Is Southwestern Advantage a pyramid scheme? Make Money Selling Books!

Is Southwestern Advantage a pyramid scheme?

There is no better time than your college days to learn and earn money. Young minds are innovative and instrumental in driving the physical energy needed for a robust sales campaign. At the same time, money is also necessary for qualification requirements in terms of fees, traveling, accommodation, etc. To fulfill this requirement of making money while learning, Southwestern Advantage comes in. The company offers a business program to young students that promises an excellent earning opportunity and a bright future ahead. Too good to be true? Is Southwestern Advantage a pyramid scheme in disguise or a genuine program to earn money?

This review post will reveal all the truth and secrets behind this so-called entrepreneurial program.

Continue reading to know more about Southwestern Advantage products, compensation, and whether it is legit or a scam.

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What is Southwestern Advantage?

Southwestern Advantage is into selling of educational books and online software programs. The selling process is carried out door-to-door by young university students that gives them an earning opportunity.

The books and software are sold through the direct-selling method. Southwestern Advantage offers a share of commissions on each sale to the students who are recruited as independent contractors.

Southwestern Advantage is the parent company of the Southwestern Family of Companies founded in 1855. The company is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, US.

How does the Southwestern Advantage work?

The Southwestern Advantage provides an earning opportunity to university students in the form of an entrepreneurial program by selling their educational material.

They claim to provide students with leadership and entrepreneurial skills at an early age so that they can afford their academic costs and get ready to achieve more benefits in the future with their learning.

The recruitment is achieved by running a campaign in different universities and colleges every summer. Every recruited student goes through a week-long training program before venturing into their assigned sales area.

To join the program, you will have to go to and fill out the form for an interview call-up.

How much does it cost to join the Southwestern Advantage?

The program is free to join. However, there are costs associated post joining. These are related to traveling, purchase of products, renting, and other living expenses that you will have to bear from your own pocket.

Once you are selected as an independent contractor you will go through extensive training and will be provided with a sales kit.

The sales kit consists of a book bag, books samples, marketing materials, etc., and is free to the first-time participants.

Southwestern Advantage Products

Southwestern Advantage has the following category of products that are being sold by their independent contractors for many years.

The products are well-known and trusted by many as a way to enhance their child’s knowledge and education. Let’s have a look at them:

Books & DVDs: There is a comprehensive collection of books/DVDs available across grades. The books/DVDs provided by Southwestern Advantage aims to increase the knowledge of children through interactive lessons with pictures, and animations.

The learning material includes lessons beyond the academic requirements and helps in developing the young minds for the future.

Videos: Southwestern Advantage has evolved with time and kept its products matching present demand. The education videos are the latest trend and easiest way to keep the children engaged and entertained. The video section is available from 1st to 12th grades.

Apps: Apps have become the need of an hour. More and more children and students like to schedule their learning and having an app make it easier.

The recorded teaching videos through apps are convenient to access and provides flexibility with time.

The apps are part of an educational website and are available from 1st to 12th grades.

Are Southwestern Advantage products worth their price? 

Southwestern Advantage’s product reviews are excellent. The majority of customers are happy with the quality of books and their learning content. The rep services are appreciated as well and there are hardly any complaints related to the pricing of products.

The reputation and quality of products by Southwestern Advantage has earned more than 4.5 stars rating on BBB which is outstanding.

It becomes super easy for any individual to make consistent sales and regular income selling high-quality products that provide valuable learning and repeated usage.

The best thing about Southwestern Advantage is their products are sold only through direct selling by independent contractors and are not available on any other platform. This is a win-win situation for sellers.

Southwestern Advantage compensation plan 

Southwestern Advantage products are sold through the direct-selling method only. You won’t find a typical MLM compensation plan that is complex and demanding in nature. Independent contractors are paid a percentage of commissions on product sales.

Actual commission rates are not disclosed on the website but it is assumed to be around 30-40%. The commissions are all-inclusive with no additional bonuses or perks.

However, the earnings may differ based on the knowledge and experience you gain during the internship. Individuals demonstrating qualitative leadership skills are recalled to join the program every year who have reported improved earning figures.

Can I make money with Southwestern Advantage? 

Yes, you can make money with Southwestern Advantage. The income disclosure figures are an indication of how people have continued to make money right from their first year of internship.

