Is Touchstone Essentials a scam? Make money selling organic supplements!

Is Touchstone Essentials a scam

Food with natural and organic ingredients is really helpful in having a healthy body and a better lifestyle. The benefits of organic ingredients can also be consumed through health supplements. To fulfill this need, Touchstone Essentials was born. It is a company that manufactures nutritional supplements through organic fruits and vegetables and if you like and share these supplements further it rewards your efforts through its MLM program. But, are these rewards enough to change your lives? Is Touchstone Essentials a scam or a pyramid scheme?

In this detailed Touchstone Essentials MLM review post, you will find answers to all the above questions. You will also learn about how Touchstone Essentials MLM works, the products it offers, and if you can really make money with its compensation plan.

Do not forget to go through the important pros and cons of the Touchstone Essentials MLM program before making a joining decision.

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What is Touchstone Essentials?

Touchstone Essentials is a health and wellness company that produces and sells supplements made of natural and organic food ingredients. The company works on a manifesto of ‘the good inside’ giving its customers chemical and toxic-free products. One of the common ingredients used in many Touchstone Essentials products is CBD.

Touchstone Essentials was founded by Eddie Stone in 2012. The company has a base in the US, UK, and Europe. Touchstone Essentials claims to have achieved direct sales of $183 billion globally. Its products are shipped to more than 60 countries.

What is Touchstone Essentials MLM?

The MLM program is a direct sales business opportunity where individuals can sell Touchstone Essentials products and earn commissions on sales. It is also beneficial in earning bonuses for inviting more people to join the company.

Touchstone Essentials MLM program offers their consultants with ADMS (Advanced Digital Marketing System) that includes ‘ e-commerce website, education material in the form of blogs, e-newsletters, social media sharing, and many other tools and resources to build a successful online business.

How does Touchstone Essentials MLM work?

Touchstone Essentials MLM works on selling the products directly to retail customers and asking people to join your team. To do this, first, you have to join the company as a VBO (Visionary Business Owner).

There are two options to join. One is by entering the details of your referrer.

Touchstone Essentials starter pack

You can also join without the referrer details by submitting your location details and buying a starter pack. There are three options to choose from:

  • Detox super pack – $129.95
  • Healthy life pack – $389.00
  • Advantage pack – $659.00

You will also have to pay a fee of $19.95 for a 1-year VBO pass. This can be avoided if you enroll with an Advantage pack.

Once your enrolment is complete, you are good to start sharing products and earning commissions.

Touchstone Essentials products

Touchstone Essentials has a number of products that cater to the immune system, mental and physical fitness, metabolism, energy, detoxification, and heart strength. Some of the popular and best-selling Touchstone Essentials products are:

Touchstone Essentials CBD oil – As the name suggests, this is a liquid solution made of hemp oil. The product is called Calm premium hemp oil and consists of cannabinoids grown from organic hemp.

Touchstone Essentials CBD oil

This CBD oil is helpful in calming the effects of temporary inflammation, reducing stress, and improving sleeping disorders. It uses advanced nano-emulsification technology for better absorption and effects.

Touchstone Essentials Pure Body – Pure Body is a zeolite-based detoxifier for improved gut health. Zeolite is a mineral that contains Clinoptilolite useful to trap toxins, heavy metals, and environmental pollutants that may harm your body’s immune and digestive systems.

Pure Body is instrumental in cleaning these unnatural ingredients and improves the body’s pH levels and gut health.

Touchstone Essentials Pure Body

Pure Body Extra is an extension to Pure Body liquid that possesses advanced nano-technology to detoxify toxins and other harmful chemicals at a cellular level.

Touchstone Essentials Super Green Juice – This is a flavored juice with 44 certified organic superfoods. Super Green juice comes in raspberry and green apple flavors that consist of probiotics, fiber, and digestive enzymes to support your whole-body health.

Touchstone Essentials Super Green Juice

It provides the required energy and improves gut health and immunity to keep your body fit and healthy.

All the Touchstone Essentials products are non-GMO, vegetarian, and 100% natural. The products are backed by a 30-day money-back guarantee which could be very beneficial from a sales perspective.

It is very enticing for customers to try the products first hand and get a full refund in case of non-satisfaction.

Are Touchstone Essentials products worth their pricing?

Touchstone Essentials website has a dedicated review section. There are many product reviews that are highly positive and the collective ratings stand at 4.8. It is a good way to attract a lot of customers who can check the reviews before buying any products.

However, I am not sure how genuine and reliable these reviews are so I went researching Touchstone Essentials product reviews online and this is what I found.

Touchstone Essentials product reviews

Amazon has these products in its catalog as well. Pure Body liquid garnered 4-star ratings for its detoxification process with many positive reviews.

The product is priced at $38.95 for a 20ml bottle. This is not cheap as you can find many alternatives on Amazon itself at a much lower value. Below is an example:

Touchstone Essentials products are high in quality but its pricing is significantly higher than its competitors.

How to make money with Touchstone Essentials MLM?

To make money with Touchstone Essentials, you will have to:

  • Sell the products to earn retail commissions and,
  • Recruit people in your team to earn residual commissions and bonuses on their product sales.

You can use an e-commerce website and other marketing tools provided by Touchstone Essentials to fulfill the above-earning methods.

Touchstone Essentials compensation plan

There are 9-ways to earn money with Touchstone Essentials compensation plan. The earnings are released to active VBOs and to remain active a 100PV (personal volume) is the requirement.

Active members are entitled to make:

  1. Retail Bonus – This is the pricing difference between wholesale and retail prices. This means you can buy the products at the wholesale price being a VBO and sell them at retail price to keep the difference as profits.

