My Daily Choice MLM Review (2022): Is it the right choice to make money?

My Daily Choice MLM Review

Selling products from home is a comfortable way to work and make money. One of the ideal sources in this section is MLM or Multilevel Marketing. Most of the MLMs deal in health and wellness products and we are going to talk about one such MLM company called ‘My Daily Choice’. Can it really become your daily choice to make money? You will find out in this detailed My Daily Choice MLM review post.

Learn the secrets behind how this MLM works, what products it offers and compensation it pays, and most importantly the pros and cons of working with its MLM program.

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My Daily Choice MLM Review: What is My Daily Choice?

My Daily Choice is a multilevel marketing company that sells health and nutritional supplements consisting of CBD. It has products that work on improving immunity, the digestive system, and weight management. My Daily Choice also offers products in the skincare, traveling, and digital currency segments.

The company was started by Josh and Jenna Zwagil in 2014. The company recorded more than $170 million in sales in 2019 through networking marketing distribution. It expanded its presence in Europe, Asia, and Latin America, and is headquartered in Las Vegas, the US.

What is My Daily Choice MLM?

My Daily Choice MLM is a financial opportunity where individuals can earn money by selling its products. The company offers retail profits and residual commissions on product sales and for recruiting people in the MLM business.

The MLM program includes special discounts (up to 20%) on product purchases and early access to sales and promotions offers.

There is a free training program for its members along with business tools such as a replicated website, mobile app, lead capture pages, and contact management support.

How does My Daily Choice MLM work?

You will have to enroll as an Affiliate to work with My Daily Choice MLM. The enrolment fee is $20 which gives you access to a virtual back office to maintain your membership and business. 

To get started, provide your referrer’s Id who introduced you to My Daily Choice. You can contact the support team who will connect you with a referrer near your location in case you don’t know any sponsor.

The next step is to buy a product kit. There are multiple options that range from $69 to $599. Each product kit is assigned with a BV (Business Volume) that will decide your qualification to earn commissions.

Once you have completed all the steps and your account is approved, you can then start sharing and selling products through the business tools provided by My Daily Choice.

My Daily Choice products

It is better to know the line of products offered by My Daily Choice because this is what you would be using for your own health benefits and sharing with others to make some money. Some of the key products include:

My Daily Choice CBD oil – The CBD oil is sold under the brand HempWorx. The products under HempWorx are made of high-quality Hemp seed oil. Apart from CBD oil, plant-powered vitamins, amino acids, and minerals are also used to prepare shampoos, conditioners, cleansers, creams, etc. for good-looking skin and hair.

My Daily Choice CBD oil

Some of the products under HempWorx include CBD oil 750, 500, Relief tropical cream, Revive night cream, coffee, hair mask, etc.

My Daily Choice Essential oil – Essential oil or aromatic oils are made from natural plants like lavender, peppermint, eucalyptus, tea tree, lemon tree, etc. that smell really nice. The oil is extracted from the rich essence of these plants consisting of herbs, flowers, fruits, roots, and trees that are helpful in personal wellness, household cleaning, and aromatherapy.

My Daily Choice Essential oil

Products made of Essential oils are sold under the brand Mantra which includes body wash, body lotion, body scrub, body roll-ons, and a variety of therapeutic oils in different flavors.

My Daily Choice Daily sprays – Daily sprays are a kind of replacement for nutritional supplements that can be carried anywhere. It works on a micronized delivery system that can be used in three simple ways shaking, pumping, and spraying in your mouth.

My Daily Choice Daily sprays

These sprays are made of necessary vitamins and nutritional ingredients. Some of the popular ones are Trim 365 to manage weight, Boost for physical energy, Shield for the immune system, Brain for mental health, etc. Sprays are a good change from the typical capsule and shake supplements which can be used on the go.

Other than wellness products, My Daily Choice has a few services in other categories such as digital currency and traveling.

