Sunrider MLM Review: Is it legit or a pyramid scheme?

Sunrider MLM Review

A supplementary diet is an alternative source to improve your health. Especially the products made of natural herbs and sunlight. It helps enhance immunity and provides nutritional value to your body without any side effects. How about selling such products as a business to make some money? Indeed, you can if you are part of a company called Sunrider. Sunrider is a company that produces and sells herbal products through a multilevel marketing business model. Want to know more? Read on to find out everything in this Sunrider MLM review.

You will learn about Sunrider products, their compensation plan, the pros and cons, and if it is legit or a scam.

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Sunrider MLM Review: What is Sunrider?

Sunrider is a multilevel marketing company founded in 1982. The company is into the manufacturing of herbal products that include diet pills, teas, and health snacks.

The Sunrider products are the result of its founders Dr. Tei Fu Chen and Oi Lin Chen who are renowned experts in herbal research.

The great thing about Sunrider products is they are researched and developed within the company laboratories that ensure credibility and trustworthiness.

Sunrider is headquartered in Torrance, California, and has a presence in multiple regions including the US, Europe, Middle East, and the Asia Pacific. The company has also expanded its virtues into hotel acquisition to strengthen its capital structure.

How does Sunrider MLM work?

The Sunrider MLM provides a business opportunity to individuals who are interested in becoming their Independent Business Owners (IBO). It claims to offer a flexible working schedule, and freedom of choice to work from anywhere.

The registered IBOs are provided training videos through a Personal website that replicates the original Sunrider website. You can then share the URL of your website with product details with your friends, relatives, and others.

To become an IBO, you will have to purchase a starter kit worth $59 + applicable taxes. You will also have to pay $15 per month as an Opt-in monthly subscription.

How to become an IBO of Sunrider MLM?

If you are interested in joining as an IBO then visit the Sunrider website
and purchase the starter kit. Follow the next steps to complete your registration.

Sunrider Products

Sunrider products are manufactured in-house with total control on research, development, manufacturing, and packaging.

The products are mainly categorized into health supplements in the form of health drinks, and nutritional herbs. Some of their flagship products include:

Sunrider Calli: This is a herbal tea that is made of Alisma and Imperata Root extracts. The tea acts as an anti-oxidant cleaner and provides natural nourishment. The product is priced at $12+ that consists of 10 tea bags.

Sunfit Protein Plus: The protein shake consists pure vegan formula of peas and rice. The nutrient increases energy and enhances muscle strength owing to a mixture of vitamins, minerals, and carbs. It is priced at $70+ per bottle.

Kandesn Hair & Body Wash: The product is specifically aimed at child care. Made of aloe vera gel, tea tree leaf oil, and other herbal ingredients it is perfect for giving a soothing and refreshing wash to your child. The product is priced at $18+ per bottle.

Likewise, there are many products that are a combination of natural Chinese herbs researched and produced at Sunrider laboratories for better health and living.

Sunrider products are certified under the Kosher and Halal categories which makes them reachable to all types of people, communities, and religions.

The product’s value, relevancy, and reach are of utmost importance in any business to attract a larger audience and generate profits, and Sunrider scores high in this area.

How to make money with Sunrider MLM? 

The Sunrider products work on three selling platforms. Apart from the MLM business model, the products are also sold directly under the retail category and a membership subscription under the preferred customer category.

Having multiple selling channels could be profitable for any company but it makes the job more difficult for IBOs.

Under the MLM business model, you can make money by:

  • Direct selling – this is where you can promote the products through your website or conduct a session/party to sell products directly.
  • Recruiting downlines – you can invite more people (your friends, relatives, etc.) under your team and make commissions on their recruitment and sales.

The ways to make money with Sunrider MLM are no different than other MLMs.

Sunrider MLM compensation plan 

The Sunrider MLM compensation plan for their IBOs is called the ‘Infinity Compensation Plan’. Don’t go by the name as it is very similar to other MLM compensation plans with a slight difference in bonuses.

The commissions are payable based on maintaining the PV (Personal Volume) and DV (Downline Volume).  Each product sale is converted into qualifying personal volume irrespective of the currency.

Your personal volume is directly associated with your payable commissions and advancement levels. Parallelly, you will have to maintain certain downline volumes to earn more commissions and climb to the next level.

The commissions range between 5%-10% on your PV, DV, and level of position. The more you sell and advance to the next level, the more commissions you can make.

In addition to commissions, Sunrider is luring individuals with different types of bonuses that look very complicated.

The compensation structure is quite deep and complex to understand at first instance. Here is the detailed Sunrider compensation plan.

My personal opinion about Sunrider’s compensation plan is it looks very attractive on paper but practically there is lots of hard work and physical effort required before you can start making any money.

Can I make money with Sunrider MLM? 

Making money with Sunrider MLM is not impossible but tough. First of all, you have to make sales and even though the quality of Sunrider products is good the market for health supplements is over-saturated.

Next is recruiting. It is a hell of a task asking people to join your team for selling highly competitive products and a confusing commission structure.

