Kannaway MLM Review (2022): Hemps to the rescue?

Kannaway MLM Review

If you want to make money selling hemp-based products, then Kannaway is one of the results you must have found in your research. The company has long been producing and selling CBD oils through a multilevel marketing business model. Before you jump to any conclusion it is necessary to learn more about the company’s MLM program. So, in this detailed Kannaway MLM review post, you will learn about what Kannaway is, and how its MLM program works.

You will also know about Kannaway products, its compensation plan, and the pros and cons of joining Kannaway MLM.

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Kannaway MLM Review: What is Kannaway?

Kannaway is a direct-selling company that offers hemp oil-based products such as CBD oil for better health and wellness.

The company started operating in 2009 as the first publicity-traded cannabis company in the US. However, according to some online resources, Kannaway was originally founded by Christopher Hussey and Jeff Rogers in 2004 but, you won’t find any details on these two on Kannaway’s current website.

The website claims that Dr. Stuart Titus is its real founder and Blake Schroeder is its current CEO. The information surrounding Kannaway is kind of interesting as well as mysterious. Here’s the eight-minute video to learn more about Kannway’s history and its founders.

Kannaway was acquired by Medical Marijuana Inc. in 2015 and has been developing CBD products by infusing hemp oil. Hemp oil consists of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) which actually is an illegal drug.

However, it is legal and can be used as a medicine with a permitted quantity. This is where companies like Kannaway are producing various products using hemp oil.

It also has a presence in Mexico, Hong Kong, and South Africa.

What is Kannaway MLM?

Kannaway MLM is part of its business strategy which depends on individuals selling products through network marketing.

The company offers compensation such as commissions and bonuses for selling products directly as well as building a team of like-minded people.

As part of its MLM opportunity, Kannaway offers a mobile app to keep you connected and manage your business on the go.

It also provides an e-commerce website to share the products and take orders online, sales tools, dedicated customer support, and comprehensive training to help you scale your business.

How does Kannaway MLM work?

Kannaway MLM is a business opportunity that works on three simple steps. You have to join the MLM program as an Entrepreneur by creating an account.

To create an account, you will need a sponsor ID of an existing Kannaway distributor. As part of registration, a starter pack is required to be purchased.

The starter (value) packs have four options:

  1. Starter value pack – $249
  2. Junior Executive value pack – $499
  3. Executive value pack – $999
  4. Total product experience value pack – $1870

On selecting a suitable value pack, you are also required to pay an entrepreneur fee of $54.98.

As a next step, you will be asked to enter your personal information and complete the registration. Once your application is approved, you are good to go.

Kannaway products

Kannaway offers a wide range of products in the health and wellness segment and their main focus is hemp-infused CBD solutions.

Kannaway CBD oil

CBD has many health benefits. It can help reduce acne, arthritis pain, anxiety, blood pressure, and even heart conditions. The CBD products are available as oil, capsules, soft gel, mints, etc.

However, it is not a medicine or cure for these health problems. It is to be noted that Kannaway CBD oil or any other product is not FDA approved. So, proper advice and consultation are advisable before you choose to consume Kannaway products.

Some of the other categories of products from Kannaway include:

Spark: Kannaway Spark is a nutrition-based dietary supplement in the form of capsules. It consists of botanical ingredients such as Guarana, Taurine, Bitter Orange Root, Cordyceps Mushroom, and Ashwagandha along with some portion of hemp oil (THC).

Kannawat spark

The product claims to support cellular energy and optimize metabolism giving an essential boost to your body. It costs $65 for 60 capsules.

Salve: This is a beauty product for skin care. It is made of herbal ingredients consisting of many natural plant root extracts, Sunflower butter, Camphora and Cinnamon essential oils, and Hemp oil.

Kannaway salve

The product is manufactured based on Ancient Asian Herbal formula that helps rejuvenate skin cells improving its glow, shine, and aging. Salve cream costs $50.69.

As claimed by Kannaway, none of their products include herbicides and pesticides. Kannaway offers a 30-day return and refund policy on all its products which is a good sign for its entrepreneurs to improve their sales.

It also offers free products to its customers/entrepreneurs when they opt for Kannaway’s Smartship program for 6-months.

Are Kannaway products worth their pricing? 

Kannaway promotes itself as the first company to produce and sell CBD oils and other products prepared from hemp oil. But the sad part is, that many other companies have started selling 100s of products with different brands and labels consisting of hemp oil.

So, Kannaway may be the pioneer in this segment but not the only one. As a distributor, you will face stiff competition while selling Kannaway products.

Kannaway products are well-received though. You will find a few reviews that are really positive. The users have experienced changes in their physic for good and appreciated the effects of the hemp.

Kannaway product reviews

The pricing is where Kannaway products disappoint. Comparatively, a CBD Hemp oil liquid (1500mg) costs $194.99 on the Kannaway website. You can find many alternatives on Amazon that are way cheaper than Kannaway. Below are a few examples:

Not only this, Salve skincare product is priced at $50.69 as compared to one of the best-selling skincare solutions which costs just $17 on Amazon.

I don’t know how Kannaway can justify its pricing strategy. Just starting the hemp oil revolution is not enough to keep the prices higher. Customers can easily find and buy products with the same benefits at a much cheaper value.

How to make money with Kannaway MLM? 

Basically, there are two major ways to make money with Kannaway MLM:

Sell the products – As a Kannaway distributor, you can buy products at wholesale price and sell them at retail price to make retail profits (commissions) and,

Recruit people – You can earn bonuses and override commissions on the purchases/sales from the people you recruit in the company.

