Litmus Review: Test Your Emails to Perfection

Litmus Review

Having a subscribers list is an essential part of your online business. Making new subscribers is important and equally important is sustaining them for as long as your business exists. This is mainly possible with the right kind of strategy, and tools that keep your customers engaged and prompt them to take action. There are many email marketing platforms that do this. One of them is Litmus. Read on this Litmus review to take a note of its features, pricing, pros, and cons.

Litmus has been providing email marketing services for more than 15 years with their advanced and result-oriented features to help the companies grow. What makes it different from others are its integration and testing features. Want to know more? Let’s get started.

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Litmus Review: What is Litmus?

Litmus is an email marketing services platform to create, test, and send emails. It is an all-in-one tool that helps you analyze your email messages with their pre-send testing and post-delivery data features for better performance and conversion.

With Litmus, you can build email campaigns, segment your audiences, integrate seamlessly with other apps and ESP’s, and track end-to-end performance analytics to maximize the results of your conversion.

Litmus was founded in 2005 and Erik Nierenberg is its current CEO.

How does Litmus email marketing work?

Litmus has its own set of email marketing tools that allow users to build a successful email campaign to market their products.

The use of a pre-send Litmus test is instrumental in fixing any bugs or issues before hitting your subscriber’s inbox. The final result is a clean and polished product that enhances customer satisfaction and improves leads.

Litmus offers a 7-day free trial to test their Basic and Plus plan features.

How to join Litmus email marketing services?

You can begin using Litmus email marketing features by creating your 7-day free trial. Visit and click on ‘Try for Free’. Choose the plan that suits your needs and click on ‘Start free trial’ to start using Litmus email marketing services.

Features of Litmus

Litmus has some really great email marketing features to work with. Here are some of them that are worth mentioning:

Email Campaigns

With Litmus, you can create your own templates or use its Drag & Drop editor to build your email from the scratch.

The combination of HTML code editor as well as Non-coding Visual editor adds the customization value irrespective of any technical knowledge.

Litmus is not only an email campaign provider but works seamlessly to collaborate its email campaign with your existing ESP (Email Service Provider).

Litmus lets you easily integrate with other email marketing tools such as Salesforce, Mailchimp, etc., and automatically pulls in all the data related to emails with a single click effortlessly.


Collaborating with other email marketing channels is easier with Litmus. If you want to keep ahead of your competitors but lack the tools and features, Litmus has a solution.

Litmus allows you to re-test your emails by rendering several screenshots of other email clients to make a perfect choice.

You can improve the effectiveness of your future campaigns, segmentation, and customizations by analyzing your previous email campaigns.

If you run into issues or bugs with your email campaign it takes lots of time and effort to fix it and preview it. This is where Litmus makes a difference by providing quick fixes and email previews to keep your campaign on toes.

Email Testing

If you are just beginning your journey into email marketing, creating an email template or format may seem difficult. Lack of technical knowledge adds to the woes of sending lackluster-looking emails to your clients.

Litmus has an automated pre-send test functionality that provides powerful tools to make your emails looks more professional and competitive.

It transforms your emails from basic to best by testing and running them through 90+ different apps and devices that improve their appearance and readability.

The testing functionality is extendable to any of the Email Service Provider that can be connected easily with Litmus.


Litmus provides insights and analytics beyond open and clicks through its Email Analytics. You can keep an eye on every move of your customer after sending an email.

Not only segmentation and personalization, but Litmus also keeps you updated with the customer insights related to the time spent on each email, and whether the email was printed or forwarded.

You can improve on ROI by having a clear record of your customer behavior. Litmus helps you segment your customers based on location, and device so that you can pre-modify your emails before sending them.

This improves the overall efficiency of your emails and provides a better experience to your customers resulting in higher conversions.

Multiple Integrations

Integration with other apps and platforms makes Litmus stand out. It provides seamless integrations with almost every email marketing tool, irrespective of the editing and storage capacity.

The integration feature helps cut out your effort on searching for different solutions, and feedback to better your email campaign.

Some of the major email marketing tools such as Salesforce, Eloqua, Responsys, Marketo, Hubspot, and many more can be easily linked with Litmus.

You can also make use of testing your emails through a Litmus browser extension that integrates within Chrome, alert the stakeholders with Slack, and connect through cards with Trello.

