LifePoints Survey Review: Features, Pros, and Cons

LifePoints Survey Review

You must have heard that taking surveys is one of the ways to make money online working from home. Yes, that is true. Many people take surveys on social media but do for fun. But if you join a reputable survey site, you will get paid for responding to surveys. The question is: are there survey sites that pay? The answer is yes. The problem is how do you know the legit ones so you don’t get scammed? This is the reason for this review. In this post, I will be reviewing LifePoints. With LifePoints Survey review, you will find out if it pays or not. You will also know if it is legit or a scam.

LifePoints Survey Review: What is LifePoints?


LifePoints is an online survey site that pays survey takers money to take part in surveys. It is owned by a market research company called Lightspeed which was established in 1942.

Lightspeed has its tentacles spread in more than 70 countries. It is one of the most extensive research organizations in the world.

The company launched LifePoints in 2019 and it is based in New Jersey, the United States of America. It doesn’t offer surveys only in English. Surveys are also offered in 26 different languages. This makes it a truly international survey company.

How LifePoints survey works

lifepoints how it works

All the information that you need to get started with LifePoints can be found in this section. Read it thoroughly and make an informed opinion about the LifePoints surveys.

Despite being a new entrant into the survey business, the LifePoints survey panel is easy to use. The website is simple and cool. It is user-friendly too.

When you log in to your Dashboard, you will see how many points you have earned and how many points are left for you to cash out.

Every survey you want to take shows you the estimated completion time and how many points could be earned from the start. There are mini-surveys where you can earn 1 or 2 points. The long surveys offer between 100 and 150 points.

3 LifePoints earning ways

There are three ways to earn with LifePoints. Below are the methods:

  1. Surveys – Taking surveys is one of the main ways of earning points with LifePoints. This is where there is a lot of activities. This is where you share your views about some products and services and in turn, earn some points. Surveys are on different topics such as recreation, food, fitness, health, travel, and entertainment. Always log in to check for new surveys since they sometimes come intermittently.
  2. Diary entries – Points are awarded for keeping track of your experiences and behaviors. Some of the data from the diaries help research companies to know that a particular product was used by you.
  3. Product testing – Many people like to be the first to test a new product. The product will be sent to your home address and you will have to provide feedback on it after using it. Your feedback must be as honest as it can be. Product testing is great for people who have the time.

3 ways of redeeming your points with LifePoints

lifepoints rewards

There are three ways to redeem your points when you reach the threshold points. These are the three ways:

  1. Gift cards – You will have to garner 550 points before you can redeem a $5 gift card.
  2. PayPal voucher – You must accumulate a total of 1,200 points to redeem a PayPal voucher of $10.
  3. Donations – You can also donate your points to any charity of your choices such as UNICEF or Special Olympics. You must have reached 550 points before you can donate your points to charity.

How to sign up for LifePoints

To sign up for LifePoints, you will have to visit the website at and click

“JOIN NOW”. You have to supply your personal information.

The information supplied will be used to serve you the surveys. There is also a LifePoints mobile app that supports both Android and iOS devices. This means you can sign up from anywhere right from your phone. You have to be 14 years and above to sign up for LifePoints.

How LifePoints make money

There are plenty of scam websites out there claiming they pay people for taking part in surveys. And they ask for money before you can join their platform. This is the sign of scam survey sites. LifePoints is not like that.

Brands and research companies pay LifePoints to help them conduct credible and honest surveys. This is where LifePoints make their money. They don’t ask people to pay before joining the platform.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is LifePoints trustworthy?

Answer: Yes, it is trustworthy. The platform pays you after accumulating enough points.

2. Can LifePoints be accessed through a mobile app?

Answer: Yes, the LifePoints app is available for both Android and iOS devices.

3. How does one get paid with LifePoints?

Answer: Payment can be through PayPal or gift cards from Amazon and Starbucks.

Who is it for?

LifePoints is designed for people who are interested in making money by taking surveys. The platform is recommended as far as you can use the computer or phone to respond to questionnaires or surveys. It is good for students who are looking for a way to augment their income.


  • Availability of different tasks – LifePoints offers you different ways of earning points that you can redeem for gift cards. Points can even be earned for shopping or eating at a restaurant.
  • Open to teens – Unlike many other survey sites where you have to be up to 18 years before you can sign up; with LifePoints, you can sign up once you have reached the age of 14.
  • A wide range of rewards – There are different ways in which you can be rewarded with LifePoints. You can get a cash payment through PayPal or get gift cards from different merchants like Amazon, iTunes, and Starbucks.
  • Available in many countries – There are survey sites that won’t allow you to use their platform except you are a resident of the United States of America. LifePoints is different. It is an international platform that is available in 26 languages. This means there are no geographical barriers to joining the platform.
  • Lots of quick surveys – LifePoints has got a lot of quick surveys. The surveys are displayed on your Dashboard. It takes between 5 and 10 minutes to complete each of the surveys.


  • Expiration of points – After three years, your accumulated points will expire. So, you have to redeem your points regularly.
  • No affiliate – This is a big drawback for LifePoints. The platform has no affiliate program.
  • Slow customer service – It takes some time for the customer service to respond to your queries. You can only use the support ticket system to communicate with customer service.

Legit or scam

LifePoints is not a scam. It is a legit market research online platform that pays for answered surveys. Scam survey sites would ask for money before you can even sign up. This is not the case with LifePoints. To register is completely free of charge.

Conclusion: Is LifePoints recommended?

Yes, LifePoints is recommended if you are looking for a way to make some money online while working from home. It cannot replace day jobs or businesses but can help you make some extra bucks by the side.

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  1. I have seen several survey sites, but this is the first time I come across LifePoints. It was very interesting to see that they operating in about 70 countries worldwide, as well as 26 different languages. And the fact that one can earn not only through surveys, but also through diary entries and product testing, does seem to make them different.

    It will be interesting to know how points convert into dollars, so how many point are required to make a dollar, to establish if it is worth the time.

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      Thanks for sharing your valuable feedback on LifePoints Survey. 

      I urge you to revisit the ‘3 ways of redeeming your points with LifePoints’ section to understand converting points into dollars.


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