ShippingEasy Review: Save Cost & Automate Your Shipping

ShippingEasy Review

If you’re an online retailer, then shipping can be the most important aspect of your business. If it’s not done well, then customers are going to have a bad experience with your store and never come back. ShippingEasy Group is a company that offers solutions for all types of e-commerce businesses. They offer everything from warehouse management software to fulfillment services in various countries around the world. This ShippingEasy review post will give you some insight into what they do and why it matters so much for retailers like you.

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ShippingEasy Review: What is ShippingEasy?

ShippingEasy is created to help online retailers streamline shipping by making it easy for their customers and save money by cutting down unnecessary costs through automation. It was started in Sydney, Australia, and is now headquartered in Austin, Texas. 

ShippingEasy Group’s suite of shipping software and consulting services helps online businesses automate their operations so that they can focus on what matters most: building their business.

Katie May is the CEO of ShippingEasy Group since 2012.

How does ShippingEasy work?

The ShippingEasy Group is a team of experts in the e-commerce industry, from the top e-commerce companies such as eBay, Amazon & Walmart.

The expertise includes everything from warehouse management to international logistics and more.

ShippingEasy will help you create shipping management programs that are customized to each company’s needs.

ShippingEasy software is an all-inclusive cloud-based platform that provides retailers with an easy way to manage their orders from start to finish.

You will get all the control right from order processing, returns handling, inventory control, etc.

How to get started with ShippingEasy services?

ShippingEasy has a 30-day free trial option. You can visit and click on ‘Try it Free’.

Fill out all the required details and you can start with your free trial.

Why should you use ShippingEasy Group services?

There are many reasons you should subscribe to ShippingEasy services. We are highlighting a few of them below:

  • ShippingEasy Group is a suite of tools that helps e-commerce merchants manage their shipping operations.
  • It offers all the tools you need to ship products to your customers, including a comprehensive API for integration with your website and other business systems.
  • ShippingEasy Group includes features like advanced reporting and analytics, package tracking, discounts on USPS mail services, free customer service calls 24/7/365*, and more.
  • ShippingEasy provides all the tools you need to simplify your shipping process including quick order calculations, real-time tracking data, and other features that make it easy to ship efficiently.
  • With their automation features, they can help save your company time and money by eliminating tedious tasks such as updating labels or printing out postage each time you receive an order.
  • You’ll also be able to access reports detailing your shipment history so you know what’s been going on with your business at any given point in time.

ShippingEasy Features 

ShippingEasy has some really qualitative features that are beneficial for your business:

Shipping: First and foremost is shipping. All your shipping hassles and the intimidating cost is taken care of by ShippingEasy. Below are the benefits of shipping features:

  • With their one-of-a-kind order and shipping software workflow, you can manage orders, automate shipments, organize packing lists, and more from one platform.
  • You can save up to 46% of your shipping cost with ShippingEasy services. By accessing USPS commercial rates you can get the lowest shipping, and insurance discounts.
  • You will get all the related insights on shipping, orders, and inventories all in one place with the help of ShippingEasy’s advanced reporting.
  • Tracking and returning items are key parts of buying online. ShippingEasy makes it easier for you to track your shipments through tracking numbers and automated emails.
  • Alexa adds another dimension to the automation of shipping where you can ship by using your voice. ShippingEasy reduces your clicking efforts with the help of Amazon Alexa.

Marketing: ShippingEasy offers Customer Marketing, which supplies customer insights and optimization.

It helps you in various marketing strategies such as sending review requests, generating awareness with related products, or encouraging repeat business.

All this can be done through automated email campaign features such as email templates, drag and drop, segmentation, signup forms, and more inside ShippingEasy.

Shopify: The ShippingEasy app supports all of your Shopify shipping workflow needs. Best-in-industry rates and features give you the complete package. You get real-time data on order management, to help keep your business thriving.

You can also automate one-time promotional emails as well as product reviews and recommendations.

