Juuva MLM Review 2022: Scam or another legit MLM opportunity?

Juuva MLM Review

Probably you were looking for a way to be healthy being your own boss and came across Juuva. Because this is one of the terms, Juuva use to do their MLM business. But can you really become your own boss by selling health products? Is Juuva a scam or a pyramid scheme? Does it actually provide a business opportunity to make consistent money? In this detailed Juuva MLM review post, we will answer these questions and many more.

We will find out what is Juuva, how it works, its product, its earning opportunity, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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Juuva MLM Review: What is Juuva?

Juuva is a health and wellness multilevel marketing company that offers products for weight loss, immunity, nutrition, and skincare. Juuva was co-founded by Grant Pace and Frankie Kiow who have vast experience in direct selling and network marketing industries.

Juuva started its operations in the year 2013 and is headquartered in Utah, the US. It also operates in Canada, the Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, and Mexico.

What is Juuva MLM?

Owing to its founder’s background and working history, Juuva focuses on selling its products through a network marketing business model. This is where Juuva MLM comes into the picture.

Juuva values its distributors a lot with a compensation plan that offers up to 50% commissions, a training system, business tools, and community support as part of its MLM program.

Juuva has a 30% reservation for its distributors who can have their share in the company’s ownership based on their qualifications and growth.

How does Juuva MLM work?

To be a Juuva MLM distributor, you have to enroll yourself with the help of an ID number of an existing Juuva distributor. 

You can also enroll yourself by providing your contact details or calling the Juuva customer service directly in case you don’t have a sponsor ID.

The joining fee is $49 for a year. This will give you a Juuva membership but you will have to further spend some money on buying one of its product kits.

The kits range from $179 to $739 which you can use for self-consumption. These product kits include some of the best-selling Juuva items that can be further shared with others to earn commissions.

Before you begin your MLM journey, Juuva ensures you are well-trained to do so. It offers a comprehensive training program and a dedicated system to grow your business.

Juuva products

Juuva’s product line includes health supplements for weight loss and better immunity. It also offers skincare products for long-lasting younger-looking skin.

Some of the key Juuva products include:

Rejuv+: Rejuv+ are supplementary capsules to generate energy and maintain a balanced appetite. The product contains Vitamin B3 and B12 as well as some superfood ingredients that help in boosting energy levels, improve immunity, offer support to mental alertness, and reduce belly fat.

Juuva products

Allwater: This is an Alkaline drop that helps improve pH levels. The fluid is a combination of electrolytes, carbonates, and glycine which are responsible to produce balance fluids throughout the body. The product improves hydration, and metabolism, absorbs nutrients, neutralizes acidity, and promotes balanced energy.

Biointense: Biointense is an anti-aging skin liquid developed to repair damaged skin. The product contains the formula of glycolic acid, grapeseed oil, and green tea extracts that helps in diminishing aging wrinkles/lines and regenerating newer-looking skin.

Likewise, you can find many such products on the Juuva website that can be used and offered as part of distributorship. But the sad truth is, that products like Juuva are too many under different names and brands. This can make your selling job very difficult.

Surprisingly, I couldn’t find any details on the return/refund process on Juuva products. This is vital information when you are trying to convince your audience which is sorely missed.

Are Juuva products worth their pricing?

Pricing will be a deciding factor if you want real success with Juuva products. One of the good things is that Juuva products remain exclusive to network marketing distribution. I could hardly find them on any other selling platform such as Amazon. This is unlike many other MLMs whose products can be ordered through multiple selling channels.

The reviews and ratings around Juuva can be found on its Facebook page and these are fairly positive. Nothing much to complain about. However, when you compare the pricing of Juuva products with other similar alternatives there are surprises.

Rejuv+ which is a superfood supplement costs $52 on the Juuva website. Some of the best-selling alternatives on Amazon cost from $8 to $50.

Juuva product reviews

Similarly, its Allwater product which is an alkaline water drop is priced at $55 compared to its alternatives priced from $16.

