Is Zurvita a scam? Make money selling Zeal health drink!

Is Zurvita a scam

Health and wellness products are primarily exposed to a number of MLM companies. These companies offer same type of products with a different label and brand. That is why it is important to do you research before considering to purchase the products or joining their so-called MLM opportunity. Zurvita is one of the established players in the MLM segment. It offers a range of products and an opportunity to join their MLM program to make some money. Is Zurvita a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme in disguise? Can you really make money with Zurvita MLM?

I am sure there are many such questions bothering your mind. In this detailed Zurvita MLM review post, we will look at what Zurvita is, how it works, the products and compensation it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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What is Zurvita?

Zurvita is a health and wellness MLM company that was founded in 2008. The company offers a range of products, including weight loss supplements, energy drinks, and skincare products.

Zurvita was founded by Mark Jarvis, Tracy Jarvis, and Jay Shafer who is also its current CEO. The company is headquartered in Texas, the US.

It also has the network marketing presence in the Canada, and Mexico where its products are sold through independent consultants.

What is Zurvita MLM?

In addition to their product line, Zurvita also offer a business opportunity for people to start their own home-based business selling Zurvita products.

The MLM program is based on a compensation plan that is rewarding for individuals who sell Zurvita products and recruit people into the company.

The company offers a range of tools and training to help people get started with their business.

How Does Zurvita MLM Work?

The Zurvita MLM opportunity works by allowing people to become independent distributors of Zurvita products. These independent distributors are called Zurvita consultants.

To become an independent consultant, you have to enrol yourself with the help of an existing Zurvita sponsor. The enrolment fee is $39.95 which will give you access to a welcome kit. 

The sign up will make you eligible for product discounts, personalized website, marketing materials, and a mobile app.

Next is to purchase a starter kit to begin your business journey. You can find multiple starter kits that range from $139.95 to $549.95.

Consultants can earn commissions on the sales of Zurvita products that they make. In addition, consultants can also earn overrides on the sales made by people who they have recruited into the business.

Zurvita products

Zurvita products

Zurvita offers a range of health and wellness products, including weight loss supplements, energy drinks, and skincare products.

The company’s flagship product is its Zeal wellness drink. Zeal is a nutritional supplement that is designed to provide people with energy and nutrients.

The product comes in different flavours and is gluten free and vegan diet. It is made up of many ingredients related to vitamins, amino acids, botanicals, etc.

The Zurvita product line also includes weight loss, and nutritional supplements. The products are sold in individual, group, and even through transformation system which is a mixture of multiple Zurvita products.

Consumers can also enjoy gift cards or protein shaker cups under its merchandise offer. Zurvita products are backed by a 30-days money back guarantee and return policy.

As far as the product line goes, there is nothing new on offer except for the brand Zurvita. You can find many MLMs selling similar products in the health and wellness segment.

Are Zurvita products worth their pricing?

Zurvita’s Zeal product can also be ordered through Amazon. The product is rated highly gathering more than 4.5-stars for its effectivity and performance. However, it has also been criticized for its pricing.

Zurvita product reviews

The Zeal canister which is a nutritional drink costs $76.95 on Amazon and $69.95 on Zurvita website. Other similar nutritional drinks on Amazon do not cost more than $60. This makes Zurvita product expensive.

Overall, the product quality of Zurvita is reliable however their value is over-priced.

How to make money with Zurvita MLM?

Going by its compensation plan structure, you can make money in basically two ways:

Make personal commissions by selling Zurvita products,

Make bonuses by recruiting people into your team.

Zurvita Compensation Plan

The Zurvita compensation plan allows distributors to earn commissions on the sales of Zurvita products and on the sales made by people who they have recruited into the business.

Zurvita pays 20% commissions on your personal sales. This is paid when you sell the products directly to your customers.

There is also a 30-days commission program offered by Zurvita. Here, consultants are provided with free products and business tools if they can recruit 3 customers in a month.

Further, if these customers buy product packs (loyalty pack), you can make $10 for each purchase. That means if three customers buy loyalty packs each you can earn $30.

Similarly, the more people you recruit and the more products your customers purchase you earnings increases.

