Monat MLM Review (2021): Is it legit or a scam?

Monat MLM Review

Health and wellness MLM companies are all over the place. The fact that there are numerous of them out there makes it difficult to choose one to join. After all, they are in the same line of business which means stiff competition. This brings me to an MLM business that is completely in a different niche. The company is called Monat. This Monat MLM review will help you learn about its legitimacy, pros, cons, and compensation plan.

So, continue reading to have a grasp on the Monat MLM program.

Monat MLM Review: What is Monat? 

Monat is a complete hair care MLM company that is into the production and sales of hair products. This makes it different from the oversaturated health and wellness MLM companies.

The company’s product lines include shampoo, hair conditioner, scalp rejuvenation oil, hair rejuvenation vitamins, and supplements.

It was founded in October 2014 by Luis and Rayner Urdaneta. The business is located in Doral, Florida, United States of America. It is a relatively new company that has spread its tentacles to other countries like Canada and in the European Union.

Monat boasts of more than 120,000 distributors. If you love the idea of selling hair products, Monat may be a rewarding business venture that you can start from home with so much flexibility.

How to join Monat as a Market Partner

All the information that you need to join Monat MLM is shared in this section.

To join Monat, you will have to visit and click on “JOIN NOW”. Choose your country of location. You must be resident in the United States, the United Kingdom, Poland, Ireland, and Canada to join.

Next is to choose a product pack. There are nine different product packs to choose from. Below are the product packs and their cost:

  • Optimum Product Pack – $799
  • Overachiever Product Pack – $599
  • Success Product Pack – $349
  • Be Gentle Skin Essentials Product Pack – $220
  • Be Balanced Skin Essentials Product Pack – $220
  • Essentials Hydration Product Pack – $199
  • Essentials Volume Product Pack – $199
  • Essentials Combo Product Pack – $199
  • Starter Kit – $99

Click “Select” and then “Continue” to place an order for your product packaging. Click “Continue” to fill out your personal information. Select a sponsor if you have one and click “confirm”.

Monat Compensation Plan

You will get generous discounts if you join Monat as a distributor. But in general, there are 5 ways to earn money with Monat.

They are:

  • Sales Commissions
  • Sponsor & Develop
  • Builder Bonus
  • Advancement Bonuses
  • VIP Customer Sales
  1. Sales Commissions – This is where you can earn as much as 40% commission on every sale. A lot of hard work is needed to earn the 40% commission because you have to sell plenty of products monthly.
  2. Sponsor & Develop – There are a lot of generous bonuses here. These mouth-watering bonuses are for people who can build a large and successful downline. You will earn $100 as a Fast Start Bonus and $150 as a Fast Builder Bonus. Other bonuses are 5% Network Bonus, 4% Generational Bonus and 12% Unilevel Bonus.
  3. Builder Bonus – This is for people that can move into the Silver or Platinum status very fast and also help others to reach the same status. The bonus can be between $500 and $1,000.
  4. Advancement Bonuses – This is where you earn a matching bonus from the efforts of your recruits. The bonus ranges between $150 and $500.
  5. VIP Customer Sales – This is for customers who sign up for a VIP program. You can earn a 15% commission on monthly purchases without doing anything.

Monat Lawsuits

Over the years, Monat has been involved in different lawsuits. Most of the lawsuits are about customers complaining of hair and skin problems that the products have caused. Some distributors and employees of Monat have also sued the company for false promises.

Can Monat be regarded as a pyramid scheme?

Monat is not a pyramid scheme since they have physical products that are sold to many of their customers.

How much can be made with Monat? 

Many of the distributors entice people with the possibility of making up to $10,000 per month. But that is not true. You can make a decent amount of money if you put in a lot of effort in the business but making $10,000 in a month is not possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the cost of joining Monat?

Answer: It costs $99 to join Monat. This is the price for the lowest Starter Pack.

2. What is Monat’s average revenue?

Answer: The Company makes over $300 million in a year.

3. What are the products sold by Monat?

Answer: Some of the products are Densify Duo, Effortless Style, R3, Magnify, Colour Enhance, Monat Black, Power Boost, Advanced Hydrating, Stylized, Monat Junior, etc.

4. Is there a 30-day money-back guarantee?

Answer: Yes, there is a 30-day money-back guarantee on Monat products.

5. Can anyone join Monat?

Answer: Yes, anyone can join Monat whether man or woman.

Who is it for? 

Monat is for anyone interested in gaining financial freedom by selling hair products. It is perfect for enterprising women like housewives, single moms, and ladies.


  • Generous commission – This is one of the reasons why Monat stands out. The company has a generous commission of up to 40%. Only a handful of MLM companies can dish out as much as 40% commission.
  • Evergreen products – More and more women will need hair care and treatment. This means Monat products will be used for many years. This makes the products evergreen.
  • Free to promote the business your way – Some MLM companies don’t allow their partners or consultants to promote the business the way they want. This is not the case with Monat. With Monat, you can decide to promote the business on social media, YouTube, or even host an event. It is up to you.
  • Opportunity to have an all-expense paid trip – Monat offers you the opportunity to have an all-expense-paid vacation to the Dominican Republic.
  • International network – Monat allows you to build an international business by networking with people in other countries like the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and Ireland.
  • 30% product discount – Many people join an MLM company because of the discounts offered on some products. Monat offers a 30% discount on their products. This is great when compared to other MLM companies.
  • Access to training – Apart from mentorship, Monat has put in place a great training system that helps you understand the business. The support system is wonderful too.


  • Expensive products – Monat products are expensive. This can discourage a lot of would-be customers.
  • Bad mentorship – If you are assigned to a bad mentor, you will find it hard to succeed in the business.
  • The website is not user-friendly – Sales can be lost because the website is not user-friendly. Most clients are confused about how to register on the website.

Legit or scam

Monat is a 100% legit hair product company with a generous compensation plan. It is not a scam. The company has made its mark within the short period it has been in operation.

Conclusion: Is the Monat MLM recommended?

No, it is not recommended. This is because you will be required to recruit people into your team. If you recruit people and they are not performing, it means you have started failing in the business. Recruiting committed people into any MLM business model these days is a difficult task.

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