LifeWave MLM Review: Make money selling healing patches?

Lifewave MLM review

So, you were looking for a way to make money from home and came across Lifewave. Or somebody told you that it offers an earning opportunity by just selling its products to your friends and family. But before you consider joining Lifewave there are a few things you must be aware of. Is Lifewave a scam? Is it legit? Is Lifewave a pyramid scheme? Can you really make money with Lifewave MLM? Etc., etc. You will find the answers to these questions and many more in this detailed Lifewave MLM review post.

You will learn about what is Lifewave and how it works, the compensation it offers, the pros and cons of the company, and more. So, if you are interested in learning more about this opportunity, keep reading!

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LifeWave MLM Review: What is LifeWave?

Lifewave is a direct selling company that offers a wide variety of health and wellness products. The company was founded in 2004 by David Schmidt, who is also the current CEO. Lifewave has its headquarters in San Diego, California, USA.

The company’s mission is to “improve the quality of life for everyone on the planet.” Lifewave accomplishes its mission through its flagship product X39 which offers ‘healing patches’ and this is what makes them different. But how different? We’ll find more in the details below.

What is LifeWave MLM?

Lifewave MLM is a marketing strategy that the company uses to promote its products. It allows members to earn commissions by selling Lifewave products and recruiting new members.

Lifewave MLM provides learning and education to its members, along with long-term support and marketing tools to help you succeed in your business.

How does LifeWave MLM work?

Lifewave MLM works with you becoming an independent distributor of its products. To get started with Lifewave MLM, you must enroll yourself through the Lifewave website with your sponsor details.

The next step is to purchase a starter kit. Lifewave starter kits are quite expensive. Although you can start with a $25 starter kit, Lifewave will encourage you to choose from many other packages that range from $100 to $1500 with a promise to make more money. These kits consist of marketing materials, an online back office, and product samples.

Once you have completed the enrolment process, you can start sharing Lifewave products with your friends, relatives, and others to earn commissions.

LifeWave products

Lifewave products are related to health and wellness segments. Their flagship product is X39 which works as a healing patch for many health-related issues.

The product is backed by several clinical studies and mainly consists of amino acids, oxygen, and water. There are no harmful chemicals involved so the product should be free of side effects.

X39 works to activate and enhance stem cells which is helpful in providing many health benefits such as stress reduction, sleep improvement, enhanced energy levels, etc. One X39 pack contains 30 patches and costs $149.95.

Likewise, there are many other patches available for different health solutions sold by Lifewave.

Lifewave products

The product range also consists of nutritional supplements and skin care creams.

All the Lifewave products are backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee, and a return policy for its distributors.

Are LifeWave products worth their price?

The reviews and feedback on Lifewave products are a mixed bag. Although there are many positive reviews regarding the effects and health benefits of Lifewave patches, disappointingly there are equal negative reviews as well.

Source: Trustpilot 

It seems the healing patches work in bits and pieces and the results differ according to the health conditions of an individual.

Many users have complained of side effects such as vomiting, nausea, etc. So, it is advisable to observe caution and obtain expert feedback on Lifewave products before using them.

As far as the pricing goes, the X39 product is priced at $149.95. The pricing seems to be expensive compared to other products that offer the same results as X39 patches on Amazon. The same applies to skincare items that are relatively expensive starting with $79.95 pricing.

Overall, Lifewave products are expensive and fall short of effectiveness expectations.

How to make money with LifeWave MLM?

You can make money with Lifewave by:

Selling products and,

Recruiting new members

Lifewave pays its members commissions based on the sales of products and the recruitment of new members.

LifeWave compensation plan

Lifewave has a binary compensation plan. As a Lifewave distributor, you can earn retail profits on product sales and additional bonuses on team building and personal rankings.

Retail profits are the difference between wholesale and retail prices and can go up to 30%-40%.

Lifewave compensation plan

You also have the opportunity to earn different product sales and leadership bonuses. There are 5 types of product introduction bonuses paid up to $500.

Distributors also get to earn binary commissions depending on the leadership level they achieve. The bonuses are paid up to $25000. There are also matching bonuses on offer. But it requires a distributor to maintain a certain personal volume (PV) and leadership rank to earn these extra bonuses.

To summarize, the Lifewave compensation plan is quite deep, complex plus highly demanding to make maximum commissions.

Can I make money with LifeWave MLM?

There is no direct answer to this question since Lifewave does not disclose the income statement of its distributors.

But considering that it is an MLM and that too in the health and wellness industry, chances of making good money is rare.

Lifewave does offer a unique product in the form of healing patches but their results are similar to other health and wellness products offered by different MLMs. So, competition will surely keep your progress slow.

The investment factor could be another issue. The start-up cost is higher owing to expensive starter kits, the compensation demands regular sales and recruitment to earn higher commissions. This may end up you purchasing maximum products to remain active as a member.

So, all-in-all making money with Lifewave MLM is possible but not without the toughest challenges of investments, continuous sales, and extensive recruitments.

Is LifeWave a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Lifewave is not a scam. It is a legitimate direct selling company that offers a business opportunity for people who want to be their own boss and earn extra income by selling its healing patches.

It’s fair to say that LifeWave isn’t a pyramid scheme since its members earn money both by selling products and recruiting new people. Pyramid schemes do not have physical products to sell and make money only by recruiting more and more people.


  • Established company – Lifewave has been operating since 2004 in an intense health and wellness competitive sector. This indicates that LifeWave is still profitable, and financially strong to be considered one of the trusted MLM companies to work for.
  • Product uniqueness – Patches are somewhat unique in the health sector. It may not be new and its results are on the expected lines, but the term ‘healing patches’ and its effect on ‘stem cells’ could be an interesting aspect from a selling perspective.
  • Rewarding compensation plan – Even though it is tough to achieve, but Lifewave compensation plan has some really cool benefits in terms of retail profits and bonuses. 30%-40% retail profits are on the higher side and you can earn maximum bonuses with proper recruitment and networking efforts.


  • The patches are expensive – The pricing of Lifewave products may not be affordable to everyone. A single X39 package of 30 patches costs around $150 which is way higher than other health supplements that offer similar benefits.
  • Competitive market – The products you are selling may be unique but the target market is very competitive. Health and wellness segment is over-crowded with 1000s of such products available on different marketplaces and online channels at cheaper pricing.
  • High start-up and membership cost – Lifewave starter kits are many but costly too. Even if you survive the start-up cost, the burden of other expenses such as traveling, gas, marketing events, etc. can impact your performance. Not to forget the demanding personal volume and recruitment criteria one has to achieve to maintain its Lifewave membership.

Conclusion: Is LifeWave MLM recommended?

Lifewave has an interesting product line-up to offer. The health benefits and results are debatable but one cannot deny the fact that these patches are effective and used by many people.

The MLM opportunity is complete with all the training resources, support, and compensation but your financial success with Lifewave relies heavily on selling products and recruiting new members.

This is the core concept and success formula for 99% of MLM companies who make maximum money out of their distributor’s purchases and recruited members. Lifewave MLM is no different. If you are ready to invest money, time, and efforts then go for it.

Otherwise, there are the best options available online to make money with the same amount of investment in a minimum time. I recommend you do thorough research to find one and if you want to save your time researching then check my recommendation below.

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