You can also share files from your Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive to design, and preview your emails through Litmus storage integration. This helps you save lots of time and reduces errors.

Litmus Pricing Plans 

Apart from the 7-day free trial, Litmus has three different paid pricing plans to suit your needs. They are:

Basic – $99 per month for 1 user and 1000 email previews

Plus – $199 per month for 5 users and 2000 email previews

Enterprise – Custom pricing to suit your needs. You will have to fill in the details at
to get Enterprise pricing.

Standard benefits of all the pricing plans include:

  • Unlimited read-only users
  • Email creation with Litmus Builder feature
  • Pre-send checks with Litmus Test feature
  • Availability of Productivity integrations

The benefits of Litmus 

Litmus truly has some great features to test your email campaign –

Email-Testing: The best-of feature to work with Litmus. Litmus provides comprehensive testing tools to help you build, and preview email campaigns with utmost ease and effectiveness.

Email Integration: This is another useful advantage working with Litmus. It has an integration feature to pull in the data from your existing email service provider and sync with its features seamlessly.

Litmus Tools: Tools such as Litmus Builder, Litmus Test, Litmus Email Previews, Litmus Analytics are worth using. These tools help in creating a brand of powerful and trusted email campaigns for your business needs.

Compatibility: With Litmus, you can test and preview your email on every device available. It provides perfect dimensions to visualize your emails on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices.

Previews: Litmus email previews are available across devices and with every email client. You don’t have to worry about switching to a different email service provider to get your desired email design. Litmus reflects screenshots of your email newsletter as it is with other major email clients.

Can I make money with Litmus? 

You cannot make direct money with the Litmus tool. But you can surely binge on conversion profits by creating and testing powerful email campaigns through Litmus features.

A truly tested and approved email campaign can improve the subscribers list converting them into your loyal customers.

Is Litmus a scam? 

There are many scams related to email marketing services that offer insufficient features at cheap pricing. They don’t adhere to the latest email marketing trends and spoil your effort and money.

Litmus is not a scam. It is a trusted email marketing testing tool providing services for more than 15 years successfully.

Who is Litmus suitable for? 

Litmus is suitable for marketers, online entrepreneurs, and businesses. It is an ideal platform for marketing and advertising industries to build a brand new or improve their existing email campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is Litmus free?

Answer: No. Litmus is not free but it offers a 7-day free trial to test its features.

2. How much does Litmus cost?

Answer: Litmus costs $99 for its Basic, and $199 for its Plus plans per month.

3. Is Litmus safe to use?

Answer: Yes, Litmus is absolutely safe for its users. They comply with the highest security practices and policies such as ISO 2700x to keep their user’s credentials and data protected.

4. Does Litmus provide support?

Answer: Yes, Litmus provides support through call, chat, and by sending email to


  • Litmus has a free trial and easy-to-use interface
  • Litmus offers powerful testing tools and features to improve your email campaigns
  • You can use Litmus pre-send feature to preview and test your emails before sending
  • You can easily collaborate and integrate with many email service providers with Litmus
  • Litmus has a comprehensive Drag & Drop feature to design or create beautiful templates
  • Litmus provides deep-detailed analytics on your client’s behavior, pattern, and location
  • Litmus allows you to view your emails across devices and email clients
  • Litmus offers competitive pricing and benefits to its user’s
  • Support is available via chat, call, and email


  • 7-day free trial is very limited
  • Features like Drag & Drop, Customization are only available in Plus and Enterprise plan
  • Folder structure feature needs improvement

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Conclusion: Is Litmus recommended and worth using?

Litmus is a powerful tool for marketers that helps them design and execute their email marketing campaigns. It has many features, including the ability to test multiple versions of emails before sending.

The benefits of using Litmus are numerous – it’s affordable, easy to use, provides beautiful-looking emails, gives you insight into your customers’ engagement with your content, and more.

The downside could be having to pay extra if you want to use their Drag & Drop feature and beginners could find the tool a bit complex to use. Other than that, it’s a win-win situation for anyone who uses Litmus.

It’s a great tool to experiment and implement your email campaign with a bang. All in all, I recommend you use and capitalize on Litmus email marketing services to enhance your customer experience and improve conversions.

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