Linnworks Review: Is it worth an automated solution for e-commerce?

Linnworks Review

If you are an online seller, then you need to be using one of the most powerful eCommerce tools that can help you take your business to the next level. One of such tools is Linnworks. It is an online platform to control your eCommerce business. In this Linnworks review, we will define how it works, and how to get started with it.

We will also explain the different features of Linnworks in detail, cover its pricing, and find out more about the pros and cons of working with it.

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Linnworks Review: What is Linnworks?

Linnworks is an eCommerce tool that helps online sellers manage their business more effectively. It offers a range of features that can help you improve your sales, including order management, inventory management, shipping and fulfillment, and marketing tools.

Linnworks started its services in 2005 based out of the UK and is used by more than 4000 online sellers. The company has a presence in the US as well.

Linnworks has an easy-to-use interface that can be integrated with 100s of marketplaces and shipping services to connect with multiple online stores.

How does Linnworks work?

Linnworks is a cloud-based tool that is accessible from anywhere in the world and on any device. The accessibility helps you set up the platform in minutes.

To get started with Linnworks, you need to create an account on its website. 

The registration of the account is free however, the subscription part is missing on the Linnworks website. Based on my research, Linnworks do not offer any free trial or free version to test its features. That means you have to contact their support team and get the pricing details to start using the tool.

You can also book a demo to learn more about Linnworks before opting for its subscription.

Linnworks features and services

Linnworks is a very powerful eCommerce tool and it offers a range of features that can help you improve your business. Some of the key features include:

Order management: Linnworks can help you manage your orders more effectively. You can track all your orders in one place, see what stage they are at, and quickly dispatch them using integrated shipping tools.

Linnworks order management

With Linnworks order management software, you can assign shipping carriers, allocate orders to fulfillment centers, and monitor their status by filtering, sorting, and merging them according to your needs. The software also lets you automate some of the processes related to inventory with real-time syncing, modification, and categorization.

Inventory management: Another great feature of Linnworks is its multichannel inventory management software. The tool can help you keep track of your inventory and make sure you never run out of stock. Simultaneously, you are in control of over-stocking and under-stocking of your store items to maintain the balance of the latest trends and customer requirements.

Linnworks Inventory management

Linnworks inventory management software allows you to set up automatic stock updates, create purchase orders, forecast inventory based on historical data, and manage your pricing and discounts. Moreover, inventory automation helps you connect better with suppliers which improve the overall stocking process.

Linnworks also offers warehousing services that can help you store your products safely and securely. You can use their warehousing service to store your products or use their fulfillment service to have them take care of everything for you.

Shipping and fulfillment: Linnworks have shipping and fulfillment processes that help you automate various shipping tasks and fulfillment efforts. You can create shipping labels, get real-time shipping quotes, and track your packages.

Linnworks uses pre-defined criteria in the form of warehouse location, product, and selling channels to allocate carrier services. You can even track shipments once the items have been dispatched by your supplier.

Marketing tools: Linnworks also offers a range of marketing tools that can help you promote your products and increase sales. You can create product catalogs, run marketing campaigns, and track your store performance.

 – Integrations: Linnworks offers integration functionality with 100s of marketplaces and online channels. You can link your existing sales store, carriers, and other third-party apps without any additional cost and technical effort.

Linnworks integrations

Alternatively, Linnworks also allows you to use its open API source for integrations if you are good at technical coding. Some of the popular platforms such as Amazon, eBay, Magento, Shopify, Walmart, etc. can be easily integrated.

Linnworks pricing

The pricing section is missing on the Linnworks website. However, based on the different sources and online research Linnworks pricing is usage-based. There is no mention of a free trial or free version anywhere.

The good thing is many users have considered migrating to Linnworks for their convenient pricing plans and affordability.

You have to get in touch with the Linnworks support team to know more about its pricing.

Can you make money with Linnworks?

There is no direct way to make money with Linnworks since it does not have any referral/affiliate program. However, you can still make money by using the Linnworks features and services for your business.

By streamlining and automating your store’s core processes including order fulfilling, inventory management, and shipping, Linnworks will help you save and earn lots of money. Linnworks can be used to centralize and manage all the tasks from one platform and focus more on improving sales, and generating more revenue.

Is Linnworks features and services worth it’s pricing?

Linnworks has lots of positive testimonials and reviews from its users. The platform is highly-rated for its customer support, automation features, and pricing affordability.

Linnworks reviews

You can find many such reviews and feedback on platforms like Capterra, G2, getapp, etc. which is proof of Linnworks efficiency, and reliability that are worth using it.

Who is Linnworks suitable for?

Linnworks is better suited for online sellers, e-commerce store owners, freelancers, retailers, suppliers, and different types of small and medium-sized enterprises.


  • Ease of use – Linnworks is easy to use and can be set up in minutes. The user interface of Linnworks doesn’t require you to be a professional expert or have the technical knowledge to work with its features.
  • Excellent automation features – It offers a range of features that can help you improve your business. Some of the notable automation are order and shipping fulfillment, inventory management and tracking, and seamless integrations that will help you grow your business.
  • Customer support – Linnworks is well-appreciated for its customer support and guidance. There is a dedicated support center that offers guidelines and documentation on system setup and other technical issues. Users can also connect through call, email, and live chat.


  • Missing pricing information – Linnworks doesn’t give a hint on its pricing structure upfront. The only way to obtain the details about pricing is by booking a demo session or contacting its support team. This can discourage many to look for alternatives that are transparent about their service charges.

Conclusion: Is Linnworks recommended?

Linnworks is a very powerful eCommerce tool that can help you improve your business in a number of ways. It is easy to use and offers a range of features that can help you improve your business.

Processing customer orders and tracking them till the end is always difficult if done manually. This is where Linnworks excels with its automation features and smooth integrations. You can definitely save time and money with Linnworks.

The only downside is the pricing. If you can get the best of Linnworks features at a pricing plan that suits your needs then I would definitely recommend using it.

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