Not to forget the email promotions, abandoned cart emails, discounts, and concessions with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL Global shipping.

Integrations: You don’t have to worry about having an existing e-commerce store. ShippingEasy allows easy integration with many e-commerce platforms such as Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Magento, BigCommerce, etc.

Payment interfaces such as Paypal, Stripe, Marketplaces such as Walmart, Etsy, Carriers such as DHL, FedEx, and many more are part of ShippingEasy integration.

ShippingEasy Pricing 

ShippingEasy has a 30-day free trial account to test its features. Post that you will have to choose from the following paid plans:

Starter plan for $5 per month – for 50 shipments a month (Ideal for low volume merchants)

Basic plan for $29 per month – for 500 shipments a month (Ideal for small businesses)

Plus plan for $49 per month – for 1500 shipments a month (Ideal for established e-commerce businesses)

Select plan for $69 per month – for 3000 shipments a month (Ideal for small and medium businesses)

Premium plan for $99 per month – for 6000 shipments a month (Ideal for small and medium businesses)

Enterprise plan for $159 per month – for 10000 shipments a month (Ideal for large businesses with multiple locations)

The best part about ShippingEasy pricing is all the paid plans have a free trial.

The standard benefits of all the paid plans are:

  • Discounted USPS and UPS rates
  • Powerful Automation
  • Free ConnectEasy for sending labels
  • Automatic order imports from your store or marketplace
  • Custom logos
  • Access to exclusive cubic pricing

You will get added benefits with more advanced pricing plans.

Make Money with ShippingEasy?

Yes, you can make money with the ShippingEasy affiliate program. You can earn $100 for every user you refer to ShippingEasy. The user has to upgrade from the starter plan to another paid plan for you to receive a commission.

The good thing about the ShippingEasy affiliate program is you don’t have to be a user of their services to become an affiliate.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is ShippingEasy free?

Answer: Yes, ShippingEasy offers a 30-day free trial for its user’s post which you will have to choose a paid plan to continue using its services.

  1. Is ShippingEasy legit?

Answer: Yes, ShippingEasy is a 100% legit company.

  1. Does ShippingEasy have customer support?

Answer: Yes, ShippingEasy has customer support that includes live chat, phone, and email.

  1. Does ShippingEasy have an app?

Answer: Yes, ShippingEasy has a mobile app that can be added to your mobile home screen. You can visit to complete the setup of the ShippingEasy mobile app.


  • ShippingEasy services are user-friendly and easy to use. It has incredible shipping features to support your business.
  • ShippingEasy is affordable for small businesses.
  • ShippingEasy saves time with automatic shipment tracking, email notifications, and more. You can track your shipments with ease
  • ShippingEasy offers competitive rates for all of its services. The pricing plans and features are affordable for beginners and experts alike.
  • It has a mobile app to make tracking and managing your shipments easier.
  • You can easily integrate with multiple carriers, e-commerce stores, and marketplaces.
  • ShippingEasy offers huge discounts and rate-reduction with USPS shipping services.
  • The customer support is very responsive and has multiple channels to respond.


  • A limited list of e-commerce stores and marketplaces.
  • The integration and synching process require improvement.
  • Ideal for small businesses and retailers.

Conclusion: Is ShippingEasy shipping services recommended?

ShippingEasy is a service that offers online shipping management and tracking. It’s easy to get started with them, so if you’re looking for an all-inclusive solution, we recommend giving these guys a try.

You’ll be able to track packages from anywhere in the world without having to go through different interfaces or contact your carriers individually.

The pricing starts at $5 per month for up to 50 shipments, which is less than what other providers charge on just one shipment alone.

ShippingEasy has many features that are useful for small businesses and retailers. Their pricing is quite affordable and the automation software and tools are worth trying.

We recommend using ShippingEasy services if you want to concentrate on scaling your business higher without worrying about the shipping and extra costs.

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