Is Yoli a scam? Or a legit health and wellness business opportunity?

Is Yoli a scam?

Most probably you were looking for a business opportunity that can help you achieve financial freedom, and came across Yoli MLM. Yoli is a health and wellness company that offers a wide range of health products and also an earning opportunity selling them. But can you really make money selling Yoli products? Is Yoli a scam or another pyramid scheme?

In this Yoli MLM review post, we will take a closer look at how it works, the products and services offered, and the compensation plan. We will also discuss the pros and cons of joining this company so that you can make an informed decision about whether or not to become a Yoli distributor.

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What is Yoli?

Yoli is a multi-level marketing company that sells health and wellness products. The company was co-founded in 2009 by three people Bobby Jones, Robby Fender, and Kimi Fender in the US.

The founders of the company are passionate about helping people lead healthier lives, and they have created a unique business model with a mission to “change the world one life at a time”.

Yoli offers various products, including supplements, skincare, and fitness equipment. In addition to their physical products, Yoli also provides a wide range of services, including health coaching, personal training, and group fitness classes.

What is Yoli MLM?

Yoli is a multi-level marketing company, which means that they sell its products and services through a network of independent distributors. Distributors earn commissions on the sales of products and services, as well as on the sales of other distributors that they recruit to join the company.

The MLM opportunity comes with a generous compensation plan, training, business tools, and support which allows distributors to earn a significant income.

How does Yoli MLM work?

To get started with Yoli MLM, you will need to enroll yourself as an independent distributor. 

You can choose to enroll with your sponsor’s ID or select the ‘not referred’ option. The next step is to purchase a starter kit. This will cost you $39 which includes Yoli membership, a personal website, training, and tools.

You can boost your membership by adding Yoli product kits that cost another $150. Once you have successfully enrolled, you can start sharing the products personally or through online channels to get eligible for commissions.

Yoli products and services

Yoli claims to have products that are made from natural resources to help people achieve healthier bodies and lifestyles.

Some of the most popular products offered by Yoli include:

Yoli Truth: This is an immunity supplement that helps combat oxidative stress to provide relief to your immune system. Yoli Truth is a combination of great quality botanicals, superfruits, and minerals that boosts physical hydration and also promotes healthy antioxidant levels for better immunity.

Yoli Pure: Yoli Pure is made to improve digestion and eliminate toxins from the body. Pure capsules contain scientifically proven probiotics which are mainly instrumental in strengthening gut health, improving digestion, and supporting the overall immune system.

Yoli Collagen: This is a skincare product that is made of 5 types of full-spectrum collagen for better skin moisture and elasticity. The product is also designed to help people get in shape and improve their overall health with healthy joints and bones.

In addition to the above, Yoli products are available in different types of kits. Such kits contain some of the best-selling products for overall health improvement. Yoli T (Transformational) kit, Yoli Life kit, and Yoli Mood kit are some examples.

Yoli products

As part of its product offering, Yoli also promotes BBS (Better Body System) which is a lifestyle program. This program is offered as a 28-day transformation kit that includes videos, resources, and community support from Yoli to help its members/users achieve their desired physical appearance and healthy lifestyle.

Irrespective of the variety, it is worth noting that Yoli products are just another category of health supplements with different brands and names. You can find many other MLMs selling similar products which could make your selling business challenging.

Are Yoli products worth their price? 

Yoli Transformational kit has found some really good reviews on Amazon. The product gathered more than 4-stars and its users seem to be very happy with the performance and results.

Yoli product reviews

Yoli Transformation kit has a product called Pure. We have covered the detailed information on this product above. This is a gut health improver and compared to other products in the same category the pricing seems reasonable. It costs $35 and you can find many products on Amazon that are cheaper as well as expensive than Yoli products.

Similarly, Yoli Truth which is an immunity booster is comparatively expensive. The canister costs $75 against some of the best-selling immunity supplements on Amazon.

