Is Reliv International a scam or a pyramid scheme in disguise?

Is Reliv International a scam?

Health and wellness niche and MLMs go hand-in-hand. It seems like MLM companies have authority over these two niches. But can you build a successful online business and make money selling the same products under the same business model? In this review post, we will talk about Reliv International. The company uses an MLM business model to sell its health and wellness products. Is Reliv International a scam? Is it a pyramid scheme? Can you make money with Reliv International MLM?

These are some of the questions I will answer. You will also get to know how Reliv International works, its products, the compensation it offers, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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What is Reliv International?

Reliv International is a Multi-Level-Marketing firm that sells weight loss, dietary, and nutritional supplements in the form of health and wellness products.

Robert Montgomery started Reliv International in 1988 from Missouri, the US. The company has a presence in more than 16 countries with thousands of distributors around the world.

What is Reliv International MLM?

Reliv International provides an opportunity to individuals looking to start a business for passive income. The individuals are called Independent Distributors who are trained to sell its nutritional products through a multilevel marketing model.

The company offers exclusive product discounts, online training, cash bonuses, marketing tools, and dedicated support to its distributors to jumpstart their business.

How does Reliv International MLM work?

To become a Reliv International distributor, you have to enroll yourself in the program by visiting its website

The joining criterion requires you to have an existing Relive distributor sponsorship. The joining fee is $20 that will give you access to an online enrolment kit, training, plus 20%-40% discounts on product purchases.

There is also a replicated website for distributors to sell the products online.

Reliv International products

Reliv International is a manufacturer of a range of nutritional substances that fall into the following categories:

Reliv International products

Weight loss – The products are specifically sold under the Fit3 program. It offers healthy shakes that help in burning fats and provides a balanced diet. The products are available in different flavors. Fit3 accompany its products with informative workout videos and nutrition guide for its users to maintain fitness and achieve a healthy lifestyle.

CBD-Hemp extracts – The flagship product under this category is Reliv Protect. It is a combination of Hemp extracts and Lunarich ingredient which is an optimized concentrate of Lunasin superfood. The combination is helpful in providing many benefits pertaining to heart diseases, immunity, inflammation, cellular health, etc.

Health & Wellness – This category of products is aimed to provide core nutrition and immunity to all kinds of ages. The highlighted product is Reliv Now which is a whey and Lunarich-based shake. It provides essential vitamins, minerals, and herbs as balanced nutrition for appropriate health and fitness.

All the Reliv products are backed by its 30-days money-back guarantee which is a good sign for the distributors. It helps in convincing your customers to try the products in the first instance.

Are Reliv International products worth their price?

One of the products- Reliv Now is also available on Amazon. The products garnered 5 stars reviews and ratings from its users. This product costs $59 on the Reliv website.

As far as the pricing goes, there are many options in the dietary supplements category that cost way less than Reliv Now shake. Below are a few examples.

The products seem to be expensive however when it comes to quality and effectiveness Reliv scores high. There are many happy customer reviews you can find on Trustpilot. At the same time a few complaints related to its MLM program. 

Reliv International product reviews

Overall, Reliv products are high-quality but comparatively charge more to generate profits through network marketing distribution.

How to make money with Reliv International MLM? 

There are two basic methods to make money with any MLM. The same applies to Reliv International as well:

Retail sales – Sell products directly and earn retail profits.

Build a team – Sponsor people under your team and earn revenue in the form of commissions/bonuses on their sales.

Reliv International compensation plan 

Usually, most MLM programs have very convoluted compensation plans. It’s very difficult to comprehend them in the first instance and the same goes true for Reliv International.

When you sell Reliv’s items to retail consumers, you can make between 20% – 40% commissions. Commissions are determined based on Level, and monthly PGPV which is Personal Group Point Volume.

Reliv International compensation plan

There are 5-levels to be achieved to earn a maximum of 40% commissions.

As a Reliv distributor, you can start to earn wholesale profits once you have sponsors under your team who can purchase products. The profits are calculated based on the difference between your personal profits and your downlines profits.

