Semrush Affiliate Program Review (2021): Get Paid with SEO

Semrush Affiliate Program Review

SEMRush needs no introduction especially if you are a blogger. But for other internet marketers, I may have some explaining to do. If you’re a marketer who’s looking to increase your organic traffic and sales, then this post is for you. This post is about the Semrush affiliate program review that has some great features to help you achieve your goals.

Is the Semrush affiliate program legit? Does it pay affiliates promptly? How long is the cookie duration?

Okay, enough of the questions. Read on to find answers to these questions as I go into details about the review.

Semrush Affiliate Program Review: What is Semrush?

SEMRush is a one-stop tool for digital marketers. It is a tool that is trusted by over 6 million users. It comes with more than 20 billion keywords.

What is the Semrush affiliate program?

SEMRush affiliate, which is also known as BERush, is a program where affiliates are paid commissions anytime the tool is sold through your affiliate link.

Affiliates of SEMRush can earn up to 40% commission every time someone purchases the tool.

It is an excellent opportunity for bloggers, SEO specialists, webmasters, and agencies to have a second source of income.

How does the Semrush affiliate program work?

Semrush affiliate program works like every other affiliate program. You will have to register on the affiliate website.

After signing up, you will have to start promoting the tool with your affiliate link. Once someone buys the tool, you will earn a commission.

How to join the Semrush affiliate program?

To join the program is simple and easy. The Semrush affiliate program is managed by Impact Radius. You will have to visit the affiliate website at and click “Join Now”.

Fill out the registration form and click “Sign Up”.

Your account is already pre-approved. So, just start promoting the tool through your affiliate link to stand the chance of earning your first commission.

How can I promote Semrush as an affiliate? 

Though the method of promoting Semrush will depend on your niche there are tested and proven ways that bloggers and affiliate marketers can use to increase leads and convert sales.

Below are some of the methods:

1. Email marketing – It has been proven over and over again that email marketing is a result-oriented way to promote any affiliate program.

You will have a high conversion rate if you have a huge subscribers list. This will surely put you ahead of your competitors.

2. Video tutorials – This is another way to promote Semrush. It is more engaging than text.

Make a video tutorial of Semrush and upload it on YouTube. Remember to include your affiliate link in the description box.

3. Social media advertising – Giveaway and paid advertising on different social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter can help you make a lot of sales because they can drive a lot of traffic to your page.

4. Blog posts – Of course, blog spots are still relevant. Write a good article about Semrush, include your affiliate link and post it on your blog.

Semrush Affiliate Program Commission Structure

Semrush comes with different pricing and plans. Below are tabulated pricing, plans, and commission rates.

Semrush Plan

Pricing Per Month

Monthly Commission










Can I make money with Semrush? 

Yes, you can make money with Semrush through its affiliate program that comes with a 10-year cookie life.

You can make up to 40% commission for every sale.

How much can I make with the Semrush affiliate program? 

There is no limit to the amount you can make with Semrush affiliate. It comes with a 40% commission. It means if someone subscribes to the Guru Plan which costs $229 per month, you will earn $91.6. If you make ten sales in a month, that is $916.

Beware of affiliate scams

There have been several reports of affiliate program scams. Some affiliates reach the minimum threshold but are unable to request payment.

Don’t fall into the hands of affiliate scammers. Semrush affiliate is tested and trusted.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is the Semrush affiliate program recurring?

Answer: Yes, you will earn a recurring commission as an affiliate. You will be paid every month until the user stops the subscription.

2. Do I need to be a user of Semrush before I can promote the tool?

Answer: No, it is not necessary but it is recommended that you are a user. This will help you to relate better with your audience and promote the tool well.

3. What is the minimum threshold for withdrawal?

Answer: The minimum threshold is $50 and withdrawal is through PayPal.

4. Can I withdraw through another payment option?

Answer: Yes, you can withdraw through wire transfer after you have reached a threshold of $1,000.

5. What days does Semrush pay its affiliates?

Answer: Payments are made on the 10th or 25th of every month.

6. Does Semrush have a refund policy?

Answer: Yes, it has a 7-day refund policy.


  • Easy to signup – Signing up for the Semrush affiliate program is a breeze. It takes just a couple of minutes to join the platform. All you need to do is provide your email address and the website link where you would want to promote the tool.
  • 100% approval – Your application is already pre-approved. This is unlike the other affiliate programs that make you pass through a lot of processes before approval is granted.
  • User-friendly dashboard – You would love the user-friendly dashboard that gives you real-time statistics about your affiliate efforts.
  • Extensive free trial – Semrush comes with a generous 7 days trial for all its affiliates. You may also be given an extended trial of 14 days or even 30 days. This would depend on your generated sales. It helps affiliates to use the tool firsthand to promote it better.
  • 10 years cookie life – You can take advantage of a 10-year cookie. This is unprecedented in the history of affiliate marketing.
  • Convenient payment system – Payment is done twice a month through PayPal after reaching the minimum threshold of $50. You can also get paid through wire transfer if you reach $1,000.
  • Great customer support – Semrush has great customer support. This also includes a dedicated affiliate manager to put you through to improve your earnings and overall experience.


  • High competition – One of the drawbacks of the program is its high level of competition. It will be difficult for newbies to outrank authority websites. Apart from that, the competition to rank with keywords related to Semrush is also high. But you can make headway if you write better content and build high authority backlinks that can outrank your competitors.
  • Limited payment option – The only payment option is PayPal. Though there is also wire transfer you will have to reach the $1,000 threshold which is not an easy task.

Conclusion: Is the Semrush Affiliate Program recommended?

You cannot go wrong with Semrush. It is one of the best tools for internet marketers. The affiliate program presents a great opportunity to earn extra income by the side.

No affiliate program can beat its 10-year cookie duration. This will help you to increase sales.

The fact that joining the affiliate program is already pre-approved makes it extremely easy to get started.

No one should miss the opportunity to become a Semrush affiliate member for anything.

It is the best opportunity for bloggers, webmasters, SEO professionals, PPC experts, and affiliate marketers. Remember, registration is free.

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