To conclude, Yoli products are on par or more expensive than its competitors which could have a mixed response from its users.

How to make money with Yoli MLM?

There are mainly two ways to make money with Yoli MLM:

  • By selling products – You will earn a commission on the sales of products and services,  
  • By recruiting other distributors – You can earn income by recruiting other distributors to join the company and also earn a percentage of the commissions that your downline distributors earn.

Yoli compensation plan

Yoli offers a generous compensation plan, which allows you to earn up to 30% commission on the sales of products. You can earn retail commissions between 20% to 30% when you sell Yoli products to a retail customer.

In order to earn commissions, you have to maintain a volume of 50PV every month. This can be achieved by purchasing the products for your own consumption or orders received from your customers.

Once you start recruiting people under your team, you can earn up to 20% commissions as a Fast start bonus. The downline bonuses can be earned between 5% to 10% on purchases and further recruitments.

The compensation plan is designed to reward distributors for their hard work and dedication. The more you sell, the more you earn. And, the more people you recruit, the more you earn.

The compensation plan is not directly available on the Yoli website however, you can understand the commission structure by watching the videos on this YouTube link.

Can you make money with Yoli MLM?

It is possible to make money with Yoli MLM provided you have the will and dedication as a salesperson and team leader. Yes, these are the two main requirements to make consistent income with Yoli MLM.

But before you start jumping to conclusions, do remember to consider the start-up cost, membership cost, and market competition.

Comparatively, Yoli start-up cost is cheaper than other MLMs but keeping your membership active could be challenging owing to the competition.

Exactly how much money you can make is inconclusive since there is no availability of income disclosure statements of Yoli distributors. But, going by the history and statistical facts, making money with any MLM is difficult unless you spend a considerable amount of time and money.

Is Yoli a scam or a pyramid scheme?

As a matter of fact, Yoli is not a scam. The company sells legit health and wellness products since 2009. The number of years spent in the MLM segment by Yoli is no small feat and it is trustworthy and reliable from a joining perspective.

Pyramid schemes rely on the continuous recruitment of people to make money. This is not the case with Yoli as it has physical products to sell which is the main requirement and source to earn commissions. Technically, Yoli is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Reliable history – As evident, Yoli has survived enough years in the MLM industry to be considered a reliable contender to get associated with. There are hardly any negatives or risks involved with Yoli which is a good sign for any company.
  • Affordable start-up cost – Not many MLMs offer their membership at an affordable start-up cost. Yoli is different. You don’t need more than $100 to begin your MLM journey.
  • Quality health products – Yoli products are made of natural ingredients and the results are highly appreciated by its users. You can find many positive reviews and feedback about Yoli products which could be highlighted during your selling campaign.


  • Competitive products – Yoli offers a wide range of products in the health and wellness segment. Irrespective of the quality, the category of products is highly competitive which could pose a serious challenge in achieving regular sales.
  • Recruitment challenges -Yoli is a multi-level marketing company, so you will need to recruit other distributors to make money. Continuous recruitment is always difficult and this is the only way you can make a significant income.
  • Missing information -The company does not offer any sort of refund or satisfaction guarantee on their products. The information on returns/refunds is sorely missed. It is also disappointing to know that Yoli does not disclose the income disclosure statement of its distributors even after spending more than a decade in the MLM segment.

Conclusion: Is Yoli MLM recommended?

Yoli is a legitimate MLM company that offers high-quality health and wellness products. There is no doubt about the popularity and effectiveness of Yoli products. But this is the only positive to take away from this review post.

Yoli MLM opportunity is just another sales stint for anyone who is good at selling and networking. The compensation plan is generous but also demanding. The start-up cost is low but membership maintenance costs could rob your retail profits.

I personally recommend Yoli for its products but not the MLM opportunity. There are many alternatives to Yoli that require similar investments with superior returns. I suggest you research them online and if you want to save your time on researching then check my recommendation below.

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