Even if you are able to achieve the above conditions owing to your sales and recruitment expertise the results may not last for a long time. Honestly, the MLM business model is very conservative and not sustainable.

Just look at the Sunrider income disclosure statement figures. The average annual earnings of an active IBO member was $5634.38. That’s less than $500 per month.

The statement clearly points out that the earnings are a result of sheer dedication towards sales, hard work, and leadership skills. I am sure making $500 a month against all your hard work is not worth deserving.

You cannot imagine making big money and earning a dream lifestyle. It could be even difficult to maintain your IBO position that purely depends on sales and downlines.

Is Sunrider MLM a scam? 

Sunrider is not a scam. The fact that it is in existence since 1982 and still going strong facing multiple financial recessions and challenges show their resilience and powerful capital strength.

The company has built a reputation and not going anywhere in the near future.

Is Sunrider MLM a pyramid scheme? 

No. It is not a pyramid scheme since it has qualitative products to sell. A pyramid scheme solely runs on recruiting continuous downlines and earning commissions. This is not the case with Sunrider MLM.

Sunrider legal controversies 

Sunrider has been the victim of many controversies in the past. The company was accused and criticized for its manufacturing and tax-evasion methods.

Sunrider had to pay more than $100 million to settle the fraud and tax evasion charges in 1997.

The founders Tei Fu Chen and Oi-Lin Chen even served a year in security prison for their involvement in the conspiracy to evade taxes and forfeiting the products.

The company was also falsely accused by Quackwatch for the non-qualification and misrepresenting the effects of its products.

Such allegations and prison terms are enough to tarnish the company’s image and have a lasting impact in hampering its business.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. What is the cost to join Sunrider MLM?

Answer: The cost to join Sunrider MLM is purchasing a $59 starter kit (plus the taxes). There is an additional charge of $15 per month as an Opt-in subscription.

2. Do Sunrider offer discounted products to the IBOs?

Answer: Yes, the IBOs get a 15% discount off of retail prices.

3. What are the support channels provided by Sunrider for their Independent Business Owners?

Answer: The support channels are phone, and email ( IBOs can also make use of the ‘Contact form’ option to get in touch with the Sunrider Business Service Representative.

4. Is Sunrider accredited by BBB?

Answer: No, Sunrider is not accredited by BBB.

5. Are Sunrider Products safe?

Answer: Yes, the products are quite safe. There is no significant evidence of harmful chemicals or ingredients found against any of the Sunrider products.


  • Low start-up cost – The joining cost is comparatively at the lower side. The starter kit at $59 + $15 per month (that’s $239 per annum) is affordable against many other MLM’s that charge much higher.
  • Quality products – Sunrider products are of good quality. The majority of customer reviews around the internet are positive. The herbal ingredients of Chinese origin do have a commendable reputation and trust among its users.
  • Established history – The company is in existence for a very long time. Remaining in business for decades is no mean feat. It takes lots of hard work, marketing, capitalization, and determination to stand still in a competitive market. This is a big plus for any individual to become a part of Sunrider MLM.
  • Availability of Income Disclosure – Sunrider has been transparent about their IBO’s making income. The income disclosure statement is a clear indication of their commitment towards growing their business through the MLM model by paying their members.
  • Good support and resources – Availability of training resources and a personal website is another advantage. You don’t have to worry about getting isolated as there are enough supportive channels through phone, email, and contact form to keep your issues at bay and business afloat.


  • Very competitive market – Herbal and supplementary diet category products are highly competitive. There are many MLM programs already in this niche with a strong presence and effective results. Selling such products require great skills and a larger network.
  • Difficult compensation structure – The compensation structure is very demanding. There are bonuses and perks that come at the cost of extensive sales and heavy recruiting. In the long run, many individuals will find it difficult to maintain their membership and afford the monthly Opt-in membership cost.
  • Lawsuits – Sunrider is marred by controversies for multiple legal issues. The reputation of any company plays a big part in its product sales and keeping this in mind it could be hard convincing many to make a purchase.
  • Multiple selling methods – Another disadvantage is having different selling platforms. Sunrider products are also sold under retail sales and preferred customer categories. This makes selling under the MLM business model more challenging.

Conclusion: Is Sunrider MLM recommended?

Sunrider’s reputation and quality products are what sets them apart. The retail sales and preferred customer category sales are interesting. It seems they don’t have complete trust in making sales through their MLM business model.

Having said that, the MLM compensation plan has some very attractive numbers to go after even though achieving the monetary results could be tough. They do offer personal websites, training, and all the support to help their members grow and build a lasting business.

But MLMs always have a downside of investment and recruiting. Joining is not free and making personal sales and downlines to earn $500 a month is not encouraging.

If you are able to make some progress, the financial success may not last very long due to the cost associated with keeping your membership active.

Making money with MLMs is a big task and comes against lots of money, hard work, patience, and dedication.

Alternatively, there are many good options in the form of drop shipping, affiliate marketing, etc. that can give far better results in quick time with less investment. The alternatives are recommended more than Sunrider MLM.

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