Mailpoet Review: A simple and effective WordPress email plugin

Mailpoet Review

Can you use WordPress to send emails? Yes, you can but the process is cumbersome. Thanks to third-party apps or platforms like Aweber, Mailchimp, Getresponse, etc. sending emails isn’t too tough. But what if you can find a plugin that can help you send email through WordPress? Sounds interesting? It should be! If you want to know more about it then check this post on Mailpoet review to set up your WordPress site to send emails. 

l will also share some quality features that can make your email campaigns successful with the Mailpoet plugin. So, whether you’re a beginner or a pro, keep reading!

New to Email Marketing?

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What is Mailpoet?

Mailpoet is a simple, and easy-to-use email plugin solution for WordPress. It can be used to create attractive emails and newsletters using beautiful templates, send notifications, autoresponders, etc. 

Mailpoet is suitable for small and large companies, including e-commerce platforms to build a powerful email campaign inside of WordPress.

Mailpoet was founded in 2011 based out of France and is used by thousands of customers across the globe supporting more than 300K WordPress websites.

How does Mailpoet work?

Mailpoet is a plugin that can be downloaded for installation on your WordPress website. To use Mailpoet features, one has to create an account with the platform.

Mailpoet offers a free plan to send emails to up to 1000 subscribers that can be also used to test its features.

Once you have created an account and chosen your suitable pricing plan, you can then download the Mailpoet plugin and follow its installation guide.

Features of Mailpoet

Mailpoet offers some incredible features to create an effective email marketing campaign. Some of them are below:

Variety of email templates – You don’t have to be a designer or even know how to use the software. All you have to do is pick a template and start typing your messages. Mailpoet provides access to more than 50 pre-built templates that are customizable and come with drag-and-drop sections for ease of use.

Mailpoet Templates

The templates can be used to create powerful newsletters by including relevant images/products to get your message across in quick time.  

Mailpoet helps create autoresponders to remain connected with your subscribers as well as send alerts whenever you create a new post.

Custom sign-up forms – Mailpoet provides different form types and configurations to help you get attention. There are several options like a pop-up, a fixed bar, a widget area, or placement at the bottom of your pages.

You can easily customize the sign-up form fields to match the data according to individual subscribers. In addition, you can also integrate sign-up forms from your preferred third-party email service provider.

Superior segmentation – After you’ve triggered a campaign, MailPoet will send an automated email to anybody who opened one of your sent emails or wrote a personalized note to those who clicked on a particular link.

The segmentation features are behavior-based and work well to create a list of subscribers to send emails suiting their time, location, and interest. You can also segment the e-commerce users separately.

Effective deliverability – If you are a user involved in transactional emails using a separate plugin for deliverability then Mailpoet has got you covered. Mailpoet has an in-built SMTP service that ensures the timely deliverability of emails.

Mailpoet Deliverability

Email deliverability gets easier with Mailpoet Sending Service that is reliable to cater to bounced emails, inbox cloggings, and unsubscribed users. The feature is powerful enough to provide a 99% email deliverability rate.

Dedicated e-commerce solutions – Mailpoet has a dedicated email marketing section for e-commerce solutions. 

There is a drag & drop editor for easy customization, auto-replication of your email design on other templates, abandoned cart email automation, and follow-up emails specific to your e-commerce list of users.

Helpful analytics – Mailpoet helps you use the insights gained to optimize and fine-tune your email marketing. You can analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of your emails, obtain a wealth of information on opens and clicks, as well a wider perspective on your triumphs and failures.

You can learn about which of your links are working, perform segmentation based on open and click-through rates, and also track your subscriber’s behavior using Goole Analytics. The overall analytics feature and statistics are instrumental in improving your email campaign for better conversions.

Mailpoet Pricing

Mailpoet offers very dynamic pricing plans that are based on the number of subscribers you have:

Mailpoet Pricing

There is a free plan offered for up to 1000 subscribers and there on you have to pay the following premium pricing:

Starting from $15 to $100 between 1000 to 12000 subscribers

From $120 to $200 between 13000 to 35000 subscribers

From $225 to $300 between 40000 to 60000 subscribers

From $325 to $350 between 65000 to 70000 subscribers

For subscribers of more than 70000, you need to contact the Mailpoet team to get a pricing estimation.

