Is Purium a pyramid scheme? Organic products to the rescue!

Is Purium a pyramid scheme

When purity meets premium it makes a perfect combination to produce quality health products. It becomes icing on the cake if you have these products for self-consumption and also get a chance to sell them for money. Sounds interesting right? Well, this is what is claimed by Purium. It is an MLM company that offers an earning opportunity by selling its products and recruiting people. Before we deep dive, it is imperative to know – Is Purium a pyramid scheme or a scam? Can you really make money selling Purium products?

You will find answers to these questions and many more in this detailed Purium MLM review.

Discover what is Purium MLM, how it works, the products it offers, the money you can earn with its compensation plan, and most importantly the pros and cons of working with its MLM program.

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What is Purium?

Purium is a health and wellness company that produces dietary and weight loss supplements. Purium’s mission is to heal the world by cleaning up our food system.

The company aims to fulfill this mission by providing health supplements made of all-natural and organic food ingredients.

David Sandoval and Amy Venner-Hamdi founded Purium in the year 2004. They also started a division of Purium called Platinum Health Europe to capture the European markets.

The company is mainly headquartered in Southern California, the US. This is where Purium has its own manufacturing unit to produce its nutritional supplements.

What is Purium MLM?

Purium MLM is the business operating model adopted by Purium to distribute its products. The MLM program claims to provide an opportunity for day-to-day individuals to earn money working from home.

One of the methods to attract people in joining their MLM program is a gift card. This gift card has a value of $50 that can be used to buy Purium products. And if you like the products and want to share them further you can be part of Purium MLM.

The program comes equipped with a variety of training, tools, and resources. The earning opportunity is backed by a comprehensive compensation plan that pays for selling products and recruiting people.

How does Purium MLM work?

If you watch the above video, you will get a fair idea of how Purium MLM works. But this video is made by Purium itself to make the MLM opportunity look simple to work with and make money easily.

In reality, you will have to first find an existing partner to enroll in Purium MLM program. 

There is a basic pack on offer at the cost of $49 which is the minimum requirement to enroll. This basic pack will have no products but offers unlimited access to marketing and training materials and 5 gift codes.

To be honest, you can jumpstart with this basic pack but it may not be enough to scale your business. This is where you will have to opt for other starter packs of Purium.

There is another launch pack without any products that cost $199. To make this pack more compelling, you will have to add a featured pack or $500 worth of products.

Purium enrollment packs

Enrolling in this pack will also get you:

  • Unlimited $50 gift codes,
  • Digital marketing and training flyers,
  • Dreams subscription with phone app and upgraded personal back office,
  • Business and personal coaching,
  • Online superfood store
  • Virtual library and trainings, and
  • Eligibility to participate in bonuses of Purium compensation plan

Once you have chosen the enrolment pack and completed the order, you are good to go sharing Purium products and earning commissions.

Purium products

So, what do the products look like? It is important to know the details about the products you want to consume yourself and share with others to make money.

As discussed earlier, Purium products are based on pure organic and natural ingredients and mainly focus on providing overall nutrition and weight management. Here are some of the key products of Purium:

Purium Power Shake – This is a legacy health drink from Purium. Made from all organic fruit powder, plant seeds, and herbal leaf extracts Purium power shake helps in revitalizing energy levels, and fuels your cells enough to reduce unnecessary meal cravings.

Purium power shake

This product comes in different flavors excluding sugar and harmful additives.

Purium Cleanse – Purium Super Cleanse-R is a core product that helps regularize the functioning of your bowel system making it healthy. The product is made of ingredients helpful in improving digestion such as Clove, Senna Leaf, Black Walnut hull, etc.

Purium cleanse

Purium Cleanse capsules are better taken with a green drink or food to fetch great results.

Purium Biome Medic – Purium Biome Medic is a dietary supplement that helps detoxify your body. The product consists of ingredients from naturally processed digestive wheat germ and chicory root fiber extracts.