The average annual earnings of a first-year internship individual in 2020 was 11,982.78 which is close to $1,000 a month and that of a five-year participant was 72,184.37 which is more than $6,000.

The earnings were achieved by individuals who followed the Southwestern Advantage training to the maximum extent. It includes working for 70-80 days, a minimum of 6-days a week, and at least 8-12 hours a day.

The income figures are pure sales profit and may further decline owing to a minimum of $100 monthly expenses that includes accommodation, travel, and personal living.

Southwestern Advantage entrepreneurial program is targeted at interns who can work during the summer.

The program remains active for a limited duration and earning close to $1,000 within 2-3 months is a much better option than spending time with other MLMs to earn the same amount in the whole year.

Is Southwestern Advantage a pyramid scheme or a scam? 

Southwestern Advantage is a part of the Southwestern Family of Companies that was established in 1855. More than 150 years of presence is itself an achievement for any company.

It builds a solid reputation and trust among its audience. Southwestern Advantage is a reliable, tested, and proven organization far from being termed as a scam.

The entrepreneurial program has been going strong surrounded by quality products for many years.

The company earns its share of profits through direct-selling methods without any involvement in recruiting downlines. It is not a pyramid scheme.

Southwestern Advantage Campus Controversies 

Southwestern Advantage remained protected from legal issues however their entrepreneurial program came under serious allegations from some of the renowned university campuses.

The company has been accused of misleading the students about their internship program and even banned their recruitment drive.

Following are the list of universities that have prohibited Southwestern Advantage from entering their campuses:

  • The University of Maryland,
  • The University of Durham,
  • Harvard University,
  • The University of Birmingham,
  • The University of Idaho,
  • University of Edinburgh


  • Tremendous history: The background of any company plays a very important role to do business. Southwestern Advantage scores high in this area. As a group of companies existing for more than 150 years is a tremendous achievement and an added advantage to be associated with. The company can be completely trusted in terms of its stability and capital infrastructure.
  • Quality products: The educational supplements supplied by Southwestern Advantage is of high quality. The products are backed by many positive customer reviews on various platforms. Quality products make half the job easier reducing the promotion and marketing efforts.
  • Excellent training: The financial achievements of the students are mainly dedicated to the training and support provided by Southwestern Advantage. Every individual goes through several aspects of training that include product knowledge, business management, sales technique, leadership, and team-building skills. The training is rated very highly by its members and seen as a source of knowledge and future-building blueprint.
  • Earning potential: The earning figures disclosed by Southwestern Advantage are encouraging. The income Disclosure statement itself is a positive indication that there are people who make serious money through the entrepreneurial program and Southwestern Advantage does pay their members honestly.
  • A+ rating: A+ rating by BBB is no small achievement. It is a symbol of trust and shows how the products and services of a company are valuable to its users. The overall rating of more than 4.5 stars is incredible. There are not many companies in the direct-selling field to earn this feat.


  • Limited business opportunity: The entrepreneurial program has a limited duration of 2-3 months. It may not be an ideal platform for people looking for a long-lasting business opportunity.
  • Outdated method: Despite being profitable, door-to-door selling is an outdated method. Many households restrict outsiders from entering their premises. Achieving consistent sales could be quite challenging under these circumstances.
  • Personal investment: As an independent contractor you are on your own to bear all your personal expenses related to housing accommodation, rent, billing, food, traveling, etc. Lack of consistency in sales could leave you with bare minimum profits which may not be enough to fulfill your personal needs in the long run.

Conclusion: Is Southwestern Advantage recommended?

One thing that goes in the favour of Southwestern Advantage without any doubt is their business method. You earn when you sell. So, in the end, what matters is your skill and determination to make as many sales as possible.

There is no pressure of building a team, obligation to maintain your position, and spend money on hosting parties or demonstrations like other MLM programs. You are free to work as per your own schedule and requirement.

You get high-quality training from professionals with products that are worth buying.

At the same time, there is no guarantee of making sales consistently. Students traveling from other areas may not be able to afford monthly expenses if they fail to achieve any sales.

The success with the Southwestern Advantage entrepreneurial program purely lies in your hard work, commitment, patience, and outstanding selling skills.

The Southwestern Advantage program is recommended mainly for students willing to learn good business management skills and earn some money to cover their educational costs. It is not a full-fledged earning opportunity for everyone.

If you are looking to make consistent money by selling books then Usborne Books MLM is a better option.

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