Is Worldwide Brands a scam? Worldwide Brands Review

Is Worldwide Brands a scam

Thousands of sellers have drop shipping businesses that are struggling. Some of the problems they face include not having reputable suppliers, low margin and late delivery of items. You don’t have to worry especially if you are new to the world of dropshipping. Different apps can help you run your dropshipping business effectively. Worldwide Brands is one of them. Is Worldwide Brands a scam? This review will help you make a sound decision. 

You will also find out if Worldwide Brands is legit. So, let’s get started.

What is Worldwide Brands? An Overview

Worldwide Brands is a searchable directory where you can find suppliers and products. When it comes to selling products online, working with some of the best suppliers can be the difference between profit and loss. This is the gap that the app has come to fill. 

Founded in 1999 by Chris Malta, Worldwide Brands has remained one of the best-certified e-commerce directories for wholesalers and suppliers in the world. It is rated A+ by BBB and the headquarters is based in Florida, the United States of America. There are more than 16 million verified products on Worldwide Brands with direct access to wholesalers, suppliers and manufacturers.    

Worldwide Brands connects dropshippers with 100% genuine wholesalers with high-quality products. The platform has got a great reputation for linking online sellers to credible wholesalers all over the world. The company mostly focuses on sellers who are running their business from home.

How Worldwide Brands work?

All the details you need for joining the Worldwide Brands will be found in this section of the post. Read well to make an informed decision.

You must sign up first before you can use Worldwide Brands to search for suppliers and products. To sign up, you will have to visit After making payment, you can start to search for the kind of products you would like to sell. 

All the suppliers’ page has got detailed information like shipping time, contact information and other important details you may require. You can decide to dropship or purchase items in bulk and sell them by yourself.

Selling as a dropshipper

If you are selling as a dropshipper, it is either you sell on Amazon, eBay or you are selling on your online store. After someone has made a purchase and paid for it, you can contact your supplier and purchase the product from the supplier. 

The supplier will be the person to ship the item directly to the customer. This is a simple example to help you understand how the process works. If you sell the item for $150 and you bought from the supplier at $100 including shipping and other costs, it means you have a profit of $50.

Buying in bulk and selling as a retailer

If you will like to buy in bulk and sell as a retailer; you will have to order a large number of products from 100 pieces. After making payment for the items, the supplier will ship the products to your location. Then, you can start to sell on your e-commerce store or list the products on eBay or Amazon.

Is it safe to use Worldwide Brands?

Importing directly from China or any other country for that matter may seem legit until counterfeit products are shipped to you. Some counterfeit products may look original when they are seen online only to turn out to be counterfeit when you receive them physically. This is what Worldwide Brands has eliminated. 

The selection process is very thorough and rigorous. This ensures that only genuine suppliers are accepted into the system. 

With this method, fraud and counterfeiting are a thing of the past. Worldwide Brands go the extra mile to find suppliers at different trade fairs in the United States and other countries and cut a good bargain with the suppliers so that sellers can have a reasonable profit margin.

How can I sign up for Worldwide Brands?

To sign up, you will have to visit the website at and click “Order Now!”

What is the cost of joining Worldwide Brands?

It costs $299 to become a lifetime member. 

Can I make money if I subscribe to Worldwide Brands?

Yes, you can make money from Worldwide Brands. It all depends on the type of products you have chosen to sell. You must do your research very well. This will help you go for products that are selling like hot bread. 

Worldwide Brands is not where you can become an instant millionaire. Everything has to be done gradually. You can become a millionaire over time if you make a lot of sales and your profit margins accumulate over some time. 

The fact is that there is nothing like instant success with Worldwide Brands. Don’t believe those reviews that are making bogus claims that Worldwide Brands can turn you into an overnight millionaire.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Does Worldwide Brands have a mobile app?

Answer: Yes, the company has a mobile app that supports both Android and iOS devices. 

  1. Can I pay for Worldwide Brands in installments?

Answer: Yes, you can pay in three installments.

  1. How many products can I access on Worldwide Brands? 

Answer: You can access more than 16 million products with direct access to suppliers. 

  1. Can I get a discount to purchase the lifetime membership? 

Answer: There are discounts on special occasions. The discount is during Memorial Day or if there is a coupon sale. The discount is between $30 and $50. 

  1. Can Worldwide Brands dropship products? 

Answer: Worldwide Brands does not drop ship products. It is only a service provider that finds genuine suppliers. You can dropship with your chosen suppliers

  1. Is Worldwide Brands rated by BBB? 

Answer: Yes, it is rated A+

Who is it for?

Worldwide Brands is for anyone interested in making money as a drop shipper or retailer. 


  • Membership cost is a one-time payment that never expires. It is a lifetime membership 
  • The directory has a large selection of products almost in every category 
  • There is a rigorous verification process before suppliers are selected. The process helps to eliminate counterfeits that mostly come from China.  
  • Worldwide Brands is certified by eBay. 
  • There is a weekly update of products and suppliers 
  • You can do business with multiple suppliers 
  • There is a 60-day refund policy if you make a one-time payment for the lifetime membership. 
  • The customer support is excellent. Email messages are responded to very fast.


  • No monthly payment 
  • Many products are just too overpriced 
  • You need to obtain a resale certificate to work with some suppliers 
  • It is expensive to join the platform. You have to pay $299 to become a lifetime member of Worldwide Brands. This is just too high. There are alternative platforms you can join for less.

Is Worldwide Brands a scam?

You will probably think Worldwide Brands is a scam if you read other reviews that make it look like signing up on the platform will make you an instant millionaire. Worldwide Brands is not a get-rich-quick program. It is legit and not a scam.

Conclusion: Is Worldwide Brands recommended?

Yes, Worldwide Brands is recommended if you are a dropshipper or retailer. Don’t sign up for Worldwide Brands if you are not in any of these two categories. 

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