Purium Biome Medic

Purium Biome Medic capsules benefit your gut health by improving digestion and immunity to fight against harmful toxins and dirty stomach bacteria. It can be taken with/without food on daily basis for better results.

Ultimate Lifestyle Transformation – This is a combination of different Purium products. The package consists of Purium Power shakes, 2 Apothe cherry, 2 Biome Medic, 2 Super Amino 23, and 1 Super Cleanse-R.

Purium ultimate transformation pack

It’s a 30-day transformational pack that will help you control weight, improve gut health, regularize digestion, revitalizes energy, and streamline your sleeping habits.

All the products work in tandem with each other and are promoted as a replacement for 2 meals a day.

Purium products are backed by a 60-day return and refund policy which means customers and brand partners can get their money back within 60-days of their purchase if they are not satisfied.

Are Purium products worth their pricing?

Purium product catalog carries customer reviews and ratings which can help its buyers make appropriate decisions while purchasing. A majority of reviews are positive which means customers are very happy with their purchase.

However, since the reviews were posted on the Purium website and could be reviewed by its own consultants I thought of finding real reviews and feedback from external resources.

I was surprised to find Purium products on Amazon. Its Power Shake was rated more than 4.5-stars for its nutrients and weight management capabilities. Similarly, Purium Biome Medic also gathered 4.5-stars for its digestion benefits.

Purium product reviews

Looking at the pricing Purium power shake which is a health drink to improve energy costs $99.95 (30 servings). If you search for its alternatives, they do not cost more than $50 on Amazon.

Purium Power Shake alternatives

You will also find many alternatives to Purium Biome Medic (priced at $60) that are way cheaper and highly rated.

Purium Biome Medic alternatives

So, it is not wrong to say that Purium products are worth in terms of quality but remains highly over-priced which is not a good sign from a selling perspective.

How to make money with Purium MLM?

To make money, you will have to practice the below methods and make them a routine:

  • Sell Purium products and earn 20% every week on total sales.
  • Enroll new customers into your team to earn bonuses and level-based commissions on the products sold by your team.

Apart from the above methods, Brand Partners can also earn reward points that can be redeemed for future product purchases.

Purium compensation plan

As seen above, there are basically two methods to make money with Purium and its compensation plan is structured according to the sales and recruitment you achieve.

First of all, to qualify for earning commissions through the Purium compensation plan one has to achieve and maintain a volume of 50BV (Business Volume) which is worth $50+ in product sales. This remains standard across all levels.

For selling products there are weekly retail commissions of 20% on the total sale value. This is exclusive of tax and other liabilities.

There are bonuses ranging from $50 to $150 if you are able to achieve a customer order of $1000 or more. This is paid every month in addition to retail commissions. The other bonuses include:

Fast start bonus – This is paid weekly and monthly when you enroll new customers or upgrade to a premium enrolment pack. The bonus amount can be earned up to $3500 and requires an active smart order of 50BV as minimum criteria.

Fast start matching bonus – The matching bonus is applicable every month when you enroll a new Brand Partner. The bonus amount can be earned up to $2500 with the minimum BV requirement.

Residual bonus – Residual bonus of up to 5% is paid on the sales volume achieved by your downlines (up to 8 levels)

Purium compensation plan

Lifestyle bonus – A minimum of $300 and a maximum of $10000 lifestyle bonus is paid according to your personal level every month. This bonus is applicable when you have a member who achieves higher rankings or if you generate 3 new brand partners who enroll with a launch pack.

Profit sharing pool – This is 5% bonus money paid on the overall volumes achieved across North America. A Diamond level consultant gets 2% and a Crown level consultant gets a 3% bonus every month.

Achievement bonus – $50 to $200 achievement bonus is paid as an alternative to consultants who cannot qualify for fast start bonuses. This is paid every month based on your personal rank.

This is the overall compensation plan of Purium MLM. The figures and terms are very complicated but in the end, it all depends on how you perform in terms of selling products and recruiting downlines.

