfair. Waiting time of more than 3 months for payment is not justifiable and may discourage many affiliates.

Conclusion: Is the Surfdome affiliate program recommended?

There is no doubt that the Surfdome affiliate 5% commission is on the low side. But it could be huge if you drive a lot of traffic and make sales in volume.

The 30 days cookie is also a short duration. But again, a lot of sales can be made in 30 days.

The fact that Surfdome is not about one product makes it better for any affiliate marketer that joins the platform.

It is an affiliate program I am going to recommend with my full chest since Surfdome ships to 60 countries. This means your potential customers are on the global map.

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