Is Stella and Dot a scam? Make money selling vintage jewellery!

Is Stella and Dot a scam

Jewelry is one of the favorite pieces of decoration for every woman. It has a common attraction and it doesn’t take too long for anyone to replicate the design and shape on their body. But is it a good product to sell and make consistent income? Stella and Dot think so. They offer vintage jewelry and other women-centric ornaments to sell as a full-time earning opportunity through its MLM program. But is it really a good opportunity to work for? Is Stella and Dot a scam or legit?

You will find answers to these questions and many more in this Stella and Dot MLM review post. We will tell you about Stella and Dot as a company, its products, compensation plan, and pros and cons.

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What is Stella and Dot?

Stella and Dot is a company that sells women’s jewelry, clothing, tote bags, etc. The company is named after two women whose legacy of creating vintage jewelry has been brought forward by their granddaughters.

The company was co-founded by Jessica Herrin, and Blythe Harris in 2004 based out of the US. Its mission is to provide economic empowerment to women through its products and business opportunity.

What is Stella and Dot MLM?

Stella and Dot sell their products through a multilevel marketing business model. It entices women to join their platform as Ambassadors to promote their products and earn commissions on sales.

The MLM opportunity can be further explored by bringing more people into its network and earning extra bonuses on their purchases/sales.

Stella and Dot offer a comprehensive compensation plan, discounted products, a personal website, and other tools to work with its MLM program.

How does Stella and Dot MLM work?

To work with Stella and Dot, one has to enroll themselves as a Stylist (Ambassador) by visiting its website. 

The enrolment fee is $59 which includes a starter kit. This fee is renewable every year. Apart from the starter kit, you can purchase additional kits that cost from $199 to $699.

Once you are successfully enrolled, you will have access to a website to share the products. The website will cost another $99 per year.

As part of the MLM program, Stella and Dot offer virtual training, one-on-one coaching, and a MIMI app to operate your business on the go.

Stella and Dot products

Stella and Dot’s products are women’s delight. The products are mainly divided into 4-5 categories including jewelry, bags, clothing, and gifts.

Stella and Dot products

The jewelry items are the primary products of Stella and Dot. It consists of different types of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. The jewelry category is further enhanced by the charm option. These are personalized and engravable jewelry items.

Then there are bags and related accessories. Here, you can find versatile bags in the form of totes, backpacks, shoulder bags, travel bags, wallets, pouches, etc. It also offers customizable straps as accessories to fulfill the different styles, and needs of bags.

Stella and Dot also sell women’s clothing. The product line includes different types of tops and knits that are trendy, colorful, and stylish. The clothing is available in many sizes to fit different body needs.

Overall, the product range has something for every woman and all the products are backed by a 90-days return/refund policy.

But are these products worth buying and available only through Stella and Dot? Unfortunately, no. You can find many other companies in the MLM segment that sell similar items. So, the question is…

Are Stella and Dot products worth their price?

Stella and Dot’s website displays the reviews and ratings associated with its products. But these reviews are biased and most of them are only positive ones.

I happen to find a few reviews on Stella and Dot products on an independent review platform SiteJabber

Stella and Dot product review

The products have garnered less than 2-star which is poor. Many customers have complained of bad after-sale service of Stella and Dot rather than the quality of products.

Jewelry items are something that you can find on many online platforms. When it comes to pricing you can compare similar items on Amazon and other such online stores.

For example, some of the best-selling Stella and Dot necklace’s average cost is $50. Whereas, Amazon has many such items costing below $30.

Similarly, a woven Tote bag on Stella and Dot website cost $139. On the other hand, some of the best-selling Tote bags on Amazon do not cost more than $50.

The pricing could be debatable and also depends on the material used to create a product however it seems Stella and Dot have kept the product pricing higher than its competitors.

There are no compromises on the quality of Stella and Dot products though which is a good thing from a selling perspective.

How to make money with Stella and Dot MLM?

Stella and Dot is no different than other MLM programs when it comes to making money. You can:

Make money as retail commissions by selling the products and,

Make money as bonuses by recruiting people and building a team.

Stella and Dot compensation plan

Stella and Dot compensation plan offers the following benefits and financial rewards to its Ambassadors:

Weekly commissions – This can be earned up to 40% depending on the personal volumes you achieve. The minimum commissions are 20% on 500PV every quarter and 10000PV can make you 40% commissions.

Stella and Dot compensation plan

Bonuses – Earn extra rewards and bonuses on your team’s performance. The bonuses can go up to 10% depending on your personal volume and team achievement in terms of orders placed and purchases.

There are many levels (approximately 13) to climb and each level will bring new challenges in terms of recruitment and personal volume.

The compensation plan from Stella and Dot looks highly demanding and focuses more on rewarding its members that have higher sales volumes and bigger teams.

Can you make money with Stella and Dot MLM?

As per the income disclosure statement of Stella and Dot members, making money is possible. The figures are not too encouraging though. The average monthly income of an Ambassador level member was $200.

Stella and Dot income disclosure statement

It also states that 71% of its members were not paid any commissions in the year 2021. This is an indication that you have to be a brilliant salesperson and recruiter to achieve satisfactory financial results.

Remember, the enrolment fee is $59 that you have to pay every year. Add to that the cost related to starter kits and other miscellaneous expenses then your income figures will definitely go into deficit.

Is Stella and Dot a scam or a pyramid scheme?

No, Stella and Dot is not a scam. It is a legit company selling women-oriented fashion and jewelry products since 2004. The company is reliable and trustworthy from a joining perspective.

Technically speaking, Stella and Dot is not a pyramid scheme. However, its compensation structure does reflect a pyramid scheme in disguise offering additional rewards to members who can build a team of higher people.


  • Established company – Stella and Dot is an established firm in the MLM industry. The company can be relied upon from a joining perspective and is here to stay for a long time.
  • Good quality products – There is no doubt that Stella and Dot products are of good quality. The customers are quite happy with the material and appearance. The versatility and trending collection makes Stella and Dot product worth buying.


  • Gender-specific opportunity – Stella and Dot MLM program is mainly targeted at women. The products are gender-specific which makes it a limited selling opportunity to a restricted audience.
  • Poor after-sale service – There are many customer reviews criticizing Stella and Dot’s after-sale services. The returns and refunds are hard to claim and there are questions raised on shipping and delivery. This could hamper the sale of products in the long run.
  • Competitive niche – Jewellery, clothing, and bags are commonly-used products available on many online platforms. These are not hard to find and sold at cheaper rates than Stella and Dot products. High competition can make it difficult to achieve regular sales.
  • Demanding compensation plan – Stella and Dot compensation plan is very demanding when it comes to making money. The structure demands tough sales volume and regular recruitment to keep your position active. This is where a majority of MLM members fail to sustain their membership and quit mid-way losing all their investments.

Conclusion: Is Stella and Dot MLM recommended?

It is easier to sell women’s accessories and clothing than health and wealth supplements. At the same time, it’s equally competitive due to quick accessibility and cheaper value.

If you are a woman looking to have quality products in the form of jewelry and attires then Stella and Dot is a platform to look at.

However, if you are looking to make money selling Stella and Dot products through its MLM program then it is a tough call. The compensation is generous but challenging, it also demands high start-up costs, and the recruitment of people is the toughest part.

It definitely takes gut to work with Stella and Dot MLM, especially from a long-term perspective. My recommendation is to avoid such MLM programs and concentrate on researching alternatives online.

You will find many such money-making programs that are legit and more rewarding than MLMs. If you cannot find one then check my recommendation below.

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