Is Rapid Profit System a scam? No… but it does not work rapidly

Is Rapid Profit System a scam

There are lots of aspects to doing affiliate marketing. One of them is paid advertising. It can work really well if you put in the right amount of money and strategy. This is what Rapid Profit System claims to teach you. But is paid advertising enough to make money rapidly? If not, then is Rapid Profit System a scam?

Can you really make money just by posting ads on social media and creating sales funnels? We will discover the answers in this Rapid Profit System review.

Learn what Rapid Profit System is, how it works, what products it offers and for how much, and most importantly the pros and cons of using this system.

What is Rapid Profit System?

Rapid Profit System is a systematic video training created to make money through Ad campaigns on Facebook.

It is a 3-phase designed online course to learn the basics of finding the right audience, creating a funnel, and promoting products through powerful campaigning.

Paid Ads are a very effective way to promote products and earn commissions. However, it is best suited for people who are in their advanced stage of doing affiliate marketing/internet marketing business.

This doesn’t mean that beginners cannot use it but one has to invest money regularly in paid ads which most entry-level affiliate marketers find hard to afford.

Who owns Rapid Profit System?

Rapid Profit System is a product of ‘The internet power couple’ Omar and Melinda Martin. Both are successful affiliate marketers and have been constantly active in their attempt to provide effective products to make money online.

Rapid Profit System creators

These two are also owners of other products such as My Unfair Advantage, Funnel Boss, Commission Magnets, etc. which are all part of their company Higher Level Strategies Inc.

Omar and Melinda are not newbies in the online industry and Rapid Profit System was created by them when they were struggling to make money in the initial stages.

How does Rapid Profit System work?

Rapid Profit System is part of the JVZOO marketplace. To access the system, you will have to create an account with Jvzoo which is completely free.

Once you are inside Jvzoo, just search for the term Rapid Profit System, go to the product page and purchase it.

Rapid Profit System is a video training course which means you don’t have to download or install anything.

Once you have made your purchase you can watch the videos and implement the instructions and information step-by-step to fetch the training results.

What is the cost of Rapid Profit System?

Rapid Profit System will cost you a one-time fee of $19.95 and the program will teach you:

  • How to find the customers who will buy from you,
  • Building a list of audiences by creating an affiliate funnel,
  • Learn the ways to create effective Facebook ads to make money.

This is the core training and material you get with Rapid Profit System. As a complimentary bonus, you can also enjoy Optimize Press Bonus page template, a follow-up email series Crush Campaign PDF, and 5 bonus products with private label rights.

Access to Rapid Profit System will also get you guaranteed promo approval to promote 5 more products of Higher Level Strategies and another set of 15 products from Jvzoo.

There is a Vendor Approach script to help get instant approval on promoting other Jvzoo products and a resource list to find additional PLR (Private Label Rights) bonus products.

You may end up paying more provided you opt for some upsells before reaching the Rapid Profit System’s member area.

There is the first option of the Rapid Profit System Turbo Package. This will cost $27 one-time and give you another set of 20 PLR products, 4 extra Optimize Press bonus templates, and 4 DFY (Done for you) emails with pre-written content and more than 3000 subject lines.

If you avoid this, you will be taken to the second upsell option of the Rapid Profit System Lite Package of $17. This is a lighter version and consists of all the same features of the Turbo package excluding the DFY emails.

Once you pass the second upsell, you will be introduced to the third and final upsell. This is the Rapid Profit System Powerhouse Package that costs $37. Out of the two, this looks more promising and can provide additional value to the actual Rapid Profit System learning.

All said and done, all three are upsells and you have total freedom to buy or leave them.

The good thing about Rapid Profit System is it comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee which means you can easily ask for a refund if you are not satisfied with the program for any reason.

What do you get with Rapid Profit System?

As mentioned earlier, Rapid Profit System is divided into three sections of training. These pieces of training are available as webinars and PDF material.

Rapid Profit System is a small part of doing Affiliate marketing and is based on PPC campaigns or paid advertising to get traffic.

The first section is about identifying people (target audience) to buy your products. This is called Your Ideal Market. Under this section you will learn:

How to identify people who are looking for certain products and make these products your niche.

Yes, having a niche or a topic is very important to get traffic.

Building a campaign around a particular segment of people will not only save you time researching but will also help you locate the products that can make money.

You will also discover how to use bonuses as incentives to back your products. The creators will reveal the secrets of two uncommon bonus products that can be offered without any physical effort.

The training also focuses on finding the methods to earn instant commissions by getting approved to promote products on Jvzoo and how to automate the process of creating bonus products on Jvzoo that will save you time.

Once you have selected the products and identified the people to promote, the next section of training is about creating Your Affiliate Funnel.

Under this training, you will be taught to create a landing page that will help you build a list of subscribers who can become your regular customers.

Funnels are nothing but building a bridge between your audience and the product you want to sell. You will learn to create a one-page website in the form of a landing page that consists of a link to your affiliate product.

In between, you are also taught to use bonus offers (incentives) as a bridge to connect your audience with the actual product. This is where you can use those 5 product bonuses offered with Rapid Profit System.

The training highlights certain mistakes often made by many affiliates while creating bonuses. Most importantly, this section is vital to engage your prospects with sales funnels and direct them to buy the affiliate product that will make you commissions.

Once you have created your funnels it’s time to attract your audience and make money through Your Promo Campaign.