Apart from retail and wholesale profits, Reliv also pays Override commissions that can go up to 8%. In addition, there are 5-levels to achieve higher rankings and bigger rewards such as cash bonuses, and luxury trips.

Reliv International compensation plan

There is also an Ambassador Program for the highest rankers to pay attractive incentives on the total sales volumes of your distributors.

Overall, Reliv International’s compensation plan is quite a typical MLM plan that focuses more on recruiting people for rewarding its distributors.

Can I make money with Reliv International MLM? 

The vast majority of MLM agents have never made a profit, and those who do make a profit would have to spend another few dollars on top of their income to fulfill the requirements of remaining an active agent.

This is very true for Reliv International MLM. The income disclosure statement is based on facts that clearly prove the failure of its distributors to earn sufficient money.

Reliv International income disclosure

The average payment made to experienced distributors (those who’ve spent more than 12 years) was $6318 in 2020. That is just above $500 per month. That means even after spending a dozen years you cannot make enough money to survive your basic needs.

We are not talking about the investments yet. That will take your earnings into deficit figures.

I think that sums it up for everyone to decide on how much money they can make with Reliv International MLM.

Is Reliv International a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Reliv International has spent more than 30 years in the health and wellness industry. They provide legitimate products and survived the toughest challenges and competition in the MLM segment. It is not a scam but a 100% legit company.

As far as a pyramid scheme is concerned, officially it is not. It has physical products to sell for which they offer commissions to people who purchase their products. It doesn’t matter if it comes to the compromises of recruiting more and more people.

However, this method of doing business surely replicates operating a pyramid scheme in disguise.


  • Established history – Reliv International has been operating for more than 3 decades, which is quite remarkable when you consider that most MLM firms burn out within the first five years. The established history surely makes it one of the top contenders to work within the MLM segment.
  • Quality products – Reliv products are of the highest quality. This is proven from the feedback offered by its users on various platforms. The products are made of potential nutrients and ingredients that actually help their users achieve fitness, and maintain a healthy lifestyle without gaining weight.
  • Money-back guarantee – 100% money-back guarantee is surely a winner. Money-back guarantees and reimbursements increase customers’ levels of satisfaction with their purchases. Many consumers are more inclined to purchase goods with a money-back guarantee as well as from the same vendor who sold it previously.
  • Valuable support and resources – Reliv offer comprehensive training, marketing material, and valuable support to its distributors. This is helpful in learning the process and building a sales strategy to attract more customers to achieve maximum commissions.


  • Expensive products – The product pricing is on the higher side. Dietary supplements are very common to find and available at lower prices than Reliv products. Customers look for more benefits, easy delivery, and effective results at cheap pricing. This may impact the overall sales figures in the end for its distributors.
  • Bigger competition – Health and wellness products have bigger competition compared to other niches. Consumers can find thousands of products to buy from different online resources. This will not help Reliv’s cause of making sales through a face-to-face selling approach. Even its replicated website needs innovative methods to lure more customers.
  • MLM demands – Reliv is an MLM that demands more and pays less. The compensation plan is attractive but offers more commissions on recruiting people. Similarly, you may have to keep purchasing products yourself to maintain your position active. Plus, the start-up cost and annual membership renewals along with any traveling, or promotion expenses can add to your woes.

Conclusion: Is Reliv International MLM recommended?

At first glance, Reliv International is a genuine firm with legal products. There is no denying the fact that its product quality is top-notch going by user reviews. But thinking about it from a business perspective, you may face stiff competition and selling hurdles.

The compensation plan is generous but also demanding. Distributors who do not purchase a certain value worth of goods each month will be deactivated from their status. This seems more like a pyramid scheme behind the veils.

The start-up cost is low but again, hundreds of dollars per month will be spent on operating your Reliv business on other miscellaneous expenses.

Set aside everything, the key question is whether you can genuinely make money with Reliv International? The answer is no. This is not my personal opinion but its income disclosure statement says it all.

I recommend Reliv International as a company to buy quality goods at discounted pricing but not as a company to build your online business. Instead, check for other alternatives. Affiliate marketing is one that I would personally recommend.

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