Omnitrition MLM Review (2022): Make money selling Omni drops?

Omnitrition MLM Review

Nutritional supplements are instrumental in boosting your overall health but it becomes icing on the cake if you are able to make some money out of selling such supplements. So, if you like the idea of having nutritional supplements for self-consumption and making some money selling them then this Omnitrition MLM review is germane.

In this post, you will learn what is Omnitrition and its MLM program, how it works, what products it offers, the compensation it pays to its distributors, and finally the pros and cons of working with its MLM program.

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Omnitrition MLM Review: What is Omnitrition?

Omnitrition is a standard health and wellness company that offers nutritional supplements for better health. The main category of products associated with Omnitrition is in weight loss, nutrition, energy, and overall fitness.

The company had its share of success and controversies surrounding one of its products and business methods, however, it is still in the business which is worth mentioning.

Omnitrition International, Inc. was started in 1989 which makes it among the list of long-serving MLM companies. The company was founded by Roger and Barbara Daley based out of Nevada, the US.

What is Omnitrition MLM?

Omnitrition MLM is a direct-selling business model where individuals can become distributors to earn some money by selling Omnitrition products.

The MLM program is a business opportunity based on a compensation plan derived from product sales and recruitment of people.

Omnitrition offers training, tools, and community support to its distributors. The MLM program is aimed to provide financial freedom to people looking to make money from home.

How does Omnitrition MLM work?

Omnitrition starter kit

Omnitrition MLM is a sponsor-based opportunity where individuals have to join the company as Associates. The joining formality is dependent on purchasing a distributor kit that costs $49.95 which is surprisingly low.

The distributor kit will give you membership access as well as marketing materials, product samples, rules and regulation handbook, etc. to jumpstart your business.

$49.95 should be paid every year to keep your membership active.

Omnitrition products

Omnitrition products indulge in scientifically-based nutraceutical supplements.

Here are some of the highlighted products of Omnitrition that can be part of your selling campaign:

Omni drops – Omni drops are made of a homeopathic formula that provides a superior source of Vitamin B-12. The product is part of the Omni diet plan from Omnitrition and comes with complete instruction guidelines on its consumption.

Omni drops

Omni drops help you manage weight in the long run but works well only if you follow the diet plan associated with it.

Omni Charge powder – The Charge powder is a dietary supplement consisting of vitamins (A, B, C, E) that helps improve overall physical energy. Some of the other ingredients include natural and artificial fruit flavors and citric acid.

Omnitrition charge powder

Charge powder is also available in a sugar-free version and can be consumed as capsules as well. As per Omnitrition, this product should be not used in conjunction with its Omni diet program.

Omnitrition CBD oil – Omnitrition CBD oil is made of organic MCT and hemp oil ingredients. This product will help you improve sleep, manage weight, control inflammation, and reduce some sort of body pain.

Omnitrition CBD oil

Omnitrition CBD products also come in capsules and lotion.

You will also find Omnitrition products in antioxidants, phytonutrients, collagen peptides, and immunity defense categories.

Omnitrition products are backed by a 30-day return with a 100% refund policy. The products can be replaced or fully refunded if found to be non-satisfactory or damaged and this policy applies to Omnitrition associates which can help them boost sales.

Are Omnitrition products worth their price?

Omnitrition products are typical health and wellness supplements and it is worth mentioning that it may not be easier to sell such products in the over-competitive market.

It is, therefore, necessary to measure the performance and analyze the pricing of Omnitrition products to edge over its competitors.

Omnitrition drops are something that is highly researched online and this product is also available on Amazon but it is always better to purchase it directly from Omnitrition associates to receive the original product only.

Going by the online reviews, Omni drops perform well on what it claims. Many users are happy with the results of Omni drops and it won’t be wrong to say that this is one of the flagship products of Omnitrition that is well-received.

Omnitrition product reviews

One of the drawbacks of Omni drops is they may not produce effective results without following the diet plan from Omnitrition and this has been highlighted by its users.

In terms of pricing, one Omni drop program bottle (4 fl. Oz.) will cost you $90.85. If you look for a similar alternative on Amazon then the Omni drop bottle is more expensive than its competitors. Here is an example:

This alternative is rated highly and will cost only $34.95 for a 2 fl. Oz. bottle. A 4 fl. Oz bottle will cost close to $70.

It is important to note that Omni drop is a dietary supplement for weight loss with an exception of homeopathic ingredients. This may not be enough to justify the higher pricing.

Expensiveness could make selling Omnitrition products difficult and overshadow their worthiness.

How to make money with Omnitrition MLM?

Being an MLM, Omnitrition mainly works on two money-making aspects:

Direct selling of products – Here you can purchase the products from Omnitrition at wholesale price for being its distributor and sell them at retail price to keep the difference as profits.

Making money on your referral sales – Here you will have to build a team of people who can buy products and sell them further to more customers. This will result in sales commissions as well as recruitment bonuses.

Omnitrition compensation plan

So, what happens when you perform on the above two aspects? Omnitrition will pay you according to its compensation plan as below:

Retail profits – As mentioned above, the distributors of Omnitrition can purchase products at a discounted price and sell them at a retail price. The selling price and discounted price difference remain your retail profits.