Yes, this is the final section of Rapid Profit System training. Here, you will learn how to create Facebook ad campaigns and promote your products through a follow-up email series.

The training is divided into three parts. The first part is about how to create Facebook ads. This is important information as the process of creating a Facebook ad is not easy technically.

It has to go through Facebook TOS and it has been observed that most affiliates and online marketers face challenges while running ad campaigns on Facebook.

Omar and Melinda not only show you how to create Facebook campaigns but also cover the aspects of targeting specific users and attracting them to your affiliate offers in the second part of the training.

Last but not least is the email series follow-up. This is the third part where you are taught the insider methods of creating a highly persuasive email follow-up series.

Your bonus Crush Campaign PDF will come in handy here and if you have opted for the RPS Turbo Package you can also use the ‘Done for you’ pre-written emails and subject lines to implement your learnings.

All the training videos have an average running of 40-minutes. The webinars are of good quality and the PDF material is well structured.

Is Rapid Profit System worth its price?

The creators of this course are well-versed with affiliate marketing and there is no doubt that enthusiastic affiliate marketers will benefit from their experience and teachings.

The course is priced at $19.95 which is very affordable. However, this is just a learning course and it does not guarantee the returns you could make using its methods.

As mentioned earlier, the Rapid Profit System deals in paid marketing which means you will have to invest money outside of this course.

Facebook ads, though one of the best sources to generate traffic is also one of the risky and a bit complicated paid campaigns to start off. And posting ads on Facebook is not free.

You may have to spend a few hundred dollars on creating compelling ads and running them for a specific period of time to get good results.

You must also ensure to keep your ads compliant with Facebook’s promotional policies as any negligence here could lead to account suspension or termination.

So overall, if you are just looking to learn the aspects of running Facebook ad campaigns with some knowledge on working with email funnels then Rapid Profit System is worth its price.

Can you make money with Rapid Profit System?

If you go by the Rapid Profit System website, there is a section that displays earning figures of more than $300 to $700 in a day. One of the screenshots even shows you the figure of more than $260k as overall earnings with this system which I feel is kind of misleading for beginners.

This type of money is possible provided you have reached a certain level in your affiliate marketing business.

There is a whole process to implementing affiliate marketing and paid ads are one of the resources to attract traffic.

Rapid Profit System teaches you the methods to explore this paid marketing segment successfully however, in the end, it all depends on your capacity to invest money in paid ads as well as the type of affiliate marketer you are.

The program is well-suited for affiliate marketers who are in their pro-level status and afford to take a few risks financially.

If you can implement the learnings step-by-step, have a great following on social media especially, Facebook, and have a good list of email subscribers then yes, you can make money with Rapid Profit System.

Is Rapid Profit System a scam?

Rapid Profit System is not a scam. The program is 100% legit and created by established affiliate marketers Omar and Melinda. You can get a full refund within 30-days of purchase if you don’t like the product which is an indication that you are not getting cheated.

However, one has to note that it is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Many people may term it a scam because they are not able to make money quickly.

Facebook ads and email lists are effective ways to promote products and help you increase traffic, clicks, and to some extent sales. It may not turn your fortune overnight.

Who is Rapid Profit System for?

Rapid Profit System is for affiliate marketers who want to expand their earning potentials outside of free traffic methods like SEO. It is ideal training to test paid campaigns and build a list of email subscribers to earn money.

Individuals involved in online business, email marketing, and affiliate/sales funnels can use Rapid Profit System for their benefit.


Reliable creators – The creators of the Rapid Profit System are well-established and reliable affiliate marketers. You can use their knowledge and experience with this training program to scale your online business.

Easy to use training – The training and learning materials are well-structured, simple, and easy to use. Just basic knowledge of affiliate marketing is enough to understand and implement this course.

Extra bonuses – You get extra bonuses in the form of product incentives and pre-written email templates that you can use to implement Rapid Profit System training.

Very affordable – Rapid Profit System is very cheap and affordable to purchase. The pricing of $19.95 makes it accessible to all kinds of affiliate marketers.

30-days money-back – There is no risk of losing money with the Rapid Profit System as you can claim your money back within 30-days of purchase.


Not for everyone – Rapid Profit System is not for everyone. Beginners and people with a tight budget may not be able to implement the methods owing to regular investments.

Can be risky and expensive while implementing – The process of implementing Facebook ads can get expensive with ongoing investments. It is also risky considering the terms and conditions one has to follow while publishing Facebook ads.

Conclusion: Is Rapid Profit System worth it and recommended?

Rapid Profit System is well-recommended for affiliate marketers who have sound knowledge of the whole paid marketing campaign and don’t mind investing money whole-heartedly.

The training is easy to understand and simple to implement. It is within reach of every affiliate marketer due to its pricing.

However, one has to consider the running costs associated with Facebook ads. It may not work with your first ad but with constant efforts and trials, you must be able to nail it. If implemented correctly, Facebook ads have the potential to generate a good chunk of money.

The email marketing funnel is another great source to have loyal customers. This is one type of traffic that never disappears as it remains on your list.

On the other hand, if you are just starting out in the world of online business and affiliate marketing then I am sure all the terms in this review post will be alien to you. I would suggest you check my recommendation below before you consider buying a training like the Rapid Profit System.

With this platform, you can learn the basics and start an affiliate marketing business for free. It has all the necessary tools such as website building, a keyword research tool, affiliate programs, and most importantly 24/7 community and technical support.

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