Sellfy Affiliate Program Review: Make Money Selling Creativity

Sellfy Affiliate Program Review

While an e-commerce store itself is a profit-making platform that you can run online to earn consistent money. It will be the icing on the cake if you can promote your e-commerce partner platform to double your earnings. Is this possible? Yes, it is with Sellfy. What is Sellfy? It is one of the tested and trusted platforms that provides e-commerce related digital solutions. Does it have an affiliate program? Absolutely, and this Sellfy affiliate program review will help you improve your online earnings with its features, and commissions.

You will also get to know about the good and bad things in the form of Sellfy affiliate program pros and cons.

Sellfy Affiliate Program Review: What is Sellfy?

Sellfy is an online digital solutions platform for the creators involved in the creation of digital assets. With Sellfy, you can sell e-books, designs, audio, video, or any other digital files by creating a store on the platform. Sellfy provides hosting, payment, downloading of files, and delivery options to help you run your business.

The company was launched in 2011 and has more than 200,000 creators using the platform to earn money.

What is the Sellfy affiliate program?

Sellfy runs an affiliate program to promote its features and increase its customer base through affiliate marketers. The company offers a minimum of 25% commissions followed by a tier-based increase in commission rates depending on the increase in referrals every month.

The commissions are payable when somebody joins the Sellfy platform and subscribe to its paid plans. The cookie period remains for 90-days.

The great thing about the Sellfy affiliate program is commissions are paid on a recurring basis for a lifetime. There are sufficient resources and tools offered by Sellfy to help its affiliate promote and implement its affiliate campaign.

How does the Sellfy affiliate program work?

Sellfy affiliate program is ideal for bloggers, creators, internet marketers, and anyone involved with some form of creativity and authority in the online industry.

To make some money with the Sellfy affiliate program you will have to register with your details by visiting and clicking on ‘Become an affiliate’.

The next page will guide you with step-by-step registration and joining requirements. The affiliate program is free to join and there is no obligation to be an existing user of Sellfy but it is highly recommended.

Sellfy features & services

Sellfy is known to provide advertising and selling features for many kinds of digital products. Some of the Sellfy features you can promote as an affiliate:

E-commerce store: Sellfy offers its users to sell their products by creating an e-commerce store. You get the features to customize the layout of your store by inserting logos, changing colors, etc. to make it look beautiful and attractive.

There is a shopping cart and setup of multiple languages option. Users can use their existing domains for their e-commerce store that is compatible with desktop and mobile devices. The store will be your go-to destination to promote and make money with your creativity.

Marketing features: Users can enhance the visibility of their stores by offering different discounting codes and upsells. The marketing features also include sending product updates through newsletters to turn your store visitors into regular subscribers.

You can even involve your social media channels by creating Facebook and Twitter ad pixels to track the performance of your store. Sellfy also offers simple linking options with your existing website, YouTube channel, and social media. You can add buy now buttons, product cards, product links, to make them look like your storefront.

Payments: Sellfy provides PayPal and Stripe payment options to its users. Both the channels are used worldwide to accept payment in different modes. The payment options are PCI-DSS equipped and possess unique download links to keep the data and payment details secure.

What are the ways to promote the Sellfy products? 

You can adopt many ways to promote Sellfy products considering the features and services it offers to its users.

Some of the traditional methods are writing a detailed blog post on Sellfy features, creating and uploading videos on your YouTube channel, building a newsletter or a landing page, and sending them to your subscribers with affiliate links.

You can also make use of promotion ideas and other tips or resources provided by Sellfy to improve your affiliate campaign.

Sellfy Affiliate program commissions 

The commission structure from Sellfy is very interesting as well as encouraging. It offers commissions in the range of 25%-40% depending on the increase in referral numbers every month.

There is a 5% increase with every 6+ sales in a month. That means if you have achieved 5 sales in the first month and 5-12 sales in the second month your commission percentage will increase from 25% to 30%.