It offers AkashX which is an educational tool to learn about mastering digital currencies. This is a membership-based program and teaches how to make profits trading in cryptocurrency.

Then there is High Life Travel which is again a membership program to avail yourself of benefits and discounts on your traveling needs. The program has partners like Royal Caribbean, Disney Cruise Line, Hilton, Marriot, etc.

Members of this traveling program get big discounts and savings on flights, cruises, hotels, car rentals, and more with reward credits on every booking that can be redeemed on future travels or exchanged for gifts.

All the My Daily Choice physical products are backed by a 60-day return/refund policy. The digital products are supported with a 14-day return policy.

Are My Daily Choice products worth their pricing? 

CBD-based health and wellness products have huge competition. There are many MLM companies like Kannaway, Touchstone Essentials, etc. that sell this kind of product.

The market is further dented by major e-commerce players like Amazon who offer CBD-based products in bulk and at cheaper pricing.

Product reviews are a great way to find the popularity and pricing of any product. My Daily Choice products are popular and have found many positive reviews for their health benefits.

Sadly, the reviews are posted on the company’s own Facebook page which I personally don’t rely too much on as most of them are posted by their own consultants.

My Daily Choice product reviews

Still, you can take some encouragement by going through its Facebook page where thousands of people like and follow My Daily Choice products. 

From a pricing perspective, My Daily Choice Full Spectrum CBD oil (500mg) costs $59 whereas two bottles of 1000mg hemp oil on Amazon costs just $25.99.

As expected, My Daily Choice products are expensive which can dent your sales campaign as its Affiliate.

How to make money with My Daily Choice MLM?

Being an affiliate of the My Daily Choice MLM program, you can save money by 20% on your personal orders.

From a business perspective, you can make money in the form of retail commissions by selling the products and,

Earn volume-based residual bonuses on the sales volume of your recruited members.

My Daily Choice compensation plan

My Daily Choice compensation plan is based on the binary structure where you can make commissions on your personal sales as well as the sales volumes of your recruited members.

To qualify for commissions, an affiliate member has to maintain a 40PV (Personal Volume) or 80PECV (Personally Enrolled Customer Volume). That’s $40 or $80 in product sales every month. Additionally, a 90BV (Business Volume) in PECV is required to be maintained according to the leg you are placed in.

My Daily Choice compensation plan

There is a leg rule breakdown in the enroller tree with left and right leg criteria. Each leg has its own requirement of volume according to your personal rank that determines your earnings.

Retail commissions stand at 25% on every product sale.

Once you start making regular customers and recruit more people to your team you can expect to earn the following commissions/bonuses:

Customer Acquisition Bonus – This is paid between 25% to 50% depending on your personal rank. The bonus is a result of making Preferred Customers who order My Daily Choice products every month.

Jump Start Bonus – Jump start bonuses are paid every week to affiliates who recruit more people and start achieving higher rankings. The bonus is divided into 20/80 basis of the volume generated by your personal orders and your recruited members’ orders. The percentage of bonus paid is between 25% to 50%.

Binary Commissions – Binary commissions are paid on your personal volumes and total volumes generated by your personally enrolled members. The commissions range between 10% to 20% and are paid according to your personal rank.

Leadership Check Matching – The commissions under Leadership Check Matching are paid to affiliates who achieve a 5K membership level. This is paid on the total binary sale volume of your downline members achieved in the whole month. The commissions are paid on a monthly basis between 5% to 30%.

Rank Achievement Bonus – This is a one-time bonus paid to affiliate who constantly achieves higher rankings. There is a requirement of maintaining your level for 60 to 90 days from 50k level and above. The bonus is $100 for the first-level rank and $500,000 for the top-level rank affiliates.

Global Bonus pool – Global bonus pool is dedicated to higher-level affiliates who are paid 2% of the overall organizational sales volume.

There are a total of 12 ranks to achieve with 10-levels of volume requirement associated with each rank.

