Is Thirty One Gifts a pyramid scheme or a scam? Make money with Tote bags?

Is Thirty One Gifts a pyramid scheme or a scam?

Working from home is an excellent alternative for individuals seeking a flexible working environment. It helps you live a healthy lifestyle that is free of stress and office pressure. You may work as much or as little as you choose, and whenever you want by selling a few items here and there. Too good to be true? Thirty One Gifts has the answers. There are a lot of things to sell at Thirty One Gifts through its MLM program to earn straightforward commissions. But Is Thirty One Gifts a pyramid scheme or a scam? Is it a good organization to work with?

You will find a lot more in this Thirty-One Gifts MLM review. Keep reading to find out how Thirty-One Gifts MLM works, its compensation plan, and the pros and cons.

New to MLM?

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What is Thirty-One Gifts?

Cindy Monroe started the company called Thirty-One Gifts in 2003. It’s a multi-level marketing (MLM) firm based in Ohio and has about 70,000 active consultants across the United States. The company’s offerings include backpacks, bags, wallets, and travel accessories.

What is Thirty-One Gifts MLM?

Since the aim of Thirty-One Gifts is to empower women to have their own businesses, this is where its MLM opportunity comes in. The company offers commissions to individuals who can market and sell their products directly.

There is training on offer, coaching, and guidance from existing Thirty-One Gifts consultants. It also provides a virtual office where new consultants are trained on steps to set up their businesses.

The MLM program pays up to 25% commissions plus free products, and incentives on your personal growth as a consultant.

How does Thirty-One Gifts MLM work?

There is a joining criterion to be fulfilled if you plan to join the Thirty-One Gifts MLM program. As a new joiner, you have to find an existing consultant to complete the registration process.

You can also go to the Thirty-One Gifts website and click on the ‘Find a consultant’ option to sign-up as a consultant. Choose the ‘Give me a consultant’ option if you don’t have any sponsors.

Thirty One Gifts starter kits

The next step is to find and purchase a suitable starter kit. Here, there are 3 options to choose from:

  1. Basic Bestsellers costing $59,
  2. Signature Fan Faves costing $99,
  3. Ultimate Goalgetter costing $179

All the kits include top-selling items that you can share on different channels and events to makes sales and earn commissions.

Thirty-One Gifts products

Thirty-One Gifts offers a huge selection of bags, including tote bags, travel bags, and grocery totes. The products fall in day-to-day requirements and this makes them worth from a selling perspective.

Thirty One Gifts products

Tote utility bags are versatile and are suitable for multiple usages. They also come in a variety of colors to choose from. The pricing starts as low as $10 which is quite affordable.

The other section of products includes bags of different types for many occasions. You get backpacks, traveling bags, work bags, wallets, etc. The average cost falls between $40-$60 based on the type and size of bags.

Thirty-One Gifts follow a 90-days return policy on all its products along with replacement and refund options.

Are Thirty-One Gifts products worth their price? 

Most of the Thirty-One Gifts product reviews are positive. The average ratings stand at 4 out of 5 which is pretty good. Quality-wise, Thirty-One Gifts bags are worth spending money on.

When compared with other products in the same category, the pricing seems to be on the higher side. The other major issues are shipping and delivery. There are lots of complaints on non-receipt and wrong delivery of products by Thirty-One Gifts customers.  

Overall, the quality of Thirty-One Gifts products has overshadowed its pricing and customer service shortcomings.

How to make money with Thirty-One Gifts MLM? 

To make money with Thirty-One Gifts MLM, a consultant has to make personal sales, as well as build a team of downlines.

The information on recruiting people is not fully transparent on the Thirty-One Gifts website however, it is assumed that recruitment of members is required for promotion and earning extra incentives.

Thirty-One Gifts compensation plan 

Retail commissions are standard for all sales at 25%. Commissions increase to 35% if you advance to the Leadership level.

A consultant is required to place a $200 personal sales order every quarter to keep its position active.

Thirty-One Gifts claim to offer several additional awards and incentive systems as you progress up the rankings. To progress up the ranks, you’ll need to bring aboard new members.

Surprisingly, the compensation details are very conservative. There is no real commission structure with complicated tables available on the Thirty-One Gifts website.

Can I make money with Thirty-One Gifts MLM? 

Making money with Thirty-One Gifts MLM is tough. The statement is based on the income disclosure statement issued by Thirty-One Gifts.

Thirty One Gifts income disclosure statement

Take a look at the largest figure in the graph above to see how much money you may make. Almost 43% of consultants made between $100 and $999 for the year which is less than $100 a month. Only 1% of consultants were able to make up to $10k.

The earning figures are exclusive of the expenses one has to incur. Don’t forget you have to spend money while joining, purchase products, travel, host parties, and on a monthly subscription fee of $16.95.

The overall money factor looks very bleak with Thirty-One Gifts MLM. As evident, MLMs are tough to survive. It takes years of learning, experience, and patience to earn decent money with such MLM programs.

Is Thirty One Gifts a pyramid scheme or a scam? 

The commission plan is inconclusive. One cannot make out how much money is involved in the leadership levels. There are physical products to sell and the maximum commission percentage is on product sales and not recruitment. It can be safely said that Thirty-One Gifts is not a pyramid scheme.

Thirty-One Gifts is not a scam. It is a legit company offering bags and accessories since 2003. The company has survived almost 2 decades of business against the usual trend of sinking MLMs within 5 years of their existence.


  • Thirty-One Gifts as a company – Thirty-One Gifts is in existence since 2003 sums up its reputation and strong history. Most MLM’s fail to continue their business but Thirty-One Gifts has done well to remain afloat in the competitive market.
  • Quality products – Thirty-One Gifts products are of good quality. This is evident from the positive reviews and ratings it has garnered on many platforms and by many users. Plus, consultants are not responsible for keeping track of stocks or purchasing goods. The credibility of products is important from sales and earning perspectives.
  • High-commission rates – No doubt Thirty-One Gifts commission percentage is one of the best. 25%-35% commission structure is well supported by quality products to make decent money every month. The compensation plan is not too complicated and earning commissions is straightforward.
  • Training & Support – The MLM program provides excellent assistance and training to its consultants. Your sponsor consultant will handle all the formalities, marketing materials, and sales training for you. This helps new consultants learn and scale their business efficiently.


  • Tough to make money – The actual income figures are not encouraging. Considering the regular investments, effort, and time you will have to spend the commissions can hardly reach $100 a month. The MLM is not worth working on from a long-term perspective.
  • Competitive market and pricing – Tote bags and accessories are available on many platforms that too at lower prices. They are not hard to find or exclusive to Thirty-One Gifts. This scenario could be challenging to make regular sales.

Conclusion: Is Thirty-One Gifts MLM recommended?

Thirty-One Gifts is well-recommended as a company to find and purchase quality bags and their accessories.

However, when it comes to working with the company as a consultant it is better avoided. You can find more pros than cons in the Thirty-One Gifts MLM opportunity but the end result is disappointing.

The income disclosure statement says it all and you cannot make enough money to survive as a consultant which is the primary reason for joining it.

Instead, research the internet on make-money-online topics. You will find many options at a reasonable investment with higher returns. If you are still unsure, then check my recommendation below.

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