This is one of the core methods to make money by selling products directly to retail customers.

Discount or Wholesale profits – The discount profit or wholesale profit can be earned when you sponsor a new distributor under your team.

The profits are calculated based on your personal discount level and the products purchased at a discounted price by your sponsored distributor.

Similarly, a wholesale profit is a difference between the discounted price paid by your downline for the products purchased by you at a whole pricing discount.

This is very much similar to retail profits but can be earned consistently depending on the number of recruits you sponsor.

Royalty Override – The Royalty Override bonus is applicable when you personally achieve a fully qualified supervisor level.

The Override is paid when you help your downlines achieve similar status. The percentage of override is 5% calculated on the royalty value of your personal or group volume.

Omnitrition compensation plan

The volumes taken into consideration for paying royalty override are through three generations of fully qualified supervisors under your mentorship.

Periodic Promotional bonus – This bonus is level-based. You need to be a top-level fully qualified supervisor to earn a certain percentage of bonus calculated on Omnitrition’s national sales volume.

The compensation plan details are conservative. You can go through the details here

Overall, the Omnitrition compensation plan works on the direct sale of products and consistent sponsoring of people which is the trademark of every other MLM program.

Can you make money with Omnitrition MLM?

With the limited information on its compensation plan, Omnitrition does not believe in releasing an income disclosure statement for its distributors too.

Knowing that the company is in business for 3 decades, it’s kind of disappointing not to share the income figures of its representatives. Is it too good or is it too bad? Most of us think the latter otherwise there could be no reason to hide this document.

Anyway, it’s not compulsory to disclose the income statement so we will consider some other factors that could be vital in forming the decision on making money with Omnitrition MLM.

First things first, Omnitrition products are worth quality but too expensive to be preferred to its competitors. Unless you are too skillful and come out all guns blazing the chances are mere to sell these products consistently.

Secondly, when the competition is big it is hard to find new people who can be part of your team and help you make money. MLMs have momentum in their initial phase but Omnitrition is an established player, where making money as a new distributor could be very challenging.

Last and not least, the compensation plan has its share of complexities in the form of volumes and distributor levels. If not evident, I am quite sure there are monthly sales quotas to remain an active member of Omnitrition MLM.

So, considering all these factors, if you cannot sell the products consistently you may not find new people to recruit and without these two you may not able to achieve the monthly sales quota which can result in disqualification of your membership without you earning a penny.

Is Omnitrition a scam or a pyramid scheme?

It is not easy to survive the challenges of MLM business methods that too in the health and wellness industry. Omnitrition has been achieving this feat since 1989. It is not a scam.

People who term it as a scam are those who cannot stand the challenges of the MLM business method and quit without any success.

Omnitrition pays its distributors for the product sales achieved by themselves and their team members. The number of recruitments is essential to increase the income but not obligatory.

Hence, Omnitrition cannot be called a pyramid scheme company that primarily makes profits by just adding people.

Omnitrition lawsuits and controversies

Omnitrition had its share of bad luck in the form of lawsuits and controversies. The company was sued in 1996 by its own distributors claiming that it is running a pyramid scheme deceptively. The case was settled in the favour of Omnitrition dismissing all the charges. 

In 2017, another lawsuit was filed against its product Omni drops. It was alleged that Omni drops product is being promoted with false claims and misguiding facts. Again, the case was dismissed in favor of Omnitrition.


Omnitrition is a well-settled company – There is no doubt about the legitimacy and trustworthiness of Omnitrition. This is one of the positive factors in joining its MLM program.

The long history can play a big role in learning the aspects of the MLM business model.

Products are well-received – Irrespective of the pricing, Omnitrition products are well-received and praised for their effectiveness and health benefits.

The testimonials are backed by a 30-day return and refund policy that can surely help you boost sales and recruitment.


Lacks transparency – Not too much is written about Omnitrition’s background history and its founders. The available information seems cooked up and there are no management details either.

To make the matters worse, you won’t find a detailed compensation plan and an income disclosure statement upfront, unlike other MLM companies.

Over-priced products in an over-competitive market – Omnitrition products are pricey. This can make selling difficult in a market that is already full of health supplements.

Remember, if you can’t sell the products, you won’t be able to make money with Omnitrition.

Conclusion: Is Omnitrition MLM worth it and recommended?

I am very skeptical about the Omnitrition MLM opportunity. Yes, the health and wellness industry has the potential to generate massive profits but for that, you need to have competitive products and an enthusiastic business approach.

Both elements are missing from Omnitrition. The joining cost is low, making it affordable across sections, but sustaining your membership for a long time is questionable.

Monthly sales volume and recruitment of people cannot be achieved forever. MLMs have a 1% quota of successful people and if you want to be one of them then keep selling and recruiting.

Personally, I won’t recommend Omnitrition MLM as a permanent earning opportunity. The best alternative to MLMs is making money online and in this, you will find many profitable business methods. One of them is affiliate marketing which I do personally.

If you want to know more about it then check my recommendation below.

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