Zurvita compensation plan

Then there are different types of bonuses paid on different levels. To be eligible to earn bonuses you have focus on building a team of networking people.

There are 14 positions to climb with each having 7-levels/ways of earnings. Following are the types of team-building bonuses you can expect to earn through Zurvita’s compensation plan:

  • Builder bonus,
  • Customer all-star bonus,
  • Team all-star bonus,
  • Team bonus,
  • Bonus overrides,
  • Rank bonuses

Each type of bonus demands a certain volume or product purchases by your downlines.

The Zurvita compensation plan also offers bonuses and rewards for achieving certain sales milestones. Bonuses are paid out as a percentage of the PV generated by a distributor.

To be fair, the compensation plan is very typical and similar to other MLM programs. The rewards are mainly focused on how many people you sponsor every month. This type of structure looks more like a pyramid scheme than an earning opportunity.

Can you make money with Zurvita MLM? 

Making money with Zurvita MLM is tough. MLMs are not get rich quick schemes. These are not even typical 9-5 earning opportunity where you complete the task for a day or month and get your salary.

First of all, you have to be enthusiastic about sharing and selling. Secondly, you have to be too good to convince others to follow your team. Both these aspects are necessary to generate income that can take care of your business needs. I repeat business needs not your personal needs.

It takes years of learning and experience to earn your dream income and financial freedom with MLMs. You have to also consider various costs and investments related to your stint with Zurvita MLM program. These include start-up cost, monthly product purchases, marketing, promotions, etc.

Even after considering all the above factors, the earning figures may not be encouraging. I couldn’t find the latest income disclosure statement of Zurvita but the one that is available online goes back to 2016.

Zurvita income disclosure statement

The average monthly income for a starter business consultant were $11. I think this sums up the conclusion on how much money you can make with Zurvita MLM.

Is Zurvita a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Zurvita has been selling legit health and wellness supplements since 2008. It is not a scam. However, its compensation structure makes it look more like a pyramid scheme in disguise. It’s main focus and rewards come at the expense of recruiting more and more people.

Technically speaking, it is not a pyramid scheme either owing to the physical products it offers. But it is advisable to test your recruiting abilities if you are considering joining Zurvita MLM.


  • Established firm – The company has survived long enough to establish itself in the health and wellness MLM segment. Zurvita has a long potential to continue as a trustworthy and reliable firm from a joining perspective.
  • Good quality products – This is another advantage of joining Zurvita MLM. It has good quality products that are highly effective and known to provide efficient health benefits. The products are well-received and appreciated by many customers/members alike on different platforms.
  • Low start-up cost – Zurvita’s enrolment fee is just $39. Plus, as a starter member you can get free access to its business tools and primary products by convincing three people to join. This gives an ample opportunity for anyone who is good at selling and convincing to begin their MLM journey at minimum cost.


  • The products are over-priced – As seen during our research, the pricing of Zurvita products is comparatively higher than its competitors. Health and wellness segment is over-crowded with such products and this may pose a big challenge to its consultants selling Zurvita products on consistent basis.
  • Money is in the recruitment – Your success with Zurvita will be based your team-building efforts. Personal commissions are just 20% which may not be enough from earning perspective. So, recruiting more and more people is the only option to make some money with Zurvita MLM.
  • Disappointing income figures – The income figures of Zurvita’s consultants are very disappointing. A few hundred dollars in a month is not what you expect after putting so much of hard work and effort in selling and networking. This is where MLM’s fail miserably when it comes to making money especially for beginners.

Conclusion: Is Zurvita MLM recommended?

Overall, Zurvita is a legitimate MLM opportunity with a good range of products and a generous compensation plan. However, it is not easy to make money with Zurvita MLM.

There are challenges of competition, selling expensive products, and the minimum monthly PV requirements may make it difficult for some people to earn commissions.

It is disappointing to see the financial results of Zurvita’s consultants. All in all, Zurvita MLM opportunity is restricted to people involved in extensive selling and are expert in networking.

For the rest, it is better to research online on other money-making opportunities. You will find many of them that cost way less than MLMs and generate higher returns. If you are still not sure, then check out my recommendation below.

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