Is PM-International a pyramid scheme? Or another wellness MLM scam?

Is PM-International a pyramid scheme?

These days work-from-home opportunities are in demand. Thanks to the pandemic and weak global economy more and more people are looking towards building a source of income with a side hustle. Selling items is a popular method to generate money as it also allows you to work at your pace, place, and schedule. MLMs are one of the popular resources in this segment and PM-International is one of the contenders. But before you consider joining an MLM opportunity it is very important to find answers to a few questions. Is PM-International legit? Is it a scam? Is PM-International a pyramid scheme?

This PM-International MLM review will give you all the necessary information required to make an informed decision of joining it.

New to MLM?

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What is PM-International?

PM-International AG is a German company manufacturing dietary supplements and cosmetics. The company is better known to produce its products under the flagship brand ‘FitLine.’

PM-International was founded by Rolf Sorg in 1993. It is headquartered in Schengen, Luxembourg. It has a presence in more than 40 countries around the world that generates revenue through network marketing.

What is PM-International MLM?

PM-International sells its products through independent distributors under the network marketing or multilevel marketing business model. The company claims to have more than 100,000 distributors who sell its products directly.

PM-International offers a commission-based compensation to its distributors. The MLM program provides regular training and guidance on improving the self-owned business, there is a car program for International Marketing Manager level distributors, travel incentives, and even a pension program.

How does PM-International MLM work?

PM-International MLM opportunity can be utilized by signing up as a distributor. It works on 3-steps where you can register yourself with the help of an existing PM-International distributor or on its website

The joining criterion also requires you to sign-up for a self-agreement on using PM-International products to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The next step is to start selling the products by purchasing a starter kit. There are four options to choose from that will begin your PM-International distributorship journey.

PM-International starter kits

PM-International products

The product lines offered by PM-International are under the FitLine category. But the variety is huge. FitLine is further divided into Fitness and Skin products. The products are distributed under optimal and basic supply as well as special product types.

PM-International products

There is the NTC-Nutrient Transport Concept which is a proprietary technology utilized by PM-International. The patented solution claims to deliver appropriate cellular level nutrition which is very popular among top athletes.

FitLine also provides skincare creams, gel, face wash, and lotions that help prevent early aging of the skin and act as a supplementary personal care unit. Dietary supplements include weight-loss pills, liquids, tea, etc.

The products are very similar to many other dietary supplements, and cosmetics available with different MLM programs. Selling the same products with different names could be challenging in the competitive market.

Are the PM-International products worth their price? 

There are quite a few positive reviews and ratings for PM-International products. However, you need to be judgemental about these reviews which are available on the PM-International Facebook page.

Trustpilot is another platform where you can find many reviews on PM-International. The company has garnered 4 stars from its users.

As far as the pricing goes, the products don’t seem to be over-priced barring a few items. When you search for similar products like weight-loss tea, there are cheaper options available on Amazon. Below is an example:

PM-International products have nothing special other than the use of proper chemicals and know-how on hand to market its product.

How to make money with PM-International MLM? 

As an MLM, there are two primary methods to generate money with PM-International. These are:

Selling items directly to earn retail commissions, and recruiting members for additional incentives.

PM-International compensation plan 

The PM-International compensation plan is very detailed. For better understanding, here are the main highlights of what it consists of.

Retail commissions – Here, when you sell items to retail clients, you are getting retail commissions. The amount of money you make is the difference between retail and wholesale pricing.

Commission bonuses – This is where making a team of members comes in to qualify for bonuses. The best way to make money here is to climb the ranks. You begin as a Team Partner. To progress, you must accumulate qualifying points.

As a Team Partner, you will receive a 20% commission. You will earn a one-time pool bonus of $60 USD for each individual you personally invite. You may also profit from your Active Manager’s group volume, which is calculated on a point system.

Here is a detailed video explaining the PM-International compensation plan:

Can I make money with PM-International MLM? 

The compensation plan seems to have the potential of churning out 3-4 figures every month. However, making money with MLMs comes with many challenges.

Apart from retail commissions, your actual earnings lie in recruitment where you will earn extra bonuses. But these are given to a small number of individuals who have successfully recruited hundreds of new consumers to the firm.

Recruiting a larger team is always difficult. How many people can you convince to join your team for selling dietary supplements? And for how long? If you can self-answer these questions then you can understand the prospects of making money with PM-International or any other MLM.

The real income figures are inconclusive since there is no availability of income disclosure statements of PM-International distributors.

It’s surprising, considering the number of years the company has been operating this business model, and cannot reveal how much money their representatives are making.

Is PM-International a pyramid scheme or a scam? 

PM-International is a genuine MLM firm that sells health and wellness goods as well as beauty items. The company’s business model operates on network marketing that requires recruitment to market and sell its products. It is not a pyramid scheme.

PM-International has been in the business since 1993. Years of successful existence and survival make it a legitimate company and not a scam.


  • Company’s history – PM-International is one of the longest-standing multi-level marketing companies. It was founded in 1993, making it more than two decades old. That’s pretty incredible for an MLM, considering that the typical lifespan of one is only three-five years.
  • Profitable compensation plan – The compensation plan has many benefits. There is a sign-up bonus for every new referral, additional bonuses, car program, and pension plan. You can also take advantage of the auto-shipment option to qualify for an extra discount on PM-International products. All in all, if applied properly the compensation offer decent commissions to its representatives.


  • Over-saturated dietary supplements market – PM International’s market niche is health and beauty which is one of the over-saturated sectors. You’ll discover a variety of different brands and have to compete against much bigger businesses that do thorough research and marketing in the same segment.
  • Some of the products are over-priced – As evident, PM-International products are more expensive than those available in other marketing channels/online stores. If not for the competition, the pricing will definitely impact your selling performance which will affect your earnings and position.
  • Can you make money? – Making money with PM-International is a question mark. There is no income disclosure statement plus the compensation focuses on rewards and incentives offered on higher recruitments. This is a tough task and cannot be sustained in the long run.

Conclusion: Is PM-International MLM recommended?

PM-International MLM has nothing exceptional to offer. Yes, it is a good company to work with and the commissions, with additional perks and bonuses, are mouth-watering.

But in the end, it is an MLM. The business model requires special skills and temperament to succeed. Not to forget the expenses, and effort it demands on a continuous basis. The success percentage is just 1% for people working in the MLM industry.

PM-International as a company does offer beneficial products but falls short on expectations as a business opportunity. Wellness industry competition and recruitment challenges will dent your enthusiasm and motivation in the long run.

It is better to avoid MLMs like PM-International and look for other money-making resources online. You will find many of them. But if you are not sure about the reliability and legitimacy then check my recommendation below.

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