Pink Zebra MLM Review: Make Money with Pink Zebra Fragrances?

Pink Zebra MLM

Refreshing and soothing fragrances are great to smell. They help in building a bond and keep you closer to your loved ones. Some of the fragrances are manufactured to improve home decoration and create a feel-good environment. But can fragrances change lives? Can the candles, and diffusers help you earn enough money to make a living? I will answer these questions in this Pink Zebra MLM review. So, what is Pink Zebra?

It is an MLM company that offers an earning opportunity through direct selling of its fragrance products.

Let’s know more about how the Pink Zebra MLM works, the commissions it offers, and the pros, and cons of joining the MLM program.

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Pink Zebra MLM Review: What is Pink Zebra?

Pink Zebra is a Multilevel Marketing company that sells fragrances in the form of wax & warmers, oils, diffusers, soaps, and sanitizers.

Pink Zebra was founded by Tom and Kelly Gaines based out of the US. It also has a presence in Canada.

What is the Pink Zebra MLM program?

Pink Zebra primarily sells their products through direct sales. The sales are achieved by recruiting independent consultants who work on commissions and incentives in return.

The consultants have to purchase products and sell them directly to customers/friends/relatives, etc. to earn commissions. They also have to make a team of members to make extra bonuses and incentives under the MLM commission plan.

How does the Pink Zebra MLM program work?

The Pink Zebra MLM works by becoming an independent consultant. Individuals have to find or get in touch with one of the existing Pink Zebra consultants to become a member.

You can also join Pink Zebra MLM by visiting the website and searching for a consultant by entering your relevant pin code.

The joining criteria are to purchase one of the kits offered by Pink Zebra. There are two types of kits. A Starter kit is worth $129 and a Deluxe kit is priced at $199. Both the purchases will cost you additional money on taxes and shipping.

The starter kits include product samples, brochures, and business tools with a personal website to begin your independent consultant journey.

The personal website is free for the first month and thereon the consultants can maintain it by paying $11.95 per month.

Pink Zebra products

Some of the Pink Zebra products that independent consultants can promote and sell by hosting parties, promotional events, etc. are:

Sprinkles – The products include Sprinkle jars that cost $10 each. The Jars are offered under different aromas that easily melt in pot warmers.

Soaks – These are bottles that can be used as sprays to freshen up the rooms. Each bottle is priced at $14 and mixes up quite well with Pink Zebra-provided diffusers.

Sanitizers – Pink Zebra sanitizers are sold under Supa Clean category that provides anti-bacterial hand soaps. The products are made using Cashmere Cedar fragrance and cost $11 for each bottle.

Are the Pink Zebra products worth their price? 

When compared to other fragrance products in the same category, Pink Zebra products are comparatively cheap or at the same price. There are a few products sold under bundles that may cost higher.

But overall, Pink Zebra has kept the pricing of its products really competitive and affordable.

From the quality perspective, there are a few issues highlighted by customers on various platforms. Most of them are related to the durability and lasting fragrance impact of Pink Zebra products.

One of the drawbacks of fragrance products is sustainability. No one fragrance or product can remain available for a long time and this could break a lot of customer deals.

The lack of performance and availability of Pink Zebra products has garnered less than 3 stars which are below par.

How to make money with the Pink Zebra MLM program? 

There are basically two ways to make money with the Pink Zebra MLM.

One is by direct selling – Here you can organize parties, attend exhibitions, and retail events to promote and sell Pink Zebra products.

The second is by attaining leadership – This is where you can earn extra incentives, and bonuses by making a team of members under your mentorship.

Pink Zebra compensation plan 

Pink Zebra compensation plan is not too broad or too simple. It is moderately understandable as compared to other MLM program compensation plans that are complex and confusing.

By direct selling, consultants are offered commissions up to 35% on the commissionable value that is calculated on product catalog price and sale volume.

Below is one of the examples of how you can earn commissions calculating catalog and sale volume:

Consultants are also offered 7% enrolling bonuses on sponsoring someone into their team irrespective of rankings. The more people your sponsor and progress to different levels of leadership, the higher will be your bonuses.

Pink Zebra obliges its consultants to achieve $200 value SV (Sale Volume) within the first 6 months of your joining to maintain their consultant status.

Here is the whole Pink Zebra compensation plan for more details.

Can I make money with the Pink Zebra MLM program? 

Making money with any MLM business model is possible only after spending enough time, and money, working on learning, dedication, and persistence. And this is true for Pink Zebra MLM as well.

Fragrances by no means are hard to find. In fact, there are many other companies in the MLM segment itself that offer these products. Plus, the online availability of such products at much lower prices makes earning money with Pink Zebra MLM more competitive.

Add to that the investment aspect. The starting cost is on the higher side plus the money related to purchasing products to keep your position active, and monthly website maintenance will add to the spending woes.

All these factors are not encouraging to make money with Pink Zebra MLM.

Is the Pink Zebra MLM a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

No. Pink Zebra MLM is not a scam. The company is in existence for more than 2 decades selling fragrance products and still going strong.

Pink Zebra focuses more on selling their products and offering commissions on sales so it cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme. Pyramid schemes do not have physical products to sell and rely purely on recruitment.


  • Pink Zebra’s existence – Pink Zebra has a proven history of running the business in the fragrance industry. Remaining in business for more than 2 decades highlights it strong financial base and reliability that are important from a joining point of view.
  • Product pricing – The pricing of Pink Zebra products is lower. This makes it one of the affordable products on offer through direct sales methods. The company also offers specialized discounts and deals on selected bundled products.
  • Good MLM resources – Consultants are offered exclusive training, and promotional resources after joining. The great part of Pink Zebra training is the invitations to different rallies, events, and exhibitions that can be utilized by its consultants to achieve higher sales.


  • High start-up cost – The cost to start with Pink Zebra is higher. The overall cost that includes purchasing a starter kit, and maintaining a consultant position and personal website will be more than $400 a month. Consultants are also required to bear shipping fees if the purchase order is below $50.
  • Bad customer ratings – The ratings and reviews surrounding the Pink Zebra product’s sustainability are poor. There are many complaints and questions on the availability of the same fragrance products and their long-lasting impact. This may not bode well from a selling perspective.
  • Difficult to make money – Pink Zebra is an MLM. Making money is not impossible but is difficult. Working with MLM’s is not easy and requires specialized skills and dedication to achieve good financial success.

Conclusion: Is the Pink Zebra MLM recommended?

The Pink Zebra MLM opportunity sounds great on paper. The tools, resources, and product pricing are some of the positives to take away. These three factors are really important for making consistent sales and money.

However, to start with Pink Zebra you need to have a good amount of money. Plus, count on the hard work required to make sales, traveling required to promote, and continuous recruiting to remain active and earn extra bonuses which could be highly demanding.

Spending 100’s of dollars just to purchase the products and keep your position active to earn less money is not recommended.

Instead, you can invest the same amount of money or even lesser to do my recommended business below. It does not involve any purchasing of products, or recruitment and is a blueprint to earn a 4-figure monthly income.

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