Once you achieve 100PV and start referring people you can make:

  1. Referral Bonus – The referral bonus is paid on all the new orders placed by your referrals in the first 90-days of signing up. The percentage of bonus range from 5% to 25% depending on your personal level. There are 3-levels on which referral bonuses are applicable.
  2. Advanced Referral Bonus – This is paid when your first level personal enrolments (a total of 10 at least) achieve 50+ PV in a month. This is a 3x bonus which means 5% will be paid as 15%.
  3. Rank Advancement Bonus – This bonus is paid to consultants who achieve a higher ranking for two months consecutively. A Regional Manager is paid $150, National Manager $300, and Director $600.
  4. Team Builder Bonus – This is a matching rank advancement bonus paid when your personal recruits achieve a rank matching your personal ranking. The bonus paid is $150 for Regional Manager, $300 for National Manager, and $600 for Director.
  5. Star Bonus program – The star bonus program is paid to consultants who achieve and maintain National Manager and above levels. The bonus amount varies from $500 to $75000 according to the personal rank. An Ambassador level consultant is rewarded with a Tesla model car.
  6. Residual Bonus – Residual bonus is paid on the levels you achieve in your business. The higher your rankings, the higher will be the bonus percentage. There are overall 10 levels to achieve and the percentage range from 2% to 20%. Refer to the below table on residual bonus:
Touchstone Essentials compensation plan
  1. Royalty Bonus – 5% to 20% royalty bonus is paid on the residual earnings of your personally enrolled consultants. The percentage of the bonus depends on the personal level of your enrolled consultants.
  2. Infinity Bonus – Infinity bonus is paid to Ambassador level consultant calculated on the entire organization volumes. The percentage of bonus paid is up to 2%.

You can find the complete Touchstone Essentials compensation plan here for better understanding. 

Can you make money with Touchstone Essentials MLM?

There is no income disclosure statement of Touchstone Essentials consultants so the actual earning figures remain inconclusive.

Going through the compensation plan you can expect to make money but not without selling hard and recruiting people consistently. These two are the main aspects of many MLMs and Touchstone Essentials is no different.

The joining fee is low however when you add up the starter pack cost the investment will go into three figures. This will further add up with expenses related to travel, and other promotional events you adopt. You will also have to remain active by selling products worth $100 (100PV) every month. So, your overall cost in the first year could be around $1500.

Add to this the difficulties you will have to face while selling the products. The market is over-competitive for CBD items and the only saving grace is Touchstone Essentials 30-day money-back guarantee.

The other worrying factor is constant recruitment which does not last longer and without achieving this you cannot make additional bonuses.

Overall, even if you are able to make a few sales and recruit a few people your investment will override your income. To make some profits, you will have to persist with Touchstone Essentials MLM program for a long time which is rarely sustainable.

Is Touchstone Essentials a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Touchstone Essentials is not a scam. Many people term it a scam because they are unable to persist with the requirements of its MLM program. The company is very legit with high-quality health products. You can rely on its stability and strong existence since 2012 from a joining perspective.

It cannot be termed as a pyramid scheme as well because of the products it offers. The rewards and recognizations are meant for people who achieve higher sales quotas with successful people under their team.

The commissions are paid on the sale of products rather than the number of members you have under your team. This scenario is very different from pyramid scheme companies that exist only to add more and more people without any genuine product or service.


  • The company is established – Touchstone Essentials has spent enough years (more than 10 to be precise) in the MLM segment that too with highly competitive products without too much fuss and struggle. It shows that the company is here to stay for a long time owing to its strong management and competitive business strategy.
  • High-quality and effective products – Touchstone Essentials focuses hard on producing high-quality products made of natural and organic ingredients. The results are there to be seen with many positive reviews. The products are capable enough to convert the effectiveness of their ingredients into healthy results. Positive reviews and feedback are very helpful in generating curiosity and interest among the audience which can turn into sales.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee – 30-day money-back guarantee can boost sales numbers quickly. Even if the products are pricey customers won’t mind paying extra if they are assured of getting a full refund. This can also create lots of trust and faith in Touchstone Essentials products.


  • Pricing is a let-down – The pricing factor is a major let-down for Touchstone Essentials products. They are comparatively expensive and over-priced products are always difficult to sell regardless of the quality and refund guarantees.
  • Highly saturated market – If not for pricing, Touchstone Essentials products sales will be hampered badly by its competitors. There are already quite a few MLM companies offering similar products. Not to forget e-commerce players like Amazon also sell Touchstone Essentials and other company products with significant discounts and lower pricing.
  • Very complex and demanding compensation plan – The compensation plan is very rewarding on paper but putting it practically into action is very daunting. Retail sales won’t be a big problem but the real money lies in recruiting. This is where a majority of MLM members fail to maintain their membership as they find it difficult to achieve the sales quota and required number of people after a certain stage in their MLM journey.

Conclusion: Is Touchstone Essentials MLM recommended?

Touchstone Essentials scores high in terms of product offerings. CBD oil, Pure Body detoxification, etc. are some of the highlighted items that fulfill their purpose.

However, making money by selling these products consistently could be challenging. Expensive pricing, product category, and stiff competition are some of the reasons for the failure.

You cannot rely completely on just selling the products as you have to constantly recruit people to increase your income. This is another task that is not easy.

All in all, I won’t recommend Touchstone Essentials MLM program as a reliable source to make money. Instead, you can find many alternatives to MLM if you do a Google search on make-money-online. One of them is my recommendation below.

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