Pabbly Affiliate Program Review: Is it worth joining and recommended?

Pabbly Affiliate Program Review

Some affiliate programs are worth joining simply because of the commissions and benefits they offer to their affiliates. It’s the icing on the cake if you have relevant products and services offered by your affiliate company for promotion. I have recently found a company that pays 30% recurring commissions through its affiliate program. It’s called Pabbly. Let me reveal all the details about products, commissions, pros, and cons in this Pabbly Affiliate Program review.

Pabbly has some very useful features that help you build a perfect email campaign along with feedback form creation. It also allows you to automate the billing process through its subscription billing tool.

Pabbly Affiliate Program Review: What is Pabbly?

Pabbly is a one-stop-shop of powerful tools related to form creation, email marketing, and billing automation.

With Pabbly, you are at will to create and send emails, collect feedback from your customers, and manage your payments by using their software. Pabbly also provides smooth integration of data between multiple applications and you can use its verification tool to track email open and click rates.

Pabbly was started by its founders Pankaj & Neeraj Agarwal in 2009 as a teaching institution and later turned into software creation in 2011.

What is the Pabbly affiliate program?

Pabbly affiliate program is where you can earn commissions by referring visitors to buy Pabbly products. The program offers 30% flat commissions that are recurring every month.

The commissions are paid every month and you can track the progress of your affiliate membership through Pabbly’s affiliate program dashboard.

30% recurring commissions are worth joining the Pabbly affiliate program considering the products and pricing it offers to its customers.

How does the Pabbly affiliate program work?

Pabbly affiliate program works by becoming its affiliate. You have to create a free account by filling in your details. Once you complete your sign-up you can start using Pabbly affiliate links to share on your website, social media, etc.

Once your visitors purchase Pabbly products using your affiliate links you earn flat 30% commissions on the product price that will be paid every month till your customer remains active.

Pabbly offers dedicated support to its affiliates and has a 30-days cookie period. The best thing about the Pabbly affiliate program is you can earn commissions even for the products that were not originally clicked but purchased by your customer.

How to join the Pabbly affiliate program?

To become an affiliate, click
and create your free account. You don’t have to be an existing member of Pabbly to be an affiliate.

Pabbly products 

Pabbly has a set of software tools that help their customers build a seamless email campaign and manage different aspects related to it through automation. Below is the list of products that can be promoted by you as an affiliate:

Pabbly Connect: Pabbly connect is an integration app that works with more than 700 apps such as Google, PayPal, WordPress, Facebook, E-commerce, etc. to set task-based reminders, dictate workflows, and transfer all kinds of data to save time and effort.

Form Builder: Pabbly Form Builder is a tool to create all kinds of forms and templates. It has a drag & drop feature that helps in building forms to create landing pages, feedback surveys, leads, etc.

Email Marketing: Pabbly has an Email Marketing tool that covers all the basic and some of the advanced features required to build a powerful email campaign. The features include a drag & drop functionality, in-built SMTP, automation, tracking, and more.

Email Verification: Email Verification is a powerful feature that ensures your emails reach valid email IDs. The feature is helpful in reducing bounce rates and duplication and ensures 98% deliverability.

Subscription Billing: You can manage your subscription, billings, and payment via the Pabbly Subscription Billing feature. It is an all-in-one tool to track and handle all the tasks related to the payments of your customers.   

Pabbly products are not advanced in nature but have perfect relevancy for all the business needs. The best part is Pabbly has set the pricing very competitive for their products to have maximum customer reach.

The benefits of joining the Pabbly affiliate program 

There are some really cool benefits of joining the Pabbly affiliate program:

  • Recurring commissions: Recurring commissions are very enticing. The fact that you keep receiving 30% commissions every month makes you go for the Pabbly affiliate program. The only drawback is that you won’t be paid until your referrals continue to use Pabbly products for 60-days.
  • Pabbly Products: Pabbly products are actually good. The email marketing tools, subscription forms, and billing features are related to each other which means the customers who buy one product will be interested in buying other products also. This increases the chances of making more money as an affiliate.
  • Cookie-lasting Period: 30-days cookie period is not too long but sufficient enough to get you customers. The free trial offered by Pabbly to use its features is important in bringing back your visitors. If your visitors purchase a product within 30-days you become eligible to earn commissions.
  • Affiliate Support: Pabbly provides dedicated support to its affiliates. They also help their affiliates track their progress and commissions via a dashboard. The support factor is beneficial in the long run for most of the affiliates especially beginners.

