Salesforce Email Studio Review: Features, Benefits, Pros, and Cons

salesforce email studio review

Nothing can indeed stay hidden under the sun. This is why I have decided to make Salesforce Email Studio review so that many more people can know about the tool and put it to maximum use.

There is no doubt that email has become the most cost-effective way to create marketing campaigns. It gives you better conversations, click-throughs and you can engage a larger number of customers. The fact that many customers trust email makes it more useful.

Salesforce Email Studio will help you in no small ways to jump-start your marketing campaigns. Read on as I make a detailed review of this incredible email marketing program.

Salesforce Email Studio Review: What is Salesforce Email Studio?

Salesforce Email Studio is an email marketing software for basic email marketing campaigns and sophisticated one-on-one messages.

It was started in 2000 and founded by Chris Baggott, Scott Dorsey, and Peter McCormick. The company is based in Indianapolis, Indiana, the United States of America.

Salesforce Email Studio is perfect for small, medium, and large organizations for result-oriented email marketing campaigns. It is one of the leading enterprise email marketing platforms that allow marketers to deliver exceptional personalized messages.

You can tailor each of the messages using the 2D view alongside the Drag and Drop tools. The integration of Einstein AI into the tool makes it easy for email marketers to predict what the customers need.

Features of Salesforce Email Studio

Salesforce Email Studio is designed with some fantastic built-in features. Here are some of the features:

  1. Email personalization – The Einstein AI feature allows you to tailor your email content based on the behavior of the customer.
  2. One-on-one relationship – You can create and maintain a one-on-one relationship with your audience even if they are up to one million. This makes the tool very scalable and flexible too.
  1. Responsive design – Your email messages can be optimized for mobile to ensure the messages are received exactly the way they are intended.
  2. Engaging messages – You can create engaging messages that enhance your relationship with your customers.
  3. HTML code – You can code your message if you don’t want to use the templates. This helps you to build a message that meets your needs.
  4. Performance reports – You will get real-time reports on your campaign messages. This will help you to measure your progress in the life of the campaign.
  5. Integration – The tool integrates perfectly with most e-commerce platforms, and can be linked directly to your online shop. It also integrates well with social media platforms. This helps to widen your reach.

Benefits of using Salesforce Email Studio

There are some benefits accrued to using the tool. Below are some of them:

  1. Targeted email campaigns – Email Studio helps you to segment and organize email messages according to some characteristics. With this, you can create targeted emails which also save you some time.
  2. Dynamic emails – The tool comes with plenty of mobile-responsive email templates. These templates can be customized to meet your needs. This means you can create dynamic messages that fit divergent purposes.
  3. Automation functions – Any email campaign tool that is worth its salt must have some automation functions. This is because email messages need to be sent at the right time. With the automation functions, you can schedule your email messages so that they are received when you want them. Another important automation function is data importation and reports. The automated reports ensure that you know about the performance of your email campaigns and importing data simplifies everything.
  4. Email optimization – There are different audiences when it comes to email campaigns. So, it makes sense to test out campaigns to find out which one works and which doesn’t. A/B testing helps you to achieve this purpose.
  5. High-volume sending – With Email Studio, you can send thousands of unique and personalized messages in a matter of seconds.

How to start using Salesforce Email Studio

To start using the tool, you have to visit the website at and click on “TRY FOR FREE” and fill out your personal information.

Salesforce Email Studio Pricing and Plans 

The price starts from $25 per month. You will have to call 1-800-720-0371 to get the full pricing and plans since it is not stated on the website. You can also do a live chat right from the website.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What type of support does Salesforce Email Studio offer?

Answer: The supports are through email, phone, live support, and ticket.

2. Is there a free version?

Answer: There is no free version but there is a 14-day free trial.

3. Is Salesforce Email Studio ideal for large email campaigns?

Answer: Yes.

Who is it for?

It is designed for email marketers and CRMs. This is intuitive software that is perfect for small, medium, and large companies.


  • Ease of use – The tool is pretty easy to use. You don’t have to know how to code before you can effectively deploy the software.
  • Ideal for personalized emails – Salesforce Email Studio can handle any email campaigns from the basic ones to the more complex campaigns. It delivers promotional, transactional, and triggered email messages in real-time.
  • Free trial version – There is a free trial version you can use for just 14 days. This helps you to test the functionality and effectiveness of the tool before making an outright purchase.
  • Flexible and dynamic – There are different email templates to choose from to get your email campaigns started. You can also switch between templates and codes to build the perfect look for your email campaigns.
  • Real-time analytics – It is important to know how your email campaign is performing. This is why real-time analytics is necessary. It helps you to monitor your campaign performance. You can monitor the customers’ journey so you can properly optimize your campaigns to ensure that you engage your audience better.
  • Supports different devices – This is one of the best parts of using the Salesforce Email Studio. It supports different devices like Android, iPhone/iPad, Mac, Linux, and Windows. It is also web-based.
  • Multilingual language support – The support team can speak 7 different languages including English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Swedish, and Portuguese. This means language is not a barrier.
  • No software to install – The tool is completely cloud-based. This means you don’t have to install any software and the tool can also be scaled.


  • Expensive – There is no doubt that smaller businesses will find the tool crazy expensive. The cost starts from $25. Smaller companies cannot afford it.
  • Updates are needed – Since it is a cloud-based tool, you will need to constantly update the software to be up to date. Its performance will be limited if it is not updated.

Legit or scam

Salesforce Email Studio is a 100% legit email marketing tool designed for small, medium, and large companies. It is an effective email marketing solution for starting robust email campaigns.

Conclusion: Is the Salesforce Email Studio recommended?

Yes, it is 100% recommended if you are an email marketer or running a CRM-based business. Salesforce Email Studio will help you grow your business with its useful features.

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