Is QuiAri a scam? Make money selling Maqui Berries!

Is QuiAri a scam?

Selling health and wellness products from home is a good way to make some money. There are quite a few companies or MLMs that offer such work-from-home opportunities with decent compensation plans. QuiAri is one of them. It claims to offer breakthrough products in the health segment through network marketing distributorship. But is it really true that you can make money selling QuiAri products? Is QuiAri a scam or a legit business opportunity?

We’ll find the answers in this QuiAri MLM review post. You will know about how QuiAri MLM works, what products it offers, its compensation plan, and the pros and cons of joining it.

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What is QuiAri?

QuiAri is a multilevel marketing company that manufactures and promotes health and wellness products. The company produces pills made of Maqui Berry, a superfruit existing in Chile. It also offers some other nutritional supplements for better health and lifestyle.

QuiAri was launched in 2019 by its CEO and founder Bob Reina. Within a short span of time, QuiAri started shipping its products in more than 200 countries with offices worldwide.

What is QuiAri MLM?

The founder of QuiAri is well-versed with network marketing and the impact it offers for selling the products.

The MLM program is part of QuiAri’s network marketing business model where independent distributors are assigned to sell its products and refer more people to the company. In return, the distributors are paid handsome amounts of commissions and bonuses.

As part of its MLM program, QuiAri offers a personalized website that replicates the original QuiAri website to promote products, a tracking portal, a free tour marketing system that provides different marketing materials for promotion, a step-by-step guide book to help you grow your business, and a mobile app to manage and track your campaign on the go.

How does QuiAri MLM work?

To work with QuiAri MLM, you have to visit the website and create your account as a promoter. 

You will need a promoter ID to create your account however, if you don’t have one then you can just click on the ‘Don’t have a promoter ID?’ option and go ahead.

The joining fee is $25 which gives you access to its annual membership. In addition, you may have to purchase one of the starter kits to begin the promotional campaign. These starter kits vary between $250 to $500.

Once you are successfully registered, you are good to go and start sharing products with your friends, family, or through various online channels to generate commissions.

QuiAri products

QuiAri products are based on its revolutionary superfruit called Maqui.

This superfruit contains antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and amino acids. Maqui helps improve overall health, vitality, and stamina.

Some of QuiAri products that include Maqui are:

QuiAri shakes: QuiAri shakes are divided into weight-loss and energy enhancement categories. The weight-loss shake consists of essential vitamins and minerals including the Maqui berry extracts.

QuiAri products

The shake can be consumed by mixing it in cold water. It is helpful in providing a mixture of a balanced diet, suppressing appetite cravings, and giving you a balanced weight and healthy body.

QuiAri energy: The weight-loss shake works well in tandem with QuiAri energy tablets. QuiAri energy is free of artificial stimulants and contains natural green tea and coffee bean extracts.

These tablets are a combination of revitalizing ingredients related to calcium, and chromium that helps you feel energetic the whole day.

Both the products can be shopped with the AutoDelivery option that gives 10% savings. There is a 30-day return policy offered on all the QuiAri products with 100% refunds on product conditions.

Are QuiAri products worth their pricing? 

The good thing about QuiAri products is they remain exclusive to its network marketing promoters. As of now, you won’t find QuiAri products on other selling platforms such as Amazon. That means you as a promoter have a good chance of making consistent sales.

The product reviews are quite exciting. QuiAri shakes have been praised for their weight-loss effectiveness and you will find many positive reviews on its Facebook page. Since it is QuiAri’s own Facebook page it is better to cross-verify the product reviews face-to-face with someone you know.

Now for the pricing, let’s compare QuiAri products with some of its competitors. QuiAri shake as a weight loss supplement is priced at $80+ for a 1-month supply.

If you look at some of the other best-selling weight-loss shakes on Amazon there are options available at much cheaper prices.

No surprises here. MLMs tend to keep their product pricing higher so that they can extract decent profits with a minimum margin for their distributors. QuiAri has done the same.

But this creates a scenario where you have to convince people to buy expensive QuiAri products leaving cheaper alternatives aside which I am sure is very tough.

How to make money with QuiAri MLM?

The best ways to make money with QuiAri MLM are:

  • Sell the products at retail price and earn commissions. The commissions will be calculated on the difference in pricing (wholesale) you purchased and sold at retail price.
  • Make recruitment of members into your team. This will make you eligible to earn bonuses on your member’s purchases and sales of products.

QuiAri compensation plan

QuiAri compensation plan offers 7-ways to earn by selling its products and recruiting people. The commissions are paid on the same day within 5-minutes of generation.

Retail commissions – Here you can earn up to $25 on selling the products directly to retail customers. The amount is based on selling a product or a combo pack.

Then, you can earn residual commissions and bonuses in the following ways:

Fast start bonus – Fast start bonus is applicable on the first product ordered by all your referrals. This can be earned for up to $200 and may vary depending on the type of product ordered.