Pabbly pricing plans and affiliate commissions 

Creating an account with Pabbly is free. They offer different pricing plans to cater to all types of customer needs. You can expect to earn the following commissions based on the pricing of each product:

Pricing Plans


Affiliate Commissions (30%)

Affiliate Commissions (Recurring)


$19 per month

$5.70 per month

$68.40 per year


$37 per month

$11.10 per month

$134.20 per year


$57 per month

$17.10 per month

$205.20 per year


$79 per month

$23.70 per month

$284.40 per year


Pabbly also offers a lifetime deal plan for which they pay 20% flat commissions.

Do’s and Don’ts of Pabbly affiliate program

There are some restrictions one needs to follow while promoting Pabbly products. Below traffic resources are allowed by Pabbly:

  • You can promote Pabbly products via affiliate links on your website, or blog posts
  • You can use the email marketing method to promote Pabbly products via newsletter, or landing pages
  • Pabbly affiliate links can be shared on social media posts for promotion
  • You can also create a YouTube video sharing Pabbly products and their benefits with your audience

Following sources of traffic is not allowed:

  • Coupon or discount websites
  • PPC Ads in any form including Google Ads, and Bing Ads
  • Brand bidding practices
  • Direct linking practices

Can I make money with the Pabbly affiliate program? 

Yes, you can make up to 30% commissions on a recurring basis every month. The Pabbly products, support, and pricing make it one of the most sought-after platforms for most mid and small-size businesses.

Your authoritative online presence and marketing skills can bring in consistent affiliate commissions every month.

Is the Pabbly affiliate program legit or a scam? 

Pabbly is not a scam. It is a legit platform serving its users with simple but useful marketing automation tools since 2009.

The affiliate program associated with Pabbly is a proven method to promote its products and earn recurring affiliate commissions.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is the Pabbly affiliate program free to join?

Answer: Yes, you just have to register yourself as an affiliate to join the Pabbly affiliate program.

2. When do Pabbly pay their affiliates?

Answer: Affiliates are paid every month via PayPal or Bank transfer within 7 days of affiliate report generation.

3. Is there a condition applied by Pabbly to release affiliate commissions?

Answer: Yes, Pabbly releases the affiliate commissions only after your referred customer remains active for 60-days.

4. Is there a minimum payout threshold under the Pabbly affiliate program?

Answer: Yes, the minimum payout threshold is $50.

5. What is the affiliate support offered by Pabbly?

Answer: Affiliate can reach out to the support team by sending a message through the contact form or send an email at


  • Pabbly affiliate program is free to join. You don’t have to be an existing user of Pabbly to promote its products
  • The 30% commission offered by Pabbly is on the higher side. You can make a good amount of money every month by promoting Pabbly products. You can even earn commissions on products that were not originally clicked by customers
  • Pabbly products are of great value. Email marketing tools and automation software are in high demand and always in use by many enterprises and individuals
  • You can use various channels such as blogs, social media, and emails to promote Pabbly products
  • There is a dashboard to monitor your affiliate progress. You also remain updated on link clicks, income generated, and commission payouts through this dashboard
  • You can reach out to Pabbly’s affiliate support team for any queries or issues related to its affiliate program. The response turnaround time is 12 hrs which is fairly quick


  • The cookie duration of 30-days is comparatively at the lower side
  • There is no mention of affiliate resources such as banners, ads, or deep linking. This could be a major drawback in terms of promotion and conversion
  • Promotions and traffic through PPC clicks are not allowed
  • There is a 60-day waiting period to release affiliate payments. The waiting period is too long and unfair for its affiliates
  • Affiliate support is limited. There is no support via phone and no clarity on live chat for its affiliates
  • Affiliate’s have to abide by a $50 payout threshold limit before their payments are released by Pabbly

Conclusion: Is the Pabbly affiliate program worth joining and recommended?

Pabbly has done well by offering 30% commissions to its affiliate which is mouth-watering. Recurring payments of commissions spices up the overall credibility of its affiliate program.

It allows you to promote its products through various online channels, the cookie duration is fair, and the products offered by Pabbly are very competitive.

However, there are some concerns regarding their affiliate support and limitations on promoting and releasing affiliate payments. The unavailability of affiliate tools and resources adds to the woes.

Such a conservative approach is quite disappointing and Pabbly may find it difficult to convince a lot of affiliates to join their program.

If you are okay with the above shortcomings in the Pabbly affiliate program then there is no harm in joining and adding another earning resource to your affiliate kit.

30% recurring commissions are very generous and luring irrespective of the incomplete affiliate package. So go ahead and give it a try.

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