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Sender Email Marketing

Customer engagement is very important from a business growth perspective. Many businesses focus mainly on increasing their new customer base. This is fine as long as they remain loyal to you. There is no sense in having passer-by customers. Email marketing is one channel that keeps you always connected with your customers. So, choosing an email marketing tool that is powerful and effective will benefit from engagement and conversion aspects. If it is time that you are looking for an email marketing tool or considering switching to another one then you must read this Sender email marketing review.

I will help you know what is Sender email marketing, how does it work, its features, pricing, and whether it is effective enough to engage and subscribe to your email list.

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Sender Email Marketing Review: What is Sender email marketing?

Sender is an email marketing software that helps create and send emails. With Sender, one can easily create newsletters from professionally designed templates, as well as build one from the scratch using own design or its custom HTML feature.

The platform also offers a drag & drop feature, email automation, and text messaging services to name a few. Users can easily integrate Sender with their own set of business tools like Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, etc.

Sender started in 2012 based out of Europe and is used by some of the reputed platforms in the marketing industry. The best part about Sender is its free pricing plan that offers to send 15000 emails per month for up to 2500 subscribers.

How does the Sender email marketing work?

To use Sender email marketing features, you have to subscribe to one of its pricing plans. And the best option is its free plan as mentioned above. You just have to create your account without any credit card details.

Once you have registered, you can start using Sender email marketing features to send emails to your subscribers.

Sender Email Marketing Features

Sender email marketing features are simple and easy to use. The platform has kept the usability that requires no technical knowledge or specialized skills. Some of the features it offers are:

Growing subscribers list – A great-looking design and engaging content is what people look at. Sender fulfills these conditions by providing attractive subscription forms, customization, and segmentation options.

As a user, you can use Sender’s pre-formatted templates or create your own form with custom fields to suit your needs. What’s more is, Sender helps you divide your subscribers based on individual profile, usability, preferences, etc.

Once you are done with form creation, Sender offers smooth API integrations and CMS plugins to connect and synchronize with your website.

Easy-to-use Email Editor – Newsletters are the main source of connecting with your subscribers. It also helps in keeping your audiences engaged from products and promotion perspectives. Sender offers an intuitive newsletter editor with a simple drag & drop feature.

The creation of a newsletter is user-based and can be customized by adding relevant images, videos, and text. The images can be further modified using Sender’s built-in editor. It also provides personalization elements to attract individual subscribers.

For e-commerce, promoting products is easy by inserting image URLs, or using the plugin that automates the extraction of product details onto your email newsletter.

Effective email delivery – All your efforts go in vain if your emails remain undelivered or go to the spam folder of your recipients. To control this situation, Sender is equipped with SPF and DKIM authentication that ensures the deliverability of emails.

Sender works with powerful hardware to boost the sending speed and its feedback loop system easily integrates with reputed email service providers to monitor the actions taken by your subscribers.

This helps track and analyze the emails that were returned or rejected. Sender automatically disables non-existing email addresses so that you send emails only to the legit and updated email list subscribers.

Tracking & analysis – Marketing is more effective if you have hands-on data available on the results of your emails. This is where Sender provides real-time data analysis on open, and clicks.

You can also keep track of the time, and links that were clicked by your subscribers. This enables you to plan future campaigns and align sending emails according to your subscriber’s needs.

You can also monitor the impact of your newsletters on your traffic through Google Analytics using Sender’s automated link tagging.

Smooth integrations – If you use multiple channels to run your business then Sender’s integration option is very useful. It easily integrates with various content management, and e-commerce platforms to keep you connected with your customers.

Platforms such as WordPress, WooCommerce, Prestashop, Magento, Cloudfare, etc. are some of the most-used services that can become part of your Sender email marketing campaign.

Personalized campaign – Sender’s compatibility is beyond visualization. The software boosts frictionless email and SMS marketing experience to connect with your subscribers on the go.

You can create an instant SMS campaign and send personalized messages for marketing. Sender helps you build an SMS list by using in-house sign forms and popups. It also provides notifications to ensure SMS delivery.

The functionality works on similar lines of your email campaign that provides link tracking, and subscribers’ activity for better alignment and improved future experience.

Sender Email Marketing Pricing

Sender pricing plans are simple and straightforward. There are four pricing plans on offer:

Free Forever – $0 for up to 2500 subscribers to send 15000 emails a month

Standard – $50 per month for up to 20000 subscribers to send 240000 emails a month

Professional – $250 per month for up to 20000 subscribers to send 480000 emails a month

Enterprise – this is a custom pricing option for large business enterprises. To get the custom pricing, you will have to contact the Sender team.

There is also an email credits option for people who don’t use email services frequently. You can buy email credits under the Pay as you go plan depending on the number of emails you want to send.

The standard features include email automation and sender branding on all the pricing plans. Here is the detailed analysis of Sender pricing plans.

Can I make money with Sender email marketing? 

Yes, you can make direct money with the Sender email marketing platform through its affiliate program. The program offers 30% lifetime commissions on every sale you refer. To know more, check the Sender affiliate program details.

The other way to make money is to increase your business profits. Yes, using Sender’s email marketing features to perfection can increase your list of email subscribers.

The more subscribers you can make, the higher will be chances to market your products/business and expect sales and conversions.


  • Simple and easy-to-use – Simplicity and easiness are very important from a usability perspective. And Sender has both the factors to perfection. The software is not too complicated nor over-advanced. It works well for both beginners and experts alike.
  • Useful email marketing features – No doubt Sender has a majority of features that are required from implementing an email marketing campaign. Templates, newsletters, drag & drop features, and SMS messaging are a few of them that stand out. It is also good in providing automation related to tracking, and email deliverability to help grow your subscriber base.
  • Very generous free plan – Free-forever plan by Sender is one of the main highlights. Sending 15k emails for up to 2500 subscribers free of cost is one of its kind. It makes it the most preferred solution among online marketers, especially beginners who want to jumpstart their business.
  • Helpful resources – The supportive resources from Sender are very helpful. Although, the platform is easy to use there is no shortage of articles, training videos, and how-to guidelines to kick start your email campaign and continue using it.


  • Missing email marketing features – Sender has missed out on providing some of the most commonly-used email marketing features such as A/B testing, Landing pages, and Push Notifications. There is no mention of A/B testing anywhere, but landing pages and push notifications are under development and coming soon. This makes it look short-statured compared to other email marketing platforms.
  • Free plan lacks support – Expect to remain self-dependent if you are on Sender free pricing plan. There is no support on offer for free plan users. This could be a major drawback for beginners. Phone or email support could have been advantageous and appreciable.

Conclusion: Is the Sender email marketing platform recommended?

Sender email marketing features are ideal for online marketers, e-sellers, affiliates, and small business owners. To start an email marketing campaign, one needs basic features such as subscription form templates, newsletters, and advanced tracking which are all covered by Sender.

Pricing is another factor to consider Sender as a preferred email marketing solution. It is also important to know that Sender is still evolving as software. The platform lacks must-have features like landing pages and A/B testing which is part of almost every other email marketing company.

Still, these shortcomings do not make the platform undesirable. Sender email marketing platform is a perfect solution if you are just starting your online business journey on a tight budget. The software has the ingredients to fulfill the basic needs of an email marketing campaign and is well-recommended.

But, if you are looking for a similar platform that includes landing pages, and A/B testing under a free plan then check out my recommendation below.

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