Customer bonus – You can make a 20% bonus on the sales volume of all the personally sponsored referral’s initial orders and re-orders.

Team commissions – Team commissions are calculated on the GSV (Group sales volume) for your entire upline. The commissions are 20% on 100 GSV and are paid according to your personal rank and sales volume.

Speed bonus – This bonus is paid on your personal purchases of promoter packs. Once you achieve a 1000 speed bonus volume you get eligible to earn up to $200 USD depending on the duration and number of packs you purchased.

Matching bonus – A matching bonus is paid on your personal rank and the rankings achieved by your team members. You can earn up to 80% commissions on your downline’s performance ranked between 1-7 levels.

QuiAri compensation plan

Rank advancement bonus – This is a one-time bonus paid when you achieve/are promoted to a new level. The bonus is paid between $50 to $25000 depending on your personal rankings.

Lifestyle bonus – A lifestyle bonus could be a car payment, a vacation trip, or your kid’s school fees which are calculated and paid based on the commissions and rank you achieved in a month. This bonus is mainly applicable to promoters who are ranked in the top-5 level.

A 25PSV (Personal Sales Volume) is the minimum requirement to remain active and qualify to earn the above commissions and bonuses. All in all, it’s a typical MLM compensation structure that is highly rewarding and demanding at the same time.

You can go through the compensation plan here.

Can you make money with QuiAri MLM?

Yes, you can make money with QuiAri. This is no bluff and I’ll come to the point. One of the main reasons for making money with QuiAri is its existence period. The company is fairly new which is one of its plus points.

A new organization creates lots of buzzes around and generates enthusiasm which is helpful from a long-term momentum perspective. So, if you are really serious about joining an MLM and earning money then QuiAri should be on your list.

However, you must also consider some of the risks and money involved in MLMs. Although the joining fee of QuiAri is very low you could definitely end up paying more on purchasing product packs to start your MLM journey.

What’s more, you will have to spend money consistently in keeping your membership active and remain qualified to earn commissions by purchasing more products for self-consumption. This will go on till you have enough members under your team who can fulfill the sales numbers for you.

Recruitment will be another challenge. It is a tough task convincing more and more people to join a company that sells health and wellness products. This segment is highly saturated which means losing sales and investment. So, if you remain dedicated, patient, and persist with QuiAri MLM program for a long time then you can definitely make good money.

Exactly how much money you can make is a question mark since there is no availability of income disclosure statements of QuiAri promoters.

Is QuiAri a scam or a pyramid scheme?

QuiAri is not a scam. It is a legit company selling good quality health and wellness products from 2019. Now, MLMs usually don’t survive more than 5 years and this is where QuiAri needs to prove itself to be considered as one of a reliable and dependable company.

Pyramid schemes make profits by recruiting more and more people into the company. QuiAri offers physical products and also pays its members for selling/purchasing them. Technically speaking, It is not a pyramid scheme.


  • Early momentum – QuiAri, being a new member in the MLM segment has an upward trend in terms of popularity and interest. Newness is also a good sign for anyone who is looking to establish themselves as a network marketer. It helps you gain authority and make a source of residual income for a long time to come.
  • Products quality – Maqui berry as a primary ingredient seems to be a winner. QuiAri products do offer many health benefits that are helpful in gaining immunity, vitality, and nutrition. The products are well-supported by positive reviews and feedback from many users.


  • Yet to establish – QuiAri is yet to prove and establish itself as a reputed and trustworthy MLM company. Lack of reputation can impact your sales effort since not many people know about the company and the products, they want to invest in.
  • Products are expensive – QuiAri products are typical health and wellness solutions with an exception of Maqui berry as an ingredient. But that is not enough to keep the pricing higher than its competitors. Over-priced products are a hard sell especially when you have 100s of alternatives available at a cheaper price.
  • Selling and recruitment challenges – The requirement to remain an active QuiAri member is 25PSV. You also need to order products regularly to qualify for bonuses. Recruitment is another challenge that is a must to achieve higher rankings. The more you climb higher, the more chances of qualifying for multiple streams of commissions, and bonuses. But consistency in sales and recruitment sustainability in MLMs is always challenging. Failing to achieve your sales and recruitment targets can result in a loss of membership and all your spending.

Conclusion: Is QuiAri MLM recommended?

QuiAri has good products to sell and it offers a rewarding compensation plan. It also provides a chance to prove your mettle as a network marketer owing to its freshness in the MLM industry.

On the flip side, the competition and expensive products can make your job difficult. It is also necessary to keep in mind the investment risks and the number of people you have to bring in to remain an active member.

QuiAri MLM is recommended for people looking to make their career in networking marketing from a long-term perspective.

If you are someone who wants to spend less and earn more with the same amount of effort required to work in MLMs then check my recommendation below.

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