To summarize, Juuva products are expensive even though it performs well on effectiveness and health benefits.

How to make money with Juuva MLM?

The main two ways to make money with Juuva MLM are:

  • Sell the products and earn retail profits,
  • Build a team of distributors to earn bonuses on their sales and recruitment.

Juuva compensation plan

Juuva compensation plan has primarily two types of income categories. As a Juuva distributor, you are eligible to purchase products at discounted (wholesale) pricing. You can earn retail commissions as profits on the difference between the wholesale and retail price of a product.

Secondly, there are multiple bonuses on offer when you start to enroll new distributors into your team.

These are the Fast start bonus, Binary bonus, and Leadership bonus. All the bonuses are calculated based on your personal level as a distributor.

Juuva compensation plan

A minimum of 70PV is the requirement to maintain your membership account active. That means you have to purchase/sell products worth $100 every month.

There are overall 11-levels to achieve with a commission percentage between 10% to 13%. Your bonuses and commissions keep increasing with every level you climb. At the same time, you have to keep recruiting more and more people into your team to maintain your minimum PV criteria.

Juuva compensation plan is a typical income offering that remains ever-demanding in terms of sales and recruitment.

Can you make money with Juuva MLM?

Yes, you can make money with Juuva MLM but cannot become rich overnight. This is a proven fact with any company that works on a multilevel marketing business model.

Juuva does not disclose the income of its distributors. However, its website does cover a section of people who are top earners in this segment.

A majority of its distributors have crossed their golden years of earning and have spent decades to become part of this Top Earners section.

Network/Multilevel marketing is not easy. Before you make a single penny, you have to invest a consistent amount of money in being a member of an MLM program, purchasing products, and other promotional and marketing aspects.

And if you remain active, the first couple of years will give you enough income to support your membership. Actual profits and financial freedom only come after spending at least 4-5 years in a single company.

If you have these abilities, and money then you can make decent money with Juuva MLM.

Is Juuva a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Juuva is not a scam. It is a legit company since 2013 selling good-quality health and wellness products. The company has a strong foundation owing to its influential leadership and claims to be debt-free which are good signs from a joining perspective.

Juuva products are well-known in the MLM industry and its compensation plan is based on the number of products purchased/sold by your recruited members. Pyramid schemes do not have any physical products to sell and depend solely on recruiting more and more people. So, technically Juuva is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Established firm – One of the main factors to look for in any MLM company is its existence. It is hard to survive more than 5 years for MLMs and Juuva has been doing well since 2013. It is a well-established and reliable firm if you are looking for an MLM with financial stability.
  • Good-quality products – This is the second benefit of Juuva. Its product range is unique and has the ingredients and benefits that improve people’s health. There are hardly any complaints and you can find many reviews and feedback around Juuva products that are fair and positive.


  • Expensive products – Juuva products are more expensive than its competitors. Higher pricing leads to inconsistency in sales and distributors find it difficult to convince their customers who have multiple alternatives available online.
  • Competitive market – Health and wellness segment is very popular and highly competitive at the same time. You can find many MLMs and other companies selling their products simultaneously through different marketing channels. In such a scenario, it becomes very tough to achieve consistent sales numbers.
  • It is an MLM – One of the main challenges of working with an MLM is people. The main source of income lies in how big a team is that can purchase and sell more and more products. This process requires continuous recruitment which is not sustainable in the long run.

Conclusion: Is Juuva MLM recommended?

Juuva has a great line of products and it has done well to maintain its reputation and financial status debt-free. However, being an MLM takes lots of hard work, dedication, and money to achieve success.

Its compensation plan is demanding and one has to be consistent when working on selling its products and building a team. Inconsistency and complacency could lead to failure and loss of investment.

Making money with Juuva is tough and therefore its MLM program is not recommended. You can find many other alternatives to making money online with low investment and higher returns. Just research and find one.

In case you are confused or want to save your time researching and then check my recommendation below.

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