Is Unicity a scam? Another health and wellness MLM or a pyramid scheme?

Is Unicity a scam?

Looking to build a source of income selling health supplements? If yes, then you should be interested in knowing about Unicity. It is a health and wellness company that operates in more than 60 countries worldwide. Unicity claims to offer an earning opportunity selling its wide range of products. But before you jump to conclusions, it is better to know more about Unicity. Is Unicity a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme or a legit business opportunity? Can you make money with Unicity?

There are many such questions that need genuine and well-researched answers. In this Unicity MLM review post, you will know what is Unicity, how it works, its compensation plan, and the benefits and disadvantages of joining it.

New to MLM?

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What is Unicity?

Unicity is a network marketing company that sells health and wellness products. The company was formed in 2001 by Rexall Showcase International and Enrich International Unify’s collaboration. Unicity product category includes supplements related to weight loss, skincare, vitamins, and more.

The company markets itself as a health and wellness company that offers products to improve overall well-being.

Unicity is headquartered in Orem, Utah, the US. It has expanded its presence in various countries such as Asia-Pacific, China, the UK, Germany, etc.

What is Unicity MLM?

Unicity MLM is a network marketing opportunity that allows individuals to earn commissions by selling Unicity products and recruiting new members to the company.

Unicity offers a binary compensation plan, training and education, business tools, and a supportive community to help its members achieve greater financial success.

How does Unicity MLM work?

Unicity offers distributor membership to individuals looking to build a source of income by selling its products. To become a distributor, you have to enroll yourself through the Unicity website

The enrolment process requires you to provide details (ID) of the sponsor who referred you. If you do not know any sponsor, you can contact the Unicity customer service to help you out with the registration.

The enrolment fee is $40. Once your enrolment process is completed, you will need starter kits to begin your sales journey. The starter kits include products samples, and marketing materials and there are four options to choose from, and the cost of the kits ranges between $40 to $495.

Unicity products

Unicity product line includes weight loss, nutrition, energy drinks, skincare, and personal care products.

Unicity claims that its products are based on natural ingredients and are designed to provide results without the use of harsh chemicals or artificial ingredients.

The products offered by Unicity are divided into four main categories: health and wellness, beauty and personal care, home and family, and business solutions.

Unicity products

In each category, there are several sub-categories of products. For example, in the health and wellness category, there are products for weight management, fitness, nutrition, etc.

Unicity products are specialized solutions for heart ailments, immunity systems, aging problems, and many other health-related issues pertaining to both men and women.

Unicity products are backed by a 60-days return policy. This policy is only applicable for products purchased directly from Unicity without any distributor’s involvement.

Are Unicity products worth their price? 

One of the Unicity products, Unicity Balance is also available on Amazon. This product is aimed to balance cholesterol. It has garnered more than 4-star ratings and many positive reviews for its effectiveness.

Unicity product review

However, the product is also criticized for its pricing which seems costly as compared to other products in the same category. Below are some of the other products available on Amazon that provide similar benefits. These are way cheaper than Unicity Balance.

Overall, Unicity products’ quality and effectiveness are good but higher pricing could be a negative factor from the selling perspective.

How to make money with Unicity?

There are basically two ways to make money with Unicity going by its compensation plan:

Sell products directly to earn retail profits,

Recruit members to build a team to earn additional bonuses.

Unicity compensation plan

The Unicity compensation plan is a bit complicated. But in general, it works like this: you earn commissions when you sell products and recruit people to join the company as members. You can also earn bonuses and other incentives.

The Unicity compensation plan allows you to earn 30% to 100% retail profits on product sales to retail customers.

Unicity compensation plan

Distributors also get to earn a fast start bonus when they enroll a new member who achieves a certain number of PV (Personal Volume). The fast start bonus is paid up to 5% depending on your personal achievements and rankings.

In addition, the compensation is further divided into various bonuses paid on different ranks a distributor achieves in his/her tenure. These bonuses are very attractive on paper but demand constant sales and recruitment drive efforts to appear in your account.

Overall, the Unicity compensation plan is a no-nonsense MLM structure that is only applicable for members who can meet certain sales and recruitment goals regularly.

Here is the detailed Unicity compensation plan

Can I make money with Unicity MLM?

Financial success is very rare with MLMs. It is a proven fact that only 0.01% are able to make maximum money in their MLM stint. Some part of their success is owing to their own efforts, hard work, and patience but the majority of the credit goes to the MLM business model.

The structure is built to benefit the people who are at the top-level members than the beginners. As such, there are many factors a beginner has to consider while deciding to join any MLM. Start-up cost, membership cost, product purchases, travel expenses, promotional events, etc.

All these investments add up to the pressure of continuous sales, regular recruitments that forms the core to financial success with MLMs.

When it comes to making money with Unicity, the income success ratio seems to be a failure. I couldn’t find the latest income disclosure statement released by Unicity on its distributor’s income.

Unicity income disclosure statement

But the one that is available for 2015 reflects $3300 as average earnings for its distributors. It is not clear whether these earnings are annual or monthly figures.

Going by the history of income disclosure statements released by other MLMs the earning numbers are always average figures of annual income.

So, assuming $3300 as annual earnings you are bound to make less than $300 a month for all the investments, sales, and recruitment efforts.

Is Unicity a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Unicity is not a scam. From the joining perspective, it is a legitimate MLM company since 2001 that offers a wide range of quality health and wellness products.

It is also not a pyramid scheme considering the physical products it offers to its members. The earnings and bonuses are paid on the sales volume achieved by you and your members and not the recruitment figures.


  • It’s a global company – Unicity has been around for many years. It is a product of Rexall whose originality goes back to 1903. It has a presence in 60+ countries and has survived long enough to be considered as one of the reliable MLM contenders.
  • Scientifically-based quality products – Unicity product quality is high-standard. Bios Life (Balance) is one of its flagship products and it is well-received and appreciated for its effectiveness and health results by Unicity customers.
  • Great MLM resources – As a distributor, you get hands-on training material, education, business tools, tips, and rewards. The compensation plan is very rewarding if accomplished practically, and there is a whole community to support your business stint as a beginner.


  • The products are relatively expensive – Unicity charges higher prices than its non-MLM rivals for the same products. They are not helping themselves by pricing their items like this since there are many alternatives available at much cheaper pricing on different marketplaces and online platforms.
  • Saturated health and wellness market – Unicity product niche could be an issue. The health and wellness industry is over-saturated. This could be a hard sell for many and a tough challenge to overcome the competition.
  • Recruitment issues – With MLMs, money lies in more people who can purchase more, and recruit more. The extra bonuses, perks, and rewards are only possible when you have a bigger team and recruiting continuously is not sustainable.

Conclusion: Is Unicity MLM recommended?

Unicity as a company, has been around for many years and seems to be doing well. The product line is based on natural ingredients and the products have a good reputation. The compensation plan is based on a binary system, which can be profitable if you are able to build a large team.

However, as with any MLM business opportunity, there is always the risk of losing money if you are not able to sell products or recruit new team members. As a member, you should also be prepared to purchase a starter kit, maintain a certain sales volume and recruit friends and family members.

The money is there to be made but only if you are able to survive the tough few years of hard work, dedication, and persistence.

Otherwise, if you are looking to make good money in a few months and a few bucks then check out my recommendation below.

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