Is Yanbal International a scam? Make money selling beauty products!

Is Yanbal International a scam?

Working with MLMs is always risky. One of the factors to be considered while joining any MLM is its history of existence. This is to ensure that the company has sufficient experience and financial stability to work with. Yanbal International is one of the companies that fall into this category. It is more than 5 decades old and still going strong. Too good to be true? Is Yanbal International a scam or a legit business opportunity? Is it a pyramid scheme?

You will find the answers in this Yanbal International MLM review. Discover the products, compensation plan, and the vital pros and cons of Yanbal International.

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What is Yanbal International?

Yanbal International is a beauty and cosmetics manufacturing firm founded in 1967 by Fernando Belmont in Peru. Its sheer existence makes it one of the oldest contemporaries in the MLM market.

Yanbal’s mainstream market is Latin America and it also serves in some of the European countries and the US. Janine Belmont is its current CEO.

What is Yanbal International MLM?

Yanbal International operates on a network marketing business model. The products are sold through independent representatives called Style Advisors.

These Style Advisors are offered training, support, and commissions by Yanbal International. The earnings are based on personal sales and sharing the opportunity with others to build a team.

How does Yanbal International MLM work?

To work with Yanbal International MLM, you have to get yourself enrolled through its website

The next step is to choose a starter kit. There are two options – Influencer kit and Social Demo kit.

Yanbal International starter kits

The pricing details of the starter kits are not available on the website. However, it could cost you between $30-$50 based on the online resources.

The kits contain product samples, brochures, and other marketing material to begin your sales journey. Yanbal also offers a personal website and a mobile app (Maya) to its Style Advisors who can share the products online and receive commissions on the go.

Yanbal International products

Yanbal products consist of beauty cosmetics, jewelry, and fragrances. The product category isn’t too interesting. You can find many such pieces on different online platforms. So, what makes Yanbal products special?

Yanbal has its own research and development centers in the US and Europe where different products are innovated and tested by worldwide experts and scientists. Yanbal claims to produce products that are not tested on animals, are dermatological-proof, and have 100% metal compliance.

Yanbal International products

Some of the product types include:

Skincare: You can find cleansers, moisturizers, scrubs, makeup removers, etc.

Fragrances: This category includes perfumes for men and women of different fragrances and flavors.

Makeup & Jewelry: The products consist of makeup accessories related to eyes, lips, nails, face, etc.  You can also find necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and more under jewelry.

Yanbal offers special pricing discounts and free shipping on orders costing above $75. It also offers a 30-days return/refund on all its products.

Are Yanbal International products worth their price? 

We found a few of Yanbal products mainly the perfumes on Amazon. When it came to pricing, the products are cheaper on Amazon than Yanbal’s website. Below are some examples.

Yanbal Website pricing
Yanbal Amazon pricing
Yanbal Website pricing
Yanbal Amazon pricing

If you can find the products on other platforms such as Amazon that too with lower prices why would anybody want to purchase the products through Style Advisors? This is difficult to understand.

What about other brand products in the same category? A BVLGARI brand perfume and Revlon brand perfumes are much cheaper than Yanbal International perfumes.

As far as the quality goes, there is no compromise. The products are rated highly and the reviews are very positive for Yanbal perfumes.

Overall, Yanbal International products are of good quality but quite expensive (at least in the perfume category).

How to make money with Yanbal International MLM? 

As a Yanbal Style Advisor, you have two ways to make money:

Selling products to your friends, relatives, and others through social media, your personal website, and other marketing resources approved by Yanbal. This method will pay you personal commissions.

Making a team – Convincing your customers/friends/relatives to join your cause of building a team promoting Yanbal products and earn commissions on their sales.

Yanbal International MLM compensation plan 

The compensation plan from Yanbal seems very generous. It offers 20%-40%-50% commissions that are calculated based on the number of sales you achieve.

Yanbal International compensation plan

Along with the commissions, Yanbal offers exclusive discounts on special products, as well as additional rewards in the form of gifts and prizes.

$300 PV (Personal Volume) is required to be maintained to keep your Style Advisor position active.

There is no complex structure available on your team sales. The earning limit is set by yourself depending on the way you want to do your business.

However, according to some online research results, you can make 3-4 figures monthly income by working full-time performing continuous sales and recruitment.

Overall, the compensation plan has the potential to make decent money provided you put in the required hard work and efforts.

Can I make money with Yanbal International MLM? 

As evident by its compensation plan, you can make money with Yanbal International MLM but it may not be easy.

Good financial results are only possible if you can sell the products regularly. In addition, your networking has to be really good. Both aspects are necessary to achieve higher returns on your investment of starter kits, any other promotional events, or traveling.

On the downside, you will have to face stiff competition when it comes to the selling of beauty and cosmetics. The market is overcrowded with many offerings available on various online marketplaces.

There is no transparency on Yanbal International’s income disclosure statement so it is difficult to arrive at actual earning figures.

Making money with Yanbal International will not be a cakewalk. It can take quite a bit of learning, adapting, hard work, dedication, patience, and persistence to see desired results. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme.

Is Yanbal International a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Yanbal International is not a scam considering the number of years it has survived in the challenging market. 50+ years is no small feat. It has products that are high-quality and trusted by people using it.

The business model of Yanbal International is controversial but still legal. The good thing is it offers commissions and perks to individuals and teams who sell more products. The focus is on selling rather than recruiting so it is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Commendable history – Yanbal International is one of the oldest companies in the beauty and cosmetics segment. The company is still going strong with expansion in other countries manufacturing quality products. Its commendable history makes it a reliable contender to work with.
  • Quality of the products – Yanbal products are of good quality. This is evident from the reviews and feedback from many users who have used their products. Some of its products have garnered more than 4 stars rating which is really good.
  • Training and resources – One of the highlights of Yanbal International is its MLM package. It offers dedicated training resources, support, and a personal website to its representatives. There is also a mobile app on offer to run your business on the go. This makes it easier for newbies to jumpstart and scale their businesses higher.
  • Higher commissions – Up to 50% of commissions are very lucrative. This is against the average trend of 30% commissions offered by most of the MLMs in the same category. With regular sales, you can expect to make decent commissions every month.


  • Expensive products – The pricing of Yanbal products is on the higher side. This can make selling difficult considering the availability of similar products on many online platforms at cheaper rates.
  • Competition challenges – Beauty and cosmetic products have a very high level of competition. These products are sold by many other MLM companies as well as can be also found on various other platforms with free shipping and delivery. Yanbal representatives will need special selling skills to make the products look innovative and convincing to achieve continuous sales.
  • Recruitment challenges – You need to build a team of members to increase your earnings. Regular recruitment is not sustainable and you will start to see your earnings declining in the long run. This is the toughest challenge many MLM representatives face that halt their overall business progress.

Conclusion: Is Yanbal International MLM recommended?

Yanbal International is a good company to work with. It is ranked under the top 100 MLM companies that offer generous commissions and valuable resources to its representatives. Yanbal also has products that are liked by the masses.

However, when it comes to making money with Yanbal International there could be many challenges. It is not easy to survive the competition, difficult to recruit people on regular basis, and even make sales by default.

The success rate is bare minimum with MLMs and so it makes sense to lookout for an opportunity that offers higher returns on minimum investment. Personally, I would not recommend Yanbal International MLM.

Instead, research online for other money-making resources. If you cannot find one then check out my recommendation below.

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