The pricing plan increases with the increase in subscribers and there are more than 25 payment plans overall to cater to different ranges of subscriber numbers.

All the pricing plans come with a 30-days money-back guarantee along with Mailpoet Sending Service, newsletters, email notifications, and WooCommerce email marketing features.

Here is the detailed pricing plan of Mailpoet.

Can I make money with Mailpoet? 

Mailpoet has an affiliate program where you can make money directly by promoting it to others. The program offers 20% commissions every month when your referrals subscribe to its paid plan and remain active for the first 12-months.

Mailpoet’s affiliate program is an ideal way to increase your earnings as a blogger, or any kind of online user. Check the Mailpoet affiliate program details here.

What’s more, is, if you are an existing Mailpoet user you can save lots of money that are spent on third-party plugins or platforms to create an email campaign. Mailpoet helps you build an email campaign that can be directly run from your WordPress website. Each penny saved is equal to one penny earned.

The in-built features and automation of Mailpoet will also help you improve engagement and increase conversions to generate more revenue.

Is using Mailpoet worth it? 

Mailpoet as an email plugin has garnered more than 4 stars on many reputed online platforms from its users.

This shows the credibility and effectiveness it has as a substitute for regular email marketing service providers. 

It has a majority of essential features required to build a powerful email marketing campaign. The best part is its usability that does not require external access and integrations compared to other email marketing software. In addition, the platform offers a free plan and has many pricing options that are flexible and affordable.

Mailpoet is helpful in saving time, effort, and money that is critical from every business growth point of view that makes it worth using.


  • Very easy to use and accessible – Mailpoet plugin is simple and easy to install. The accessibility is within your reach owing to its availability within WordPress. There is no requirement of any technical knowledge or specialized skills to use the software.
  • It remains part of your website – This functionality stands out as compared to other email marketing tools where you have to keep toggling for every activity. Being a WordPress plugin, users can use the features and monitor their email campaigns inside the website.
  • Simple and useful features – Newsletters, sign-up forms, segmentation, and in-depth analytics are some of the most-used features from an email marketing perspective. Mailpoet has done well to provide all these features and more that makes it a useful and effective email marketing tool.
  • Good support and resources – Mailpoet offers comprehensive resources to its users in the form of articles, blogs, video tutorials, and guidance on installation and other features. There is instant support through email, and chat and premium customers can also get in touch through a contact form.


  • Intimidating pricing – Though there are many pricing plans to choose from, it also creates lots of confusion from the user’s perspective. There are even complaints related to upgrading and cancellation processes being time-consuming and tedious. A simplistic approach towards pricing can be advantageous to attract more users.
  • Lacks contemporary email marketing features – Mailpoet posses very simple and basic email marketing features. It lacks the benefits of A/B testing, push notifications, and some of the personalization messaging features that are part of most of the regular email marketing tools.
  • Drawbacks of being a WordPress plugin –  Mailpoet is a plugin that can have an impact on your website’s speed performance. You may not be able to use email marketing functionalities in case your website is down as it is directly related to WordPress. Secondly, a lack of certain advanced features may increase your dependability on other email service provider plugins or tools that can further bloat your website.

Conclusion: Is the Mailpoet email plugin recommended?

Mailpoet is a balanced product when you look from promoting your business through an email marketing funnel. Some of the positives of Mailpoet are its ease of usage, the free plan it offers, and realistic email marketing features.

Its pricing plans are very much affordable and new users will love to begin their online journey with Mailpoet. WordPress compatibility is another biggest advantage that differs it from other tools in the same category.

From a recommendation perspective, Mailpoet is a must-have if you are looking for simple solutions to create an engaging email marketing campaign as part of your website. Mailpoet is avoidable if you are someone who is looking for more advanced features and capabilities.

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