Kannaway Compensation plan 

Kannaway offers the following 10-level of compensation structure to its entrepreneurs:

  1. Retail commissions – The retail commission is paid when a wholesale price product is sold at retail price to a customer. For example, if a CBD Hemp oil worth $149 wholesale price is sold at $194 retail price then $45 will be paid as total retail commissions.
  2. Direct sales commissions (20%) – This is paid on the commissionable value of each product sold. Taking the above example, a $9 will be your direct sales commission on $45 retail commissions.

An entrepreneur has to sell 110PV (Personal Volume) every month. By achieving this target regularly, you can begin to earn:

  1. Fast start qualified commissions
  2. Direct sales commission check match
  3. Residual team override commission
  4. Rank Advancement commissions
  5. Rank Infinity commissions
  6. Coded Infinity commissions
  7. Lifestyle commissions
  8. Minimum Income Guarantee  
Kannaway compensation plan

There is also a 3-for-free product program based on having customers with Smartship orders. When you and your 3 customers remain active on Smartship monthly recurring orders of 28BV, you will earn the average of 3 consecutive customer orders in 3 for free credit.

All in all, the Kannaway compensation plan is a typical income structure that is very difficult and complicated. Watch the below video for a better understanding or download the compensation plan to read it in detail.

Can you make money with Kannaway MLM? 

Making money with Kannaway MLM is possible provided you have a gist of working with a multilevel marketing business model. It mainly works on networking where you have to convince your friends, family, or new customers to join your team.

When more and more people purchase products for personal use and convince their network of people to purchase more that is where you can start to earn a stream of regular income. But this scenario is very rare and difficult to achieve.

Several factors such as competition, product category, pricing, start-up, and maintenance costs play an important role in deciding your future. Unfortunately, all these factors don’t give a positive vibe to start working with Kannaway.

Its joining cost is too high considering the value packs you must purchase to become an entrepreneur. Its maintenance cost is again on the higher side with 110BV (equals to $110) worth of products to be sold every month. And bonuses are only applicable when you have members who can purchase the products from you and recruit more people into their team.

As for the competition, you have Emris International, Hempworx, and many other MLM companies who will give you consistent headaches to achieve your sales target.

I assume this could be a few reasons that have prevented Kannaway from releasing the income disclosure statement of its independent distributors. The figures may not be too encouraging to disclose.

To summarize, if you can hold on to your position for a few years with consistent performance and investment then yes, you can make money with Kannaway MLM.

Is Kannaway a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Kannaway is an established company selling good-quality hemp-based products. It is not a scam. You can rely and trust the firm’s stability, and financial strength from a joining perspective.

However, as a word of caution, you must consider the risks and financial aspects involved with Kannaway. It pays its independent distributors on selling the products and recruiting people. Unlike pyramid scheme companies that exist only to add more and more people, Kannaway is not a pyramid scheme.

Kannaway lawsuit

I didn’t find any major legal controversies or lawsuits against Kannaway. One that you will find goes back to 2018. It’s related to Kannaway Pure Gold bottle confiscation by Finland customs authorities. The authorities claimed it to be a medicinal ingredient which is illegally imported into the country by Kannaway.

However, the Finnish Supreme Administrative Court termed the product to be a non-medicinal ingredient according to EU directives and settled the case in favor of Kannaway in 2021.


  • Reputed and established company – There is no doubt that Kannaway is a reputed and leading Cannabis company. It is existing since the late 2000s and still remains one of the top contenders in the MLM segment. The company is here to stay owing to its stable management and competitive business strategy.
  • Effective product quality – Kannaway products are of top quality. The hemp oil (THC) ingredient is a sure-shot winner which remains an essential part of all its products. Kannaway products offer great health benefits and help its users improve physical strength, metabolism, and appearance.


  • Significantly over-priced products – Kannaway products are significantly over-priced. We have seen the comparison and the difference in pricing is not about $10-$20 but close to $100 which is insane. This could be the biggest drawback and hindrance in achieving the sales target for its distributors.
  • Very demanding compensation plan – Kannaway’s compensation structure is competitive and rewarding but at the same time, it is very demanding. Newbies will find it extremely difficult to sell products worth $110 every month. There are 10 ways to make money with Kannaway out of which 8 ways are focused on recruiting more and more people. The process of recruiting continuously isn’t sustainable forever and there are chances that you will earn less and lose more in the long run.
  • Pyramid scheme in disguise – The main source of making money with Kannaway is people. When the rewards are focused more on recruitment (even though product selling is involved) it is a red flag. Kannaway cannot be termed a pyramid scheme on paper but recruitment is mandatory if you want to achieve bigger financial success and this is a sign of a pyramid scheme in disguise.

Conclusion: Is Kannaway MLM recommended?

Kannaway definitely has authority when it comes to developing high-quality CBD oil and hemp-based products. They perform really well and this is one of the main reasons to get associated with Kannaway.

However, from an earning perspective and business opportunity, Kannaway is not worth it. The joining cost is higher and products are expensive. The compensation plan works more on people rather than products.

Overall, working with Kannaway MLM won’t give you the authority, control, and satisfaction that one looks for in any business. So, instead of recommending Kannaway MLM, I suggest you find better alternatives for making money online.

You will find a few handy resources and the one I use personally is Affiliate Marketing. To know more about it check my recommendation below.

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