The maximum commission tier range is up to 40%. Refer to the below table for a better understanding:

Sellfy also offers custom commission plans if you are able to achieve 100 sales every month. The actual earning figures will depend on Sellfy pricing and you can expect to make commissions based on the below assumptions:

Pricing Plans

Pricing (Per Month)

Commissions (minimum 25%)

Commissions (Recurring per month)

















There will be a significant increase in your commission amount every month with the increase in monthly referrals applying the Sellfy tier-based commission structure.

Dos and don’ts of Sellfy affiliate program

To remain compliant with the Sellfy affiliate program, make sure to follow below rules and regulations related to promotional methods and traffic sources:

  • Avoid self-referrals and referrals from third-party integrations or services,
  • PPC (Pay Per Click) ads keywords are not allowed,
  • Bidding on Sellfy coupons, Sellfy discounts, or other coupons are not allowed,
  • Traffic from coupon sites, deal sites are prohibited

Can I make money with the Sellfy affiliate program? 

Looking at the kind of solutions and dynamic commission structure of Sellfy you can expect to make some really cool cash every month. There is no shortage of creators who are looking to maximize and capitalize their creativity potentials into consistent income.

This is why platforms like Sellfy are useful that help many individuals turn into full-time entrepreneurs with their simple and engaging features.

The tier-based commission structure is very motivating and affiliate marketers with established authority can enjoy 3-4 figures recurring commissions every month.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. When does Sellfy pay its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid on the 15th of every month.

2. How does Sellfy pay its affiliates?

Answer: The affiliates can withdraw their payments using PayPal or Stripe. Sellfy offers alternative payment methods for users residing in non-PayPal regions.

3. Is there a threshold amount to withdraw the commissions?

Answer: Yes, the threshold amount is $5.

4. What is the support offered by Sellfy to its affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates can reach out to the Sellfy support team by sending an email at


  • Exciting niche to promote: E-books, comics, print-on-demand, and other digital marketing materials are growing with the age. With the world economy on the edges owing to the global pandemics and speculated recessions more and more people are turning towards online resources for learning and creating a source of income. In such a scenario, using and promoting Sellfy will have double income benefits.
  • High commission rates: The commissions between 25%-40% are very generous. The tier-based calculations on adding more referrals encourage the affiliates to push their promotional skills. Super affiliates referring to 100 sales or more can earn through custom commission plans. Add to that the different pricing options offered by Sellfy that are affordable and provide multiple choices. It’s almost a win-win situation for its affiliates.
  • Recurring earnings: The commissions are paid on a recurring basis every month. Affiliate marketing is built on the concept of making passive income even when you stop working. This concept is completely fulfilled by Sellfy offering recurring commissions that last till your referrals remain loyal to the platform.
  • Payment options: Unlike other platforms that solely rely on PayPal to release its affiliate’s payments, Sellfy also offers Stripe as an alternative to paying its affiliates. There is no restriction on affiliates from the non-PayPal region to join the program with the availability of other alternative payment methods offered by Sellfy.


  • Limited affiliate resources: While the resources and tools talk about promotional ideas and tips, the ads, banners, logos, and affiliate dashboard are missing in the affiliates section of Sellfy. Also, getting in touch with the team for any help is only through email. Lack of resources could lead to slow progress and conversions, especially for beginners.

Conclusion: Is the Sellfy affiliate program recommended?

Sellfy is an interesting platform that is built to provide features and services for future needs. The online presence is ever-growing and so is the demand for digital products. This makes Sellfy worth the investment for brighter prospects.

The affiliate program associated with promoting its features is beneficial in many ways. Not only the platform can be used to promote your creativity but you can also make money sharing the platform itself.

Commission rates and structure, 90-days cookie duration, and payment options are worth mentioning. Above all, the commissions are paid on a recurring basis for a lifetime.

With affiliate resources and support as an exception, the Sellfy affiliate program is worth joining and recommended for every online marketer, and affiliates looking to build a source of passive income.

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