The terms and figures could be confusing which is quite usual with every MLM compensation plan. You can go through it here for complete details.

Can you make money with My Daily Choice MLM?

Yes, you can make money with My Daily Choice MLM. It is good to see the income disclosure statement of My Daily Choice affiliates. The average earning of an affiliate who sponsored at least one referral in the whole year earned $1511 which is $125 per month.

The statement also mentions the figures of its top 10% affiliates who earned more than $9500 in a year which is close to $800 a month.

My Daily Choice income disclosure statement

The earnings are exclusive of any expenses which means you have to deduct the cost of starter packs, monthly product volumes of at least $40, and any other expenses related to traveling, or promotions. This can further reduce your earnings by $300-$400. So, approximately you can make $500 a month only if you remain in the top 10 categories.

Reaching the top level is not easy. You will have to continuously sell products and recruit more and more people into your team to achieve your sales target.

These are the two main aspects to safeguard your membership and make some money. Once you get a nag of it and perform consistently for 2-3 years then you can start to see the income in 3-figures.

Again, there could be lots of hurdles and obstacles in the form of competition, and investment that can halt your progress.

So, if you are someone who surrenders to initial failures and cannot afford the running costs then you cannot make money with My Daily Choice MLM.

Is My Daily Choice a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, My Daily Choice is not a scam. It is a 100% legit company that sells high-quality health, wellness, and digital products. The company is in existence since 2014 and hadn’t been in business this long if it was a scam.

People who cannot find success with its MLM program term it a scam or pyramid scheme. Whereas the company pays its affiliates on product sales rather than membership recruitment. Pyramid schemes only target people to make profits. They do not have any legit products or services. So, technically speaking My Daily Choice is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Very low start-up cost – In contrast to some of the leading MLM companies, the start-up cost of My Daily Choice is very low. The registration is free and you have to pay just $20 to access the virtual back office and a minimum of $69 for the lowest starter kit. That’s less than $100 which is highly affordable to anyone.
  • Reliable and well-settled – My Daily Choice is a well-settled company in the MLM segment. The firm is reliable and trustworthy which are positive signs for people looking to work with its MLM program.
  • Great quality products – My Daily Choice product line is fairly effective. The products have high-quality ingredients in the form of hemp-infused oil, plant-based extracts, and scientifically-based nutrients. The distributors and users love the results and performance of My Daily Choice products which can support your sales campaign.
  • Replicated website & mobile app – My Daily Choice offers a replicated website to take orders online and keep a track of sales performance on the go with its mobile app. Both the resources are very effective in today’s online world for buying products, staying connected with your customers, and managing your business.


  • Expensive products in a saturated market – Competition could be a major drawback to selling the products. If you can still manage to find a few customers convincing them to buy My Daily Choice products could be difficult owing to its pricing. There are 100s of alternatives to CBD oil and other wellness solutions that can be easily found on Amazon, Etsy, etc. at a much cheaper price.
  • Recruitment is required to make money – The binary compensation plan is laced with tasks related to personally enrolled customer volumes and business volumes of your recruited people. That means you cannot reach higher rankings which are required to earn additional bonuses. Constantly recruiting people is not achievable forever which could badly impact your business progress.
  • Low-income potential – Unless you persist with My Daily Choice for a long time the potential to make a high income is very low. This is evident from the income disclosure statement where a majority of MLM affiliates are earning decent money sitting at the top level after spending years to achieve it.

Conclusion: Is My Daily Choice MLM recommended?

My personal recommendation to My Daily Choice is to remain its preferred customer to enjoy the discounts and benefits of its products.

Its MLM program is not an ideal source to make money consistently. The start-up cost is low but how far can you go from there? You can find a few customers to sell the products but there is a limit to recruiting people. Failing this scenario is almost an end to My Daily Choice MLM journey.

Instead of making MLM your daily choice to earn money, I would recommend searching other resources to build an online business and make passive income online. If you are really interested, then check my recommendation below.

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