Is Seacret Direct a scam? Seacret MLM Review

Is Seacret Direct a scam?

Dead sea products to the skin rescue. Does it sound interesting? Personal care and wellness products are made of many ingredients to radiate and glow the skin. But the involvement of dead sea minerals, mud, and nutrients are the secret of Seacret Direct company which runs their business manufacturing and selling them. What’s more, is you can be part of their selling plans to make some money through network marketing. Is Seacret Direct a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme?

I am sure there are many more questions that you need answers to before deciding to join this so-called business opportunity. Let me tell you about the Seacret Direct MLM opportunity, its products, the compensation plan, and the pros, and cons.

New to MLM?

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What is Seacret Direct?

Seacret Direct is an MLM company that sells personal skincare and cosmetics products based out of the US. The highlight of Seacret Direct products is their extraction from Israeli Dead Sea minerals and nutrients that help provide supplements and nourishment for skincare.

The company was founded in the year 2005 by Izhak and Moty Ben Shabat as Seacret Spa International. In 2011, the company was renamed Seacret Direct and introduced a networking team of independent distributors to sell their products.

Seacret Direct has a presence in the US, Canada, Mexico, Colombia, South Korea, and Japan.

What is the Seacret Direct MLM program?

With the introduction of independent distributors in 2011 who are referred to as Seacret Agents, Seacret Direct ventured into a multilevel marketing business model. It drives the recruitment of independent Seacret agents to sell their products through direct selling and team building.

The MLM program provides dedicated training and coaching from the Seacret experts. There is specific customer care and email support for its independent associates.

How does the Seacret Direct MLM program work?

To work with Seacret Direct, you will have to enroll in the program through one of its existing Seacret Agents.

The enrolment fee is $49 + the cost related to purchasing products. Along with the training, the MLM program offers a comprehensive compensation plan that can be earned through direct selling of products and recruiting downlines.

Agents also get access to a personal website, back office digital tools, and a mobile app to remain connected and run their business effectively.

Seacret Direct products

Seacret Direct products were originally sold through kiosks in shopping malls. Seacret Direct products are known for using Dead Sea minerals and nutrients to improve and nourish skin, and body parts. Here are some of them that can be part of your business strategy:

Seacret Skincare – Mainly categorized under Facial care products, you will find facial cleansing liquids, soaps, creams, masks, etc. All the products in this category consist of Dead Sea Minerals as a standard ingredient and come with cruelty and paraben-free tags.

Seacret Body care – The products include soaps, scrubs, bath salts, oils, lotions, and creams to cater to different bathing requirements. Again, the ingredients of Dead Sea Minerals are at the forefront and the Seacret body care products help boost skin radiation and improve smoothness.

Seacret Haircare and Nutrition – To name a few these are basically shampoos, conditioners, and hair sprays. Seacret also provides solutions related to weight-loss management with its healthy shakes. The shakes are inclusive of Alkaline boosters and Dead Sea Mud for hair care solutions.

All the products are backed by a 30-days money-back guarantee which can be a good selling point for Seacret agents. The money-back-guarantee also applies to Seacret agents in case they want to return the products.

Are the Seacret products worth their price? 

Seacret products are well-received and rated by many users on Amazon. The quality of Seacret products is uncompromised and the majority of customer complaints are related to shipping and packaging. The overall ratings provided to Seacret products are 4.5 stars which are really good.

However, when comparing the pricing with other products in the same category and same ingredients Seacret products are expensive. Now, this may not be good from a competition perspective.

Seacret agents could find it difficult to justify the product pricing as well as it doesn’t make sense to make the products available on Amazon. It is easy access for anyone to buy directly instead of buying from Seacret agents.

How to make money with the Seacret MLM program? 

There are two ways you can expect to make money with Seacret MLM:

Direct sales and earn retail profits

Earn commissions and bonuses from the sales of your downlines.

Seacret compensation plan 

The compensation plan has no surprises considering it is an MLM and works on pure sales and recruitments.

As Seacret agents, you can earn retail profits on direct sales of products. Profit is the difference between the wholesale price that you purchase at and selling to customers at retail price. So, if you sell a Seacret soap costing $20 for $25 then $5 will be your retail profits.

