Square Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Making Payments

Square Affiliate Program Review

It’s the world of businesses. Retail, online, marketplaces there are different types and kinds of businesses you can find everywhere. The end result of all the businesses is payments. Yes, irrespective of what you sell or offer in return you expect financial benefits. Gone are the days when cash was the only king. With the emergence of online transactions, the options to make payments have diversified into cards, rewards, points, etc. And so, the hardware associated with such payment processing plays an important part. Square is one of the companies that offer payments hardware. It also offers an affiliate program that makes payments to its affiliate on referring customers. If you are interested in finding more then I will tell you all about the square affiliate program in this post.

You will learn how the program works, the commissions it offers, and the pros, and cons.

Square Affiliate Program Review: What is Square?

Square is a financial services company that offers solutions to cater to different types of digital payments. It was founded in 2009 by Jack Dorsey and Jim McKelvey.

The company has grown exponentially in the digital payments sector with its advanced technology-based hardware solutions. Square devices such as Square Reader, Square Stand, and Square Register are reputed solutions used for chip and contactless card payments, with strong encryption and security features.

The company is based out of San Francisco, the US and has a presence in Canada, Japan, and the UK.

What is the Square affiliate program?

Square offers an affiliate program where individuals can earn commissions when somebody signs up and starts receiving payments using their affiliate links.

The affiliate program pays commissions based on the type of services and hardware used by your referrals. The commissions range from $5 for sign-up and go up to $230+ for the payments received through a particular Square hardware.

The affiliate program has a 45-days cookie period and dedicated resources and supports through its affiliate partner network.

Square parallelly runs an affiliate program for online payments and transactions which is called Square online affiliate program. This program is specifically for users who create an online Square account and can earn $50 per purchase/consumer sales.

You can visit https://squareup.com/us/en/affiliate/ecommerce-affiliates to know more about Square online affiliate program.

How does the Square affiliate program work?

Square affiliate program is tied up with Impact affiliate network. To be an affiliate of Square you need to have an account with Impact. Visit https://impact.com/ and create an account if you don’t have one.

In case you already have an Impact account then search for the Square affiliate program and apply. Once approved, you will be provided with Square affiliate links, banners, and any other promotional resources to kick start your affiliate campaign.

The support, payments, and tracking are all managed by the Impact affiliate network.

Square products & services

It is important to know the details on products and services offered by Square as they are directly related to the commissions and bonuses that an affiliate can make. Following are the products and services you can promote as an affiliate and earn commissions:

Products –

Square Hardware: Devices like Square Reader, Square Terminal, Square Stand, and Square Register are part of Square hardware.

The Square Reader consists of magstripe which is a small credit card reader and is also used to accept payments through chip cards and contactless cards. You can earn $5 and $17 bonuses if your referrals receive payments using magstripe, and chip/contactless cards within 45-days of sign up.

A Square Terminal is a credit card payment and printing machine. You can earn $64 bonus if your referrals receive payment using a Square Terminal within 45-days of sign up.

A Square Stand is dedicated for iPad that can be used as POS (Point of Sales) to receive payments. You can earn a $108 bonus if your referrals receive payments using a Square Stand within 45-days of sign-up.

And lastly, a Square Register is an all-in-one contactless payment POS to manage payments, online sales, pickup, and delivery. You can earn a $163 bonus if your referrals receive payments using a Square Register within 45-days of sign up.

Services –

Square Payments: The payment services are categorized based on the type of businesses that use Square devices to receive payments.

The services include Payroll, Retail, Appointments, Restaurants, Invoices, Point of Sale, and Virtual Terminal. For each service, Square offers standard commissions of $5 on new sign-ups and additional one-time bonuses from $7 to $233.

The products and services offered by Square are essential and in line with the growing trend of online transactions and digital payments. The solutions are well-received and have a fair amount of conversion potential.

How to promote Square products & services

There are no restrictions as such to promote Square products and services. In fact, the line of products offered is too many so as an affiliate you can take different routes to promote them.

The blogs, social media, email newsletter, and videos are common. Additionally, you can share the Square products through word of mouth publicity while shopping, dining and even using your iPad to make payments. Don’t forget to share your affiliate links in the process so that you don’t miss out on earning commissions.

Make sure to abide by the terms and services of Square before you think of extraordinary ways to promote and attract traffic.

Square affiliate program commissions 

The commissions are not fixed except for the $5 that is offered as standard on every new sign-up. But commission bonuses are extraordinary and rely purely on your referral’s activity.

We have seen the range of commission bonuses one can earn in the products and services section. The maximum commission bonuses can go up to a one-time $233 based on the payment activity by your referrals within the first 45-days.

Can I make money with the Square affiliate program? 

Yes, you can make potential money with the Square affiliate program. Although the commission rates are on the lower side the complimentary bonuses can shoot up your affiliate commissions.

The products and services stand out. The importance and utilization aspects of Square hardware and solutions cannot be ignored. It remains favorable for many small and medium-sized businesses.

Square’s multiple acquisitions and association with Apple is a big advantage. What’s more, is the pricing of its products that is comparatively cheap. All in all, affiliates can expect to make 3-4 figures monthly commissions provided proper advertising campaign and promotion methods are followed.

Additionally, you can increase your earnings by joining Square online affiliate program that is a separate offering by Square.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When does Square pay its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid every month according to the payment terms of the Impact affiliate network.

2. Is there a minimum amount threshold to withdraw commissions?

Answer: Yes, the withdrawal threshold is $50.

3. How to contact Square for any queries/issues?

Answer: Affiliates can reach out to dedicated program manager or send an email at square@accelerationpartners.com


  • Multiple items to promote – Square has adopted a unique way to encourage its affiliate by offering commissions based on the utilization of its products. This opens up the opportunity to promote various payments products and services in different niches and business segments.
  • Unique commission structure – Affiliates can make commissions based on their referral’s utilization of payment services. This is quite unique in nature as it helps affiliates earn commissions based on sign-ups as well as receiving payments.
  • Affiliate network & resources – Impact holds its own authority among reliable and trustworthy affiliate networks. The promotional resources and support are expected to be top-notch and affiliates can find it easy to promote and track their affiliate progress.


  • Non-recurring commissions – The commissions remain one-time and $5 on every sign-up is on the lower side. The usage of payment services remains consistent and a recurring commission structure for a limited period could have been ideal to encourage more affiliates.
  • Limited cookie period – A cookie period of 90-120 days could have been better. Although, 45-days is better than typical 30-days cookie affiliate programs but may not be enough to achieve maximum conversions.

Conclusion: Is the Square affiliate program recommended?

Square affiliate program is one of its kind in terms of product offerings and commissions. There is no doubt that payments are part of every business big or small and solutions to make it easier and convenient will be grabbed with both hands.

The affiliate network, resources, support, and commission bonuses are excellent. The cookie period is okay. A fixed commission rate or recurring commissions could have completed the affiliate package but still, I would go ahead and recommend the Square affiliate program.

It can add serious money in the pockets of every affiliate that have higher authority and good networking in the online industry.

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