Is Pruvit a scam? Make money selling Ketones!

Is Pruvit a scam

The Keto diet is one of the popular methods to lose weight. It speeds up the process of burning fats resulting in losing weight quickly. But can you make money selling keto diets? If you have heard of Pruvit then you can. It is an MLM company that offers keto products and an opportunity to earn money selling them. Is Pruvit a scam or a pyramid scheme in disguise? How does it work?

In this detailed Pruvit MLM review, you will learn what is Pruvit, its products, the compensation it offers, and the pros and cons.

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What is Pruvit?

Pruvit is a health and wellness company that sells dietary supplements based on ketone products. It is better known for the ketone supplement drink KETO//OS which helps the human body burn fat and lose weight in no time.

Pruvit was founded in 2015 by its founder and CEO Brian Underwood. It is headquartered in Texas, the US, and also has a presence in Australia and New Zealand.

What is Pruvit MLM?

Pruvit MLM is the business model where Pruvit products are sold through Independent Distributors called Promoters. These distributors are paid commissions based on product sales and additional income in the form of bonuses for recruiting more people into the company.

Apart from the commission rewards, Pruvit MLM offers a cloud office to jumpstart your sharing business. It helps you plan, track, and implement the process of promoting, selling, and recruiting to get eligible for earning rewards.

How does Pruvit MLM work?

To start working with Pruvit MLM, you will have to enroll as a promoter on its website. 

To do this, you will have to purchase starter kits or promoter packs of Pruvit. It gives you two options – Brand builder pack mini that costs $497 and Brand builder pack max that costs $910. The starter kits are certainly expensive.

In addition, you will have to pay $49 annually to remain an active member.

There is also an option to register yourself without purchasing the starter kits. This will need you to input the referral ID of your sponsor.

Once you have enrolled successfully, you get access to the Pruvit cloud platform, product samples, and some training material to begin your MLM journey.

Pruvit products

Pruvit products are based on Ketones. These are basically different types of supplements, powders, and health drinks that supply vitamins, proteins, minerals, etc. without sugar.

Pruvit products

The purpose of the keto diet is to reduce carbs and keep your body in a ketosis state. The ketosis state is helpful in controlling the sugar levels, releasing insulin, and affecting the fat-based carbohydrates to keep your weight in check.

One of the flagship Pruvit products is KETO//OS-NAT (Nutritionally Advanced Technology). This is a health drink available in different flavors that consists of monk fruit, coffee bean extracts, and other ingredients that supply necessary vitamins and minerals.

The drink should be consumed three times a day which helps in improving cell function, repairs DNA, increases amino acid, and burn fats.

Keto diet products have many health benefits but at the same time, it also comes with some side effects related to digestion and blood sugar. It is recommended to observe caution while consuming keto products.

All the Pruvit keto products are backed by a 30-days return and refund policy for its distributors.

Overall, Pruvit products are basically health supplements for weight loss with an exception of keto labeling. You can find many such alternatives sold by different MLM companies.

Are Pruvit products worth their price?

While researching for Pruvit product reviews, I found one available on Amazon. The product KETO//OS Pro did find many positive reviews. It garnered more than a 4-star rating which is really good.

Pruvit product reviews

KETO//OS Pro is sold at $130+ on Amazon and Pruvit’s website. Other similar products do not cost more than $50-$60. This shows that Pruvit products are of good quality but quite expensive.

The pricing could be a disadvantage that could hamper your sales process in the long run.

How to make money with Pruvit MLM?

As with any MLM, Pruvit provides two ways to make money with its MLM program:

Personal sales – Sell the products directly to your customers

Recruitment bonus – Onboard people into your team to earn different bonuses.

Pruvit compensation plan

Pruvit’s compensation plan is not directly accessible on its website. However, to get started with the Pruvit compensation plan you have to enter the Go-Challenge.

Go-Challenge has three stages – Go Pro/Go MVP/Go All-Star.

Under the Go-Challenge you can climb each stage by recruiting at least 2 customers who can order products to a certain volume. This is a 14-30 days program where you are eligible to earn fixed commissions plus varying bonuses on your personal sales, the number of customers you recruit, and product orders placed.

Simultaneously, you can earn weekly rewards under the Go Fast Bonus which is 20% of the Business Volume on all commissionable products.

Promoters are also offered an Endorsement Bonus based on the average of 2 higher customer orders in a month.

Then there are Retail Bonuses. Pruvit offers 40% retail bonuses on 50% business volumes achieved by your personally enrolled customers.

There are overall 11 levels to achieve that comprise Go Fast bonuses, Residual commissions, and Champion bonuses. Each level has certain volume criteria that reward higher commissions, and bonuses.

To summarize, the compensation plan focuses more on rewarding its members for purchases and orders of its recruited members. The bigger team of members you have higher will be your earnings.

Can you make money with Pruvit MLM?

When you look at the income figures of Pruvit promoters, it can be said that it is hard to make money with Pruvit MLM.

Pruvit income disclosure statement

The average annual income of a promoter-level member was $11.57. The income figures are based on the active status of a member who performed for at least 19 months. These figures do not include the additional expenses one has to incur during their MLM stint.

The numbers are highly discouraging considering the hard work, efforts, and money you have to invest. Remember, the starter kits of Pruvit costs almost $500, to begin with. In the long run, your overall investments could be more than your income with Pruvit MLM.

Is Pruvit a scam or a pyramid scheme? 

Pruvit is not a scam. It is a legit company selling high-quality health products in the form of Keto diets. Pruvit has survived since 2015 in the MLM segment with its strong financial base and business methods.

However, the compensation plan of Pruvit does reflect a pyramid scheme in disguise. I won’t say it is a pyramid scheme technically but rewarding members for recruiting more people who can purchase its products makes it a typical MLM company that mainly relies on networking.


  • Settled company – Pruvit has proven it’s metal in the MLM segment. Most of the MLMs do not survive more than 5 years because of their questionable business methods but Pruvit on the other hand is an established firm that can be trusted from a joining perspective.
  • High-quality products – Pruvit products are rated highly for their taste and effectiveness. You can find many reviews and ratings that are positive. People do like the health benefits of Pruvit products that make weight loss effortless and efficient.


  • Saturated MLM segment – Health and wellness is a highly saturated MLM segment. It has 100s of existing MLM companies offering weight loss and dietary supplements similar to Pruvit. One needs to be really enthusiastic and determined to make regular sales.
  • Over-priced products – Pruvit products are very expensive compared to its competitors. The Keto drinks and supplements from Pruvit cost three figures whereas similar weight loss products from other companies are available for under $100. Pruvit products could be a hard sell from its pricing perspective.
  • Demanding compensation plan – The compensation plan of Pruvit offers more rewards and perks for the recruitment of people. The fast start bonus, retail commissions, and residual bonuses all are based on the number of people you have under your team and the number of orders placed by them. That means more people will bring more revenue which is very demanding and non-sustainable.

Conclusion: Is Pruvit MLM recommended?

Pruvit MLM is a tough earning opportunity. Selling keto diets is beneficial for a short period of time but it may not prove to be a financial success in the long run. The compensation structure is another drawback wherein one has to keep adding people to make some money.

What I like about Pruvit is the list of products it offers. You can become a regular customer of Pruvit to enjoy the benefits of a healthy diet without gaining extra weight. This is the only reason one should get associated with Pruvit.

For someone who is looking to make money online, I recommend you do your own research. There are many alternatives to Pruvit and MLMs that you can find in your online research. If you are unsure or cannot decide on one, then check out my recommendation below.

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