In addition, Seacret Direct offers commissions and bonuses on buying and selling the product packs to your existing customers, friends, or relatives who can join under your team.

There are recruitment commissions, residual commissions, team commissions, matching bonuses, and performance-based bonuses all depending on how many products you purchase and sell, your recruitments purchase and sell, and so on.

To remain in contention for earning profits, commissions, and bonuses you have to ensure that your agent position is active. For that, you will have to maintain the minimum criteria of buying products worth 35 BV (Business Volume) which will cost you around $50 every month.

This will certainly increase your overall expenses in addition to your membership fees.

The compensation plan is very detailed and needs special understanding. If you are interested in knowing more you can check the Seacret compensation plan here.

Can I make money with the Seacret MLM program? 

Making money with Seacret MLM depends on various factors. First of all, the starting cost is comparatively low but adds up quickly with continuous spending on buying products. This is to ensure that you recruit more and more people and also keep your position active.

Secondly, your main income will come from two factors selling and recruiting. If you are not someone who likes doing even one thing from the above then I recommend you to remain away from Seacret MLM.

Thirdly, personal care and beauty products are easy to find on many online platforms at a much lower cost. It would be a hard sell for lots of people convincing to buy Seacret products through networking.

And last but not least is how much money Seacret agents make which will determine whether you can make money with the same program. The income disclosure statement is quite the opposite of what the compensation plan displays.

More than 50% of Seacret agents could make only $78 a month after spending close to one and a half years. The only people who made more than $10k a month were 1% who remained active with Seacret for more than 5 years.

The income figures and statistics speak for themselves and you can imagine the money you can make with Seacret MLM.

Is Seacret Direct a scam or a pyramid scheme?

Technically and officially no. Seacret Direct is into selling physical products in the form of personal care, skincare, etc since 2005. So, it cannot be termed a scam.

Secondly, the company depends on making money through selling products to their agents which is technically not a pyramid scheme. Yes, the method is controversial and one should avoid such programs to make money.

Seacret MLM controversies/legal issues 

There are not many but a few of the controversies arose related to illegal immigration schemes and aggressive sales tactics that were associated with products sold through Mall kiosks.


  • The company still exists – MLMs usually have a shorter life. But Seacret has been in the business since 2005. Not only existence but it has grown really well into an established brand for providing personal care products from Dead Sea ingredients. This shows its financial stability and reliability.
  • Sells effective products – There is no denying the fact that Seacret products are of good quality. Even though it consists of ingredients that are not new to cosmetics or beautification the effectiveness and results are highly rated and reviewed.
  • Full-fledged MLM opportunity – Seacret offers a complete package to its distributors or agents through its multilevel marketing business method. There is a dedicated website, mobile app, and professional training to keep their agent becoming experts in their selling field.


  • Very competitive market – Selling beauty products through direct sales is challenging. The market is over-competitive and exhausted with such products that are accessible through many different buying sources. To make things worse, Seacret beauty products are also available on Amazon that makes independent selling more difficult.
  • Over-priced products – Seacret products are expensive. This may be one of the factors that Seacret make their profits by selling its products through a multilevel marketing method. It allows them to keep prices higher than the market price and make money with the purchases made by independent agents.
  • Difficult to make money – MLMs are always risky and difficult to make money. This is evident from Seacret income disclosure statement where more than 50% of their agents hardly make enough income to fulfill their needs. Only 1-2% of senior-level agents achieve to make serious income after spending 5-6 years which is too much of asking.

Conclusion: Is Seacreat MLM recommended?

Seacret MLM is no different than other typical MLMs that promise to make a dream income from the comfort of your home. However, the reality is always the opposite.

There are investments upfront and that too on regular basis. So, you have to make sure that you keep a certain amount by side just to remain associated with the MLM program. Secondly, even after lots of hard work, effort, and dedication, there is no guarantee that you can make enough money to adopt this method permanently.

If you like persisting with an opportunity that has more investments and hard work for minimum returns then you can try your hands with Seacret MLM or for that matter any other MLM.

As for my recommendation, it’s a big no-no. Because the online times have changed and changed for good. There are many earning opportunities that demand hard work, dedication, and patience but reap rich monetary benefits in lesser time.

I urge you to do thorough research and still if you remain unsure then check out my no.1 recommendation below.

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