Make Money Online by Writing Blogs

Just like any online adventure, it must be noted that blogging is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Patience and time are what you need to have to achieve success. If you can put in the required effort, you will reap bountifully in the end.

Blogging with WordPress is safer than using Blogger. You don’t own Blogger. Google owns Blogger. So, your blog can get suspended or banned without notice. But with WordPress, you are in charge of your destiny since it is self-hosted.

What you need to get started

How to create a WordPress blog is not what we are going to treat in this article. There many resources for that online. But to start a blog with WordPress, there are three things that you need.

They are:

  1. Domain name – You need a domain name like
  2. Web hosting – Get a web hosting account. Hosting makes the website to go live
  3. Get a theme in your niche to create a blog

5 ways to make money online by writing blogs using WordPress


There are more than 50 ways to make money online by blogging. But we are going to restrict it to just 5 that are tested and proven. There will be a reward as far as you are willing to show commitment by putting in a lot of effort and hard work. These are the best ways to earn by blogging with WordPress.

  1. Affiliate marketing – You cannot go wrong with affiliate marketing. This is one of the best monetization strategies when it comes to blogging. Affiliate marketing is where you sell products or services for an online retailer and when there is a purchase by clicking the product from your website to the retailer’s website, you earn a commission. There are many online retailers such as Amazon Associates, ClickBank, Commission Junction, and ShareASale.
  1. E-Commerce Website– Having an online shop where you sell products is another way to make money online by blogging. You can sell physical products, music, artwork, e-books, etc. Choose a good e-commerce WordPress theme with WooCommerce plugin to create your e-commerce website.
  2. Sell courses– Selling courses online is another income-earning opportunity if you intend to start an online blogging business. Video courses are sold at a higher price than e-books. You can create any course that you have expertise in or pay people to create the courses for you. Integrate a payment gateway for ease of payment.
  3. Display Ads– Displaying ads on your website can be a good source of income. Google AdSense is the best option in this category. This is a program where you are paid per click. To start, you will need to understand the difference between CPM and CPC ads.
  4. Membership website – Creating a membership website is another method to earn money online. This is where members have to pay before having access to important information. The content will be restricted. It is only paid members that can get the material. It could be audio content, downloads, videos, or blog posts.

How to learn and earn money by writing blogs

Blogging is the source of income for many digital marketers in the online industry. By blogging, you may earn from $1,000 to $10,000 or more in a month.

If you’re new to blogging then you will have to learn the process of blogging and how to earn through your blogs. It is not rocket science but you have to make some appropriate choices and decisions before starting your blogging website.

To make it short and sweet, just research for a specialized digital or affiliate marketing course and enroll for it. Learning will make it a lot easier for you to start making money online by blogging.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I create my blog without coding? 

Answer: Yes, WordPress allows you to create a blog without coding skills.

  1. How long does it take to create a WordPress blog?

Answer: It takes less than 24 hours

  1. What hosting platform is good to start with? 

Answer: Of course Wealthy Affiliate. Alternatively, you can choose,, or

Conclusion: Make blogging your consistent source of income

Blogging requires persistence, dedication, and hard work before you start earning. You must also show passion and commitment. It is like other online adventures. Don’t expect instant success but there is a reward if you put in the work.

I hope the above information is helpful in making you decide on how to make money online by writing blogs. In case you have any questions or feedback please leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you.

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