Can you make money with Purium MLM?

When you have an income disclosure statement of any MLM it becomes easier to calculate the money you can earn with its MLM program. Purium doesn’t disappoint here. Its income disclosure statement gives detailed insights into its consultant’s earnings.

Purium income disclosure statement

The earning figures are divided into weekly and monthly income. An associate-level consultant could make $32 weekly as an average income. That’s $128 in a month. The same associate made $5 a month as an average income.

The income figures are exclusive of any expenses that occurred while promoting the products. You will have to adjust these earnings against the investments you make on enrolment packs, and monthly business volumes.

So, if you take a maximum of $128 as your monthly income and deduct only the monthly business volumes (equivalent to $50) the actual income comes down to $78.

This is normal across MLMs where the first few years are spent investing and building your business.

As evident, your expenses will be more than your income and if you are on a tight budget and cannot afford the running costs then you will not be able to make money with Purium MLM.

Also, consider the stiff competition and recruitment difficulties you will have to face during your stint. More than 90% of people fail to continue their MLM business because of these two challenges.

Is Purium a pyramid scheme or a scam?

No. Purium is not a pyramid scheme because there is no pressure to recruit the downlines to earn commissions.

Yes, it is one of the requirements to increase your income but not mandatory.

Unlike pyramid schemes that pay commissions on scrap products or the number of people you recruit Purium ensures that commissions are tied to each product sold and calculated based on the sales volume achieved by your team members.

Purium is not a scam either. It is a 100% legit company that offers competitive products in the health and wellness segment. The company has been existing since 2004 and its income disclosure statement is the potential evidence to prove that it pays its consultants.

Purium lawsuit

Purium was involved in one of the lawsuits filed for violating health and safety standards by the Environmental Research Centre. The lawsuit claimed that as many as 30 products of Purium contain ‘lead’ in it which is a harmful health ingredient.

It is assumed that Purium recalled such products and settled the case as there is no further information available on this lawsuit.


Established history – One of the factors to consider while analyzing the prospects of an MLM is its existence.

This is certainly fulfilled by Purium who has been around for more than 2 decades. It is reliable and trusted from a joining perspective.

Produces quality products – Purium believes in producing quality products with the help of all-natural and organic ingredients.

The results are there to be seen as many users have favored the benefits of using Purium products.

Multiple business resources – The resources attached to Purium’s MLM program are above ordinary. The company claims that their consultants can operate their business on the go over the phone.

It offers multiple training options physically and virtually, business tools such as a personal back office, and an online store that can help to scale your business.


Overpriced products – This has been a standard problem for many MLMs. Purium is no exception when it comes to pricing its products. The cost of its products is comparatively higher which makes selling extremely difficult.

High start-up cost – There are many types of costs associated with joining Purium MLM. Although the basic pack is just $49 it is of no use. You will have to purchase a premium enrolment pack starting with $199 or more.

This enrolment pack is not completed without adding up products worth $500 which make start-up cost very high.

Low-income potential – Purium MLM carries low-income potential. The income disclosure statement is conclusive enough to reveal that if you can make money with the Purium MLM program it is within 1-2 figures ($5) in your first few years.

Conclusion: Is Purium MLM recommended?

Purium MLM isn’t strong enough to be recommended as a reliable money-making resource. Yes, it has products that work and a compensation plan that looks very rewarding on paper.

In reality, the secrets will be unveiled when you actually enter the market to sell these products and ask people to join your selling campaign.

It will be difficult to sell Purium products consistently as you will face stiff competition from other MLM companies such as Essante Organics, Liv Pure, Kannaway, and many more.

If you cannot sell consistently, you won’t find people to recruit failing which you won’t be able to make money which is the primary reason to work with Purium MLM.

My recommendation is to avoid such MLM opportunities and look for other make-money resources online. It may take some time to research and find one that you are looking for but it will be better than MLMs.

If you want to save